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Tips to prepare your Speech


TIP 15

INQUIRE about background of audience, purpose of meeting and speeches which will be delivered before yours.

TIP 16
RESEARCH and collect data, exact figures, latest developments, interesting little known facts, expert opinions, any other relevant information which would humor, fascinate or surprise the audience.

TIP 17
BRAINSTORM carry a rough paper or spiral book with you all the time. Let your mind play freely, lazily, on all facets of the subject. Whenever and whatever flashes of ideas, phrases, thoughts and interesting remarks, come to your mind, immediately jot down. Do not select or reject any idea at this stage. Keep playing more on them, wildly, like a child. Give free hand to your creativity.

TIP 18
SIT down with your DATA & SCRAPS, organize them into few major points and discard all the rest unnecessary data .

TIP 19
WRITE a systematic sequential essay ie. The Body of your Speech.

EDIT it for contents, ruthlessly.

TIP 20
AUDIO-EDIT. Read the write up aloud, and hear it as the audience will.
Replace difficult to ears words & phrases with simpler, sweeter ones.
Speech is not an Essay, which can be read again to understand .

TIP 21
THINK of an attention catching, sparkling, luring line of OPENING, and momentous, impact-making, memorable PUNCH-LINE for CLOSING.

TIP 22
SPEAK the complete speech once. Polish Opening & Punch-line.

TIP 23
MAKE a small CUE CARD of Crucial Data etc. and Tear off the essay.

TIP 24
REHEARSE once with CUE CARD; check your timing & smooth flow.

TIP 25
FORGET it, your preparation is over. Keep Polishing your PUNCH-LINE

REMEMBER to take your Cue card with you on the speech day.


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