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Formal Speeches



Here you are speaking on behalf of the Chairman - Which means on behalf of the organization. Therefore you must speak soberly - Statesman like , showing pride & politeness of your organization.


TIP 39
Important thing is to show POLISH & GRACEFULNESS. You must pronounce every name & designation correctly. Take maximum care with the Foreign names. Perfect Grammar, Elegant Language. Gracious Style and Smooth Fluent Delivery is the objective. Show Your Class !!

[ It is wise to avoid jokes & other gimmicks.
  Simple, Straight, Crisp & Cute Speech is the Best.



TIP 41
There is a protocol of the order in which you welcome the gathering. Follow this easy to remember formula. 


MR.= Mr. Chairman, Chief Guest Mr..................................., Guest of Honor Mr......................................, other Dignitaries, Guests & invitees, Press & TV, Delegates/Participants, Ladies & Gentlemen.
G = General Welcome . Welcome to the ................................. (Exact name of the program - organized by/conducted by/hosted by............................................................(Name of the organization.)).
O = Organization. Say two sentences about the organization
O = Occasion . Few sentences about importance of the program
S = SPECIAL WELCOMES. Welcome one by one, in one or two sentences in the same order as above ( i.e., Chief Guest, Guest of Honor, Invitees, Press, People)
E = End. Once again welcome everybody and hope that......... They will enjoy, it would be very useful, a memorable experience, a turning point, a milestone, create history, open a great future, reach new heights . . . .

TIP 42
REMEMBER: Welcome is always done standing.


TIP 43
PURPOSE is to highlight the presence of, build image of the person, so both the Guest and the audience are in best mood.

Get the BIO-DATA.

Get more details. If possible talk to the person. Find out the real human being behind the picture. Unknown facts, personal interests, achievement in other field, his philosophy , faith, travel abroad, interest in Charity/Service etc.

TIP 47
An ever effective  sequence for introduction is my ...


TOPIC: of this meeting [ 1-2 sentences ]
OCCASION: of this meeting [1-2 sentences]
SALUTE: Closing sentence.

TIP 48
BEGIN by briefly relating presence of this Man in this meeting.
BUILD UP the person by telling the Bio Data in an orderly manner.
END by high lighting & announcing the name of V.I.P. ie.
" May we present to you , The Chairman of BPL Group of Companies, Managing Trusty of CARE foundation, and a Renowned Author , Mr. Thomas Smith !! "


Do not disclose the name, till the very end.
Introduction should be not more than 2-3 minutes.
Don't praise falsely, it is insulting.
Don't praise too much, it is disgusting.
Don't repeat adjectives, don't use clichés, it is boring (i.e. He is great this, great that, One and only. None other than. Etc.)
Intro. is not reading Bio-Data, it is image building.
After finishing the intro just say small "THANQ".



A simple and sweet task , if you just follow my TIP 50.


One sentence to indicate that the program has completed, and how interesting/meaningful/memorable it has been .(Avoid using 'grand success' or such boring clichés.)

Second C = C H A P
Special thanks in this sequence :-

C > CHIEF GUEST, Guest of honor, other Guests,
H > HELPERS like Major Donors, Sponsors, etc.
A > ASSISTANCE. People who assisted you in other small ways,free hall, advertisements,free publicity, lunch, tea, vehicles, music volunteers, Press etc.
P >

Third C = CU (see you)
Once again on behalf of your organization thank all and hope to see them again in your future program / act on the resolutions of this meeting etc.

TIP 51
We don't thank ourselves : so no thanks to President, Project Director, Host Chapter, Manager, Our Team Workers etc.




TIP 51
A simple sequence generally quite effective is..

  • A sentence or two to create suspense, interest ...
    Wake them up & catch the attention.

  • Name of the Program & its usefulness.
    Where, When, Who can join, Fees, Faculty etc.

  • APPEAL : to join, to donate, to applaud etc.

  • Whom to contact - his Phone nos.

  • Loudly repeat in one sentence - Date, Time, Venue, Contact Person,
    Contact Phone number



Inspiring, Persuasive & Motivational Speeches..


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