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How to deliver a speech



LEARN to handle your CUE CARD smoothly. Write big, bold letters. If people come to know that you are using a CUE-CARD, there is no great harm, if they don't they will be much impressed. Never read basics i.e. name of V.I.P/Organisation/Occasion etc. from a CUE CARD.

SPEECH should be not too long nor too short.
If you wish to cut down on the spot : delete one
Complete point/paragraph.
It is always a good policy to prepare more but speak less.

TIP 29
NEVER try to recall what you had written & rehearsed. Speak as it comes to you naturally. It will be far superior than the write up.

TIP 30
FOCUS on all the people who are listening to (not on those who are not). Do not get distracted by disturbances if any, If it is minor ignore the disturbance & go ahead.
If it is major, wait till things settle down, tell a fitting joke,make a sportive comment
and go ahead. If a V.I.P has come , announce his presence, and go ahead. Never take
it personally. In any case never loose your charm & calm.

 TIP 31
IGNORE if you have erred and no one noticed. ADMIT & correct if it is pointed out.

TIP 32
ACCEPT if anyone gives additional Data thank the person.

TIP 33
QUESTIONS from audience is a welcome sign. It shows they have listened to you. Answer if you can, otherwise ask all present to answer. Do not bluff, do not feel hurt. Answer with wit, tact and humour. Answer short and sweet. Be at your best : cool & charm.

NEVER begin with apology.
 NEVER carry written speech
 NEVER memorize any speech

TIP 36

TIP 37: It is perfectly normal to feel nervous : Just don't show it !


Three Friends of a Speaker


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