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(What the hell) I see in you.
Another Songfic by Sentora.
P.S.  This one goes to Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny child. The lyrics
are MINE, however.
(Scene. The Jamison dining room. We see most of the gang sitting around at the table and opposite
sides of each other, women sitting on the left, guys on the right,
looking bored as the music starts. A loud “OW!” is heard, the ladies rolling their eyes and crossing
their legs as one. The camera pans a bit more to reveal Sano sitting in a chair while a pissed off
Megumi is taping up his ribs none to gently from the way he winces and she takes the time to make him as
uncomfortable as possible.)
Sometimes you can be such a fool. (The girls hum “True.” In the background.)
Always getting hurt the way U do,
But then, (Smirks)
How can you help yourself
When your mind’s like a rusty gate
And by time you wash that shirt
It’ll probably disintegrate…
(Sano looks offended….then sniffs his shirts experimentally….eyes spiraling as he oros from the
stench. Megumi doesn’t notice because she’s suddenly looks starry eyed as
she smiles to herself.)
I must admit…..
The thoughts that run through my head
Of you at night,
Lying alone and awake in bed….
(She blushes and snaps out of it, returning to her work.)
Oh girl you can’t deny it’s true
You’ve fallen for this Bakayarou….
(Megumi irritatedly sings the chorus as she looks him in the eyes.)
What is about you
That drives me outta my mind
Everytime you smile my way
And your eyes meet mine?
I don’t have a clue
What the hell I see in you (Pokes him on the nose)
(Sano sighs as she tends to his knife wound.)
She’s bitching me out again. (The guys hum “So what else is new?)
Sashaying round me with that foxy grin,
Oh yeah,
Always playing the perfect ice queen
(Gives Jubei a dirty look, who whistles innocently)
Yet everytime I turn I see
She’s over a guy
Just like a cheap Gi……
(She rolls her eyes and pinches him to make him yelp. Sano grins evilly at her as she turns and goes to her
medicine chest.)
I must confess
Whenever she comes around
I get so dizzy
And my heart starts to pound
(She turns and almost catches him staring, Sano turning quickly away and pretending not to notice her
smug expression from catching him/torturing him as she applies medicine to the wound, sighing
Oh baby I’m getting obsessed,
Don’t know if I’m cursed or blessed….
(Sano gives her an annoyed look as she fusses at him.)
What is about you
That drives me out of my mind
Everytime you smile my way
And your eyes meet mine?
I don’t have a clue
What the hell I see in you…. (Winks at her, Megumi muttering something dire.)
(Sano looks at her seductively, Megumi doing her best to ignore him as she put her medicine away…..And
failing miserably)
(Bridge: Sano, almost whispering.)
Hey, Fox lady,
Do I drive you wild?
With my smile, my charm….
(Megumi sneers as she tries to recover her composure)
Or how you act like a child?
(Sano offended.)
(Both as they glare at each other.)
I don’t have a clue
What the hell I see in you
(Sano abruptly smiles, still nose to nose with her)
You know, Fox lady,
You’re so cue when your pissed….
(Megumi also smiles in that foxy way of hers^_^)
And I’m ashamed to say
Sometimes you’re hard to resist.
(Both: Smiling a little wider.)
Still don’t have a clue….
What the hell I see in you.
(Music ends, Megumi and Sano still sniping at each other, (Or as we all know, Flirting.^_^) Everybody rolling their eyes with a sigh and shaking their heads.)