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  • Pygmy marmosets weigh just 150 to 200 grams and measure about the width of a handspan, making them the smallest monkeys in the world.
    Two-year-old Maxim and three year-old Evor travelled from Stockholm Zoo, Sweden, to become part of Mogo's breeding program. They were accompanied by Truman, a two-year-old cotton top tamarin who came from Perth to establish the zoo's first young breeding pair with Icara. He has brought the number of cotton tops at Mogo to 12.

  • MOGO Zoo's famous big cat breeding program is continuing to be a success, with three new lion cubs. to mother Narla. Ten-week-old lion cubs Kora, Mujambi and Jabari have been a closely guarded secret since their birth on March 27.
    Raising lion cubs can be a difficult business. Out of the six litters Narla has had, this is only the third she has raised - the remainder have been raised by their keepers.They're also likely to be the last litter sired by 23-year-old Lance, the pride's resident male.

  • Former circus owners, the Robinsons, have opened up a new zoo on the Darling Downs, south of Toowoomba in Queenslands South East. I visited it on the weekend to find out more. You will find photosin my photo album. They are a small zoo with mostly former circus animals. These include Hamadras baboons, tigers, lions a jaguar, along with a variety of Australian animals (the usual emus, kangaroos etc) They have an interesting collection of parrots including two beautiful blue and gold macaws. It will be interesting to see how they go in the future, perhaps they will become a Mogo Zoo for Queensland?

  • A young male giraffe has arrived at Perth Zoo. The Rothschilds, born at Orana Park is to continue the zoos successful breeding program. Armani is two years old and total unrelated to the three females held at the zoo. It will be a few years yet before he becomes old enough to breed.

  • On Tuesday 21st of June Mogo received a striped addition. The young zebra foal was born to mother Koni.

  • Hamilton Zoos spider monkey family also received a new addition with the arrival of the fourth baby to mum, Jeneill. The father was a male called Diego.

  • Orana Parks latest cheetahs are continuing to thrive. The four eight month old cheetah cubs were the first to be born at the zoo in ten years. The three males and one female didnít have it all easy though. Unfortunately their mother, Yatima and her sister, had to be euthanaised due to kidney disease around Christmas time. Fortunately the cubs were then aged 10 weeks and were eating solids. The death of the two queens is a blow to the breeding program at the zoo as it is difficult to create a compatible breeding pair. The zoo intends to acquire more animals which hopefully will reactivate the breeding program. The cubs have been named Kura, Rahi, Kaha and Tane.

  • The minister for the Environment, Ian Campbell has given the go ahead for Australian Zoos to import eight elephants to create a breeding program. The animals will go to two zos, Melbourne and Taronga, where they will hopefully create a breeding nucleus. The whole sage has been driven with controversy as animal rights groups have opposed the importation. The RSPCA has stated that they will conduct legal action to stop the importation. More information can be found on my site.

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