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It was in 1995 , that participants of an Effective Public Speaking Course conducted by me requested for a copy of my notes - that's how these pages came about . Every single word written here is based on my personal experience.These Tips have worked for me, so I am sure they will work for you too !

I am thankful to all the speech masters, friends , encouraging listeners and participants of my training programmes, who helped me mature as a trainer. I am much grateful to Jaycees (Junior Chamber International), a Great Informal Training Organization. It not only teaches, but most important part is that it gives opportunity to practise what you learn. It was in Jaycees that I found true friends, and it was in Jaycees that I got the courage to do what I wanted to .

Learning Public Speaking from books is like trying to learn swimming from books. You have to take the plunge. You must learn from a Guru . And at any age, at any place,
if you are keen to learn somehow you will find a teacher too. I think Public Speaking is an essential part of everyone's education and if you have missed it so far then you have missed a lot of happiness. Give yourself this Gift...Today !

If you find these tips useful to you, share your experience with me. For linking to my web site please feel free to write to me.

Affly yours,
Mahavir Mohnot


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