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Rothschilds Giraffe in
Hamilton Zoo
In June 2001, Chitumbi, a young male Rothschilds Giraffe born at Perth Zoo, arrived at his new home in Hamilton zoo. He joined two other giraffes who already lived there, Ndoki a hybrid three year old male and Makulu, a 20 month old Rothschilds. Makulu, was born on the 2 November 1999 at Orana Park. He has a brother at Auckland Zoo and a sister at Orana Park.

Hamilton zoo are now looking for a female giraffe (sub-species unspecified) to breed with them. With plans for a new African Savannah exhibit covering seven hectares, the giraffes will be living with other hoofed mammels such as zebra, springbok, nigai and blackbuck.

Sometime during October 2001 Chitumbi was chased into a fence by a zebra stallion. Though he appeared to have taken no harm, by mid November he started to show signs of losing condition. After a series of tests yersiniosis was diagnosed. This is a disease that compromised the uptake of nutrition from food. Though successfully treated he continued to deteriate and died on the 20 January 2002 of complications

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