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Rurouni Kenshin links

A Summer Place
Formerly known as K&K Forever, this site is amazing. You can send RK internet postcards from here, look at lots and lots of RK images and some graphics too. The site also has a gorgeous layout. Special thanks to Sheena, the owner of the site. She gave me my first ever award for my fanfic. Doomo Arigato Gozaimasu!!!

Rurouni Kenshin Image Gallery

This site was the first site to host my fanfic. 2Updated on a regular basis, this site is more than just an image gallery. It hosts some of the best RK fanfiction around, complete with summaries and reiews of the stories. A great place to go when you want to read a good fanfic.

Chesed's Rurouni Kenshin Shrine
A very impressive site. This site has some of the best image galleries around. The galleries are seperated by characters and are named very creatively. You can even find images of Saitoh, Soujiro and Aoshi here. And they're such great images too.

Raccoon Girl
This site is a personal favorite of mine. It is one of the best Rurouni Kenshin site's I've ever been to and is the best Kaoru site i've ever been too. Another host of my my fanfic.

RK Fanfic Pavilion
I just discovered this site a while back and I loved it! The fanfics there are based on Kaoru,(probably why I loved them ^_^). I can't say enough about how good the fics are. Check this site out if you are a fanfiction fan and definately check the site out if you are a Kaoru fan.

General Anime Links

Wai Wai! Anime Skins
Just as the title hints, this page is a skin lover's heaven. I spent 3 days downloading stuff from here. All the skins are lovely and some are just downright gorgeous! You've got to check it out.

[Anime Web Turnpike]
Anime Web Turnpike

This place has links for practically every anime that exists. Tbe best place to go for anime information.

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