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Speaking in Public Confidently



SEEK & GRAB opportunities for speaking.
As a beginner make more number of small and successful speeches,
it builds your confidence !!

 TIP 8
ACCEPT to speak only on familiar subjects with sufficient time to prepare. Otherwise POLITELY refuse. It is very good to speak on new subjects, but not foolishly, and not as a beginner.

 TIP 9
PREPARE beforehand. But never ever prepare, think or worry about it at the venue. Always speak short, soft & sweet. People will like you.

 TIP 10
REACH the venue before the program starts. Familiarize yourself with
Hall, Dais, Podium, Mike, Organizers, Staff, People etc. casually.

 TIP 11
GREET maximum people, circulate, make short introductions with new faces, smile at strangers, laugh lightly, Cheer up.

 TIP 12
RELAX yourself in the chair physically & mentally while awaiting your turn.
Take deep breath, make a short & secret meditation, mentally play your favorite sound track, feel friends cheering you up, or see the scene of past success. Then focus your full attention on what is going on in the meeting. Keep your Chin up and eyes-right on the stage.

 TIP 13
RISE slowly when your name is called out, walk normally (not casually or lazily) up to the dais, confidently climb up, look at the people all around, smile, take your stance.

 TIP 14
GIVE a smooth & little longer salutation, begin slowly. Within few seconds you will feel in full command, then go full swing.

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