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Rothschilds Giraffe in
Perth Zoo
There are three females at Perth Zoo
  • Misha
  • Marama
  • Shahni, born May 1997. The first female Rothschilds
    born in Australia. Her mother is Misha

Perth Zoo has had an excellent record of breeding with Rothschilds Giraffe. Their original male, Anthony, sired five, and possibly six, offspring by the two females, Misha and Marama. He has since been retired to Victorias Open Range Zoo at Werribee. His bloodline is well secured and Perth is now looking for an unrelated male to join their females.

The young include four males,

  1. Makulu. The first Rothschilds Giraffe born in Australia. he is the son of Anthony and Misha. He is now at Melbourne Zoo with a son of his own;
  2. Jandamarra who was born with muscle damage which would have killed him in the wild. He has survived and is now at Victorias Open Range Zoo with his father. Sometime in May or June 2002 Jandamarra developed lameness and died during a procedure to find out why.
  3. Nakuru, born October 1998, his mother is Misha and is now at the Western Plains Zoo.
  4. Chitumbi, born 29th June 2000, son of Anthony and Misha. On May 13 2001 he was sent, via ship, to Hamilton Zoo in New Zealand. He should arrive on the weekend of the 28th. Chitumbi died on the 20th January 2002 due to the disease yersiniosis.

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