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Zoos of Australia and
New Zealand



New Report on elephants in Australia. Three Australasian Zoos are requesting to bring in 9 elephants to start a Captive Breeding Program. Should they be allowed to?
July news Mogo zoo in the news with the birth of lion cubs and the arrival of Pygmy Marmosets.
Photos from Queensland newsest zoo

As originally promised I have now posted some of the comments I have received with regards to the article about the importation of elephants into Australia. Thankyou to those who emailed me.
A little bit of information about the new elephant rainforest exhibit at Taronga Zoo.

My site has no affiliation with any of the zoos, I am just layman with an obsession on the subject. So what I cannot provide is information on jobs at the various zoos. If that is what you are looking for my best advice is to check out the zoos websites, they often list jobs there.
I classify a decent zoo according to
  • The efforts it goes into creating spacious, stimulating and naturalistic enclosures for its inhabitants.
  • The extent of conservation work the Zoo is involved with, including Captive Breding Programs and also work in the field.
  • The efforts that Zoos go to involve and inform the public. This includes Volunteer Societies(usually known as 'Friends of the Zoo')and sponsering of animals and exhibits. To inform the public this can include websites with news and detailed information of animals, the signage detailing the life and needs of species, how well the exhibits create an idea of the wild conditions and guided tours.
black rhino at Taronga
In 1863 the first zoo in the Australasian Region opened at Melbourne. This makes the Melbourne Zoo one of the oldest zoos in the world. Today it is very different from when it first opened. It also has very different priorities, as do all of the 'great' zoos; not just of Australia and New Zealand, but of the world.




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