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Expressions of Poetry 4

Secret Rainbows

A rainbow of secrets
lies just out of reach
some are for memories
some are for keeps
it is a calidescope of colors
as each extension meets
they are there in the heat
as waves crash the beach
and stay through the coldness
as winter reaches its peak
within hides legends untold
and loves not yet fulfilled
friendships waiting to unfold
each new day reveals a few
and changes those we never knew
life goes on and time proceeds
still a mysterious web
these secrets weave
a rainbow of secrets
yet just out of reach

Copyright 1992

Earthly Treasures

Moonlight dances on the water
sheding light on earthly treasures
Walking in the oceans tide
shadows drift along
hearing hushed secrets
by the wind
Images of those who have been
are traced about the sand
happiness and dreams
all have walked along this stretch
traveling whre others have already been
The silence is deafeing
as it crashes off the dunes
Shadows idly watching
it all starts once again

Copyright 1993

Elf Dance

When the rain falls lightly
on the window there
it seeems as if small elves
are dancing there
to see if someone is there
The small elves dance
on the window there

Copyright 1988


Moonlight streamed through the trees;
particles of its being sparkled into me.
Overcome with sensations that tingled
and warmed by the pleasure it sent.
Held up by tree limbs which did enfold me
caressed by their moving embrace.
Upon Mother Earths lap I sit
as dew of the grass wet my skin.
Bathed in the purity of nature
which shared the most sensual pleasures.
Scent of the woods filled my hair...
My spirit flowed within a stream...
which gave of its secret treasures...
A time that will never be measured.
A memory to never erase.
Emotions no mortals portrayed.
The night nature made love to a seeker
who held reverence for a mystical place.

Copyright October 30, 2002

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