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One of best features of Rurouoni Kenshin is it's cast of characters. They all have they're own past and story, giving them great depth. In this section, all major aspects of the characters are discussed. Each page contains the character's background, story, basic stats, first appearence, and images. My personal opinion on the characters is also included at the end of the page. This section will be divided into two parts: 'first season' characters and 'second season' characters. Some characters will be included in both. This is for two reasons:

a.) the character is in both seasons
b.) the character's personality/story changes drastically throughout the series and needs to be explained twice.

If a character is found in two sections, then the first section contains spoilers for the first season, and the second section contains spoilers for the second season. Basically, I'm saying that since these character pages also tell the character's story, beware of spoilers! Nothing too bad though. But for those of you who want to be careful, skip the text, and scroll down to the "Stats" section of the pages if all you want is basic info.

Characters- 1st Season

Note: the first four characters are the main characters.

Himura Kenshin
Kamiya Kaoru
Sagara Sanosuke
Myojin Yahiko
Takani Megumi
Shinomori Aoshi

Characters- 2nd season (not up yet)

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