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Rothschilds Giraffe at
Western Plains Zoo
Nakuru, Born at Perth Zoo. Son of Anthony and Misha. He arrived at Dubbo in 2000
Western plains has a herd of eight female and five males, including two new borns sired by Nakuru. Ten of the giraffes were born and raised at Dubbo. Nakuru is the only Rothschilds giraffe held here and it doesn't appear that the zoo will participate in the breeding program for this endangered subspecies. Instead Nakuru will be introducing new bloodlines into the inbred herd.

Nakuru has sired two calves and a third is on the way. They are -

  • A female born on Sunday 6th July 2003 to mother Andrea.
  • A male, Alonge, born , to Andreas daughter, Mutangi

A third female, Tigga is due to give birth in a month or so.

  • I'm not sure what happened with Tigga but another female giraffe, Tulli gave birth to a male calf on Friday 4th June 2004, also sired by Nakuru. Tulli is a daughter of Mutangi, making the male calf a fourth genereation born at the zoo.
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