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Rothschilds Giraffe in
Orana Park Zoo
Orana Park now has six giraffe with the birth of two males late last year.
The males are
  • Harold, 8 years old, originally from Chicago Zoo, US.
  • Flynn(born September 04) and
  • Orly (born November 04)

and three females

  • Nathalie, 13 years old. Originally from Rockton(?).
  • Zuri, 3 and half years old. Born at Orana Park and daughter of Harold and Nathalie.
  • Tunu, born at Melbourne Zoo.

In 1997 Orana Park staff were suprised when three of their female Rothschilds giraffe were discovered to be pregnant. Their male, Harold, was thought to have yet been too small to mate with the females. Sadly one of the females miscarried but in December 1997 a healthy female, Zuri , was born to Nathalie, while a male, Zabulu, was born in January 1998 to the female, Sarita. He was later moved to Auckland Zoo.

Sarita died in 1998.

In November 2001 the female, Nathalie, gave birth a male calf, Ijumma

The Park is now trying to obtain a young male, Tambo, from Melbourne Zoo. They are hoping to raise enough money before he has grown to big to be shipped out. As the young female is the daughter of the grown male, it is nescecary for the zoo to obtain an unrelated male if they wish her to breed.

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