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Rhyme & Chime of Public Speaking




Want to have fun, Be Child - like,
If you want to learn, Be Child - like.

Don't try to win, just have fun,
Dont keep score, just enjoy the run.

Serious is boring, Ego is sin,
A touch of humour, will always win.

Create suspense, Show some style,
Do some magic, make us smile.


Walk with power, Smile and Calm,
Let your hand flow, with open palm.

Whatever you aim, the God will grant,
You should be clear, in what you want.

What you speak, definitely rate,
How you speak, can make you great.


If time is must, prepare in blocks,
Add or delete, to beat the clocks.

Dont quote books, don't talk theory,
To make them move, tell a true story.

Eye-Contact is an excellent art,
Use it and reach to every heart.


Speak with love, speak with tact,
Speak from heart, it will have impact.

Leave the cage, go fly high,
It's your day, touch the sky.




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