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Expressions of Poetry

Natures Gate

I give of myself willingly
for the Lord and Lady
to mold and shape
I open myself spiritually
as I stand at natures gate
I call forth for your guidance
from within the four quarters
and with each breath I patiently wait
I give voice to the heavens
and energies to earth
dreams to the night
and hope within the daylight
Though I may stumble on my path
I know there is much to learn
and for this knowledge
my soul and spirit continually yearn
I feel you in the darkness
and know you in the light of day
I see you with my mind
when my eyes can not
I feel you in the breeze
though I can touch you not
and know you in my heart
when others know you not
You are the Lord and Lady
of times long forgotten
when your magick weaved its way
through the souls of your begotten

Copyright 2000

Universal Me

In this time of healing
I have come to know a grace
The stillness in the universe
which reminds me not to race
My thoughts are stilled
as my heart and mind
have come to learn their place
An ember of light
is shining down on me
allowing me to see my path
restoring my way
As life is celebrated all around me
and far beneath my feet
I realize how far I have come
and find joy in my day
The breeze somehow seems cooler
The tres more brilliant
be it night or day
No matter if there is rain or sun
a concrete plan or uncertainty
for something not quite yet begun
I look inside and find a peace
and take pleasure in the stars
Knowing the world has not forgotten me
but helping me to form


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