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Angels Among Us

To those of you who are here for wiccan purposes I apologize for the intrusion of this page. It is for the sole purpose of letting someone very close to me know how special they are and have always been to me.

My aunt has always been there for my sisters and I as long as I can remember but we always had our own special bond.

Let me start by saying I admire her strength, couarage, and perseverance in the face of every obstacle that has ever confronted her. She is now in her "middle" ages (hehehehehe!) and has fought and stuggled through so much. She married for the first time at an early age and has only been married twice. Now single she has someone who treats her better than either of them could have and that's all I have to say for them.

She was told she would never have children to discover that yes she could and her husband no longer wanted to be married. They had been through a lot to get pregnant so this was a blow. She held her head up high and had her son anyway. I couldn't imagine life without him in it. Life is getting better now right?

I'm afraid not. My aunt whom I treasure as much as life itself was diagnosed with Chrone's Disease. What's that you ,might say. Cancer. . . It is an intestinal form of cancer without a definite cure. They have ways to ease the suffering and put you into relapse but nothing seems to kill this stuff for good. It attacks your intestines leaving them useless to the point of their having to be removed.

This is all pretty vauge for now but I am going to get a lot of good web sites for information posted here. I hope you keep checking back and spread the word if you find this page on accident.

I apologize for the quick reference for the time being but it's time for work so this is better than no mention of such a terrible disesase when so many know so little about it.

Love and Light,


Please cross this bridge in peace for a piece of heaven is on the other side

My Daddy
In the arms of angels
is where my daddys gone
They have guided him to heaven
with all their loving ways
When rain falls from his tears
I know it is tears of joy at the glory which abounds
There is no more suffering
he now walks streets of gold
to live through out eternity
in his fathers house
No greener pastures will you find
No glory more divine
You see I know my daddy is home now
Across Jordan
into Beualaland

Copyright 2000
In loving memory of Red
Brendas daddy

Here are some links on Chron's Disease

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Oh, that you woululd bless me indeed and enlarge my territory,
that your hand would be with me,
and that you would keep me from evil,
that I may not cause pain.

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