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Expressions of Poetry 5

Faded Children

Laughing children
running free
unaware of destiny
These children are our future
Hoping for tomorrow
filled with dreams that know no ends
they have no boundaries

Full of life
they can not begin to understand
Crying children
without the strength to run
destiny has no meaning
To them the future is desolate and bleak
Tomorrow they will still hunger
tomorrow they will still suffer

Yet their dreams are so simple
there should be an end
Speak of boundaries and they can tell you many
Speak of life and they undertand all too well
Children unitedtoghether they stand
They will always be the first
to lend a helping hand
Souls as pure as heaven
hearts filled with the greatest hope
but still they struggle to be heard
If only we could understand

Tomorrow there might be no more pain

Copyright 1993

Children of the Night

Eyes as bright as heaven
often with dreams to match
you should see the little children
as they walk about the night

All of this brightness
will soon begin to fade
the children become firghtened
they have no home again tonight
They soon begin to learn
from the streets in which they live
Before too long
they have nothing left to give
and if most of them were asked
they'd say Avalon was a myth
Their hearts have grown cold
from the lessons they have learned
they even feel abandoned
by families who let them go

All they see is that they stand alone
By the time someone decides to help
the children have grown to old
yet within a little childs body
Tomorrow they will awake

is this the day my sanity will finally break

Copyright 1993

If you know even one person you think might be suffering due to abuse please contact someone in authority. To close our eyes to the problems in todays society doesn't make them go away. I remember a lot of times as a small girl I would refuse to sleep with the closet door open because I thought monsters hid there. Ever heard someone say how kids only speak the truth? Well, in a sense that is very true, only now I'm grown and that monster in the closet is becoming everything society tries to either go along with or hide as if it doesn't exist. Don't let someone suffer if you can help in any way. Take the time to show someone that dreams and wishes do come true.

Forever in the Circle of Love and Light,

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