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Rothschilds Giraffe in
Melbourne Zoo

Makulu finds something interesting in the bushes.

Tambo, the young Rothschilds Giraffe.
June 2005.
Melbourne currently has three giraffes (1.2.) They had played host to a young male giraffe from orana Park, Armini but he has recently been sent to Perth Zoo where he will be the new breeding male.

Makulu is still the breeding male at Melbourne while the two females are his mate, Twiga and daughter Tunu MALES

  • Makulu, born at Perth Zoo.
  • Tambo, born October 21st 2000. Son of Makulu and Twiga. He is the first second generation born in Australia.

  • Amali born in either 2003 or 2003 at Orana Park in New Zealand. He arrived at Melbourne in February 2004 and was sent to Perth Zoo in June 2005.

and females

  • Twiga, originally from the Rhenen Zoo in The Netherlands.

  • Tulu, second daughter born 2 February 2004.
On the 22nd August 2002, Twiga gave birth to her second calf Tanzi. This time the youngster is a female, only the second female Rothschilds to be born in Australia.

A third calf was born on the 2nd February 2004, another female named Tunu.

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