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I think, persuasive speech is the most important speech because it is needed every day by every body. Purpose is to make the audience act as you request. and they act only when we are able to win both their minds & hearts. Let me share with you my ...


First & Foremost : Establish an "I AM OK, YOU ARE OK" position with them by first few sentences without touching the subject.

" I am so glad to be with such bright students of this college ."

Start speech from a point of Agreement. Everyone should say / feel yes !

" Love is the most precious thing in life"

Slowly move towards point of disagreement : in small steps. As you move on, shift from MIND-REASONS to HEART REASONS.

" We Love Life, we love this earth, we love our friends, and family. We want to be there whenever they need us. In times of Joy, in times of trouble. Just being there is a great emotional support.The Least we can do for our loved one's is to be there, to be at least. And if those whom we love are important for us, then someone whom they love , that is you and me should also be important. And if we love them then how can we destroy ourselves with drugs ? Just think few years from now, if someone I love is in trouble, or in great joy , and desperately needs me to share and care , and ........."

Keep Eye contact, watch their Body - Language :

The moment you feel you have them nodding with you, without wasting any more words. Ask them! Request them for a clear-cut action, to be done - Today !

Shall we all decide and commit today to begin the end of drug abuse .
Let us sign that form now !

Presume that they have all agreed. Say that you have full faith that they will do as agreed, thank them and close.

" And now that we have resolved to do the right thing, the love thing, the life thing, I am sure .."


TIP 52
Use maximum of "WE". We know. We are. We should. We wish.

Never shoot arrows more than necessary.
TIP 53
  Try overkill and you may loose, Stretch it and it breaks.
TIP 54
One HUMAN-STORY is more powerful than hundred of arguments,   thousands of facts & figures. 

Rhyme & Chime of Public Speaking..


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