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Dragon Magick

Please come forth, be not afraid of my dragons. They truly are a friendly bunch. This page is still under construction and being updated as you read so please check back and watch their new home grow.

Magick Dragon

As the dragons wings unfold
I am protected from all harm.
It's tail wrapped about me
a sacred circle I stand within.
The dragon now surrounds me;
its scales are love and light.
Magick exudes in the space which surrounds me.
I've only to close my eyes...
together we are in flight.
Moving from the waters edge
soaring to cliff tops high above.
Opening my inner self
I am filled with dragons knowledge.
Lessons from 'ere time began
when dragons roamed so free.
A time before the humans
who brought them by myth
to you and to me
My new found friend
breathes with fire of life.
I see inside his eyes
and know the soul within.
The legacy dragons hold
and the stories, lying dormant, untold.
For dragons are not our foe...
they are as my dragon;
magickal, protective, our friends.
Copyright 2001

International Poetry Society

Oh, don't mind Daryl he's just the dragon on duty to keep peace in the kingdom! Love and might just a faery pass in flight! The Faery Grove is coming soon!!!

Call of the Dragon

I call unto great dragons
show your presence on my path.
I hear you calling to me
but I can not find my way.
I ask now for your wisdom
and inner knowledge filled with life.
I feel you there beside me
though I do not see the way to let you in.
Fly with me in dreams at night,
walk beside me through the day.
Help me now in your guiding ways.
Without you I am incomplete
lost in this spiral known as life.
Fill my heart and spirit
beckon to my very soul.

Come now dragons of long past
wake me from this spiritual sleep.
Help me now to rise above
and awaken my inner strength.
Fill me now with your loving light
that my essence may be complete.
Copyright 2001

Gaia's Dragons

There beolw the desert sun
in dunes of sand that flow and flow,
live Chaos Dragons down below.
Far beneath all human sight
in caverns deep where embers glow
reside great Fire Dragons.
When the wind blows 'cross the sand
and lifts the earth to kiss the air;
still your eyes and see unfold
might Air Dragons in flight with the night.
As they soar above forest deep
Gaia's muontains soon they reach.
Here Earth Dragons rest amidst their peaks;
while Water Dragons swim their streams.
Bold and brave dragons true
Beckon to them; they wait for you.
Call on their powers, believe it will be.
Watch as the dragons force takes hold.
By their powers and your faith
dragon magick you can make.

Copyright 2001

The yin/yang symbol, gold and green oak leafs, and the spinning earth were all found doing a web search for free graphics. If these are in fact owned by someone please contact me by e-mail and I will be more than happy to give you credit or remove them. Blessed Be, Talia

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