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Expressions of Poetry

Sacred Spirits

Sacred spirits deep within
issue forth as each life web I spin
Opening the mysteries
from when I first began
An elelmental life force
uncontained within known space
Guided by the God and Goddess
I grow to fill my place
growing stronger
As I learn from them each day
Held up by Gaia
shaded by the trees
finding comfort in the breeze
It seems being a witch
is more than natural to me

Copyright 2000


Death and darkness
flee from here
leave my mortal soul
no more
shall you loom over me
blinding me in sight
nor binding my very soul
I feel the spirits in the wind
and beckon them now forth
to aide me in desolate times
they carry me protectively
through the darkest hour
and open all my senses
to only good in life
no more fear shall I wake with
no more nightmares in the night
They shelter me protectively
with purest love and light
I surrender myself fully
and welcome all change
within my life

Copyright 2001

Night Whispers

I lie in the darkness
surrounded by the night
filled with natures music
Knowing I have a destination
unsure of what I am supposed to search for
I feel a guiding force
filled with inner strength
and know it is on the edge
wanting to burst forth
It comes on wings of darkness
hidden in the air I breathe
Filling my very soul
yet I am blinded
unable to see
Knowing I have the knowledge
but feeling I have lost the key
My days filled with longing
my nights stolen by sleep
I become one with nature
lost in its very essence
Knowing it holds the answer
I release all of lifes pressures
Floating now in darkness
I become one with the night time breeze
Welcoming the answer
I somehow know
it will whisper unto me

Copyright 2001

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Love and Light,


Lost inside the chaos
of an everchanging scene.
Darkness has evolved;
new light becomes serene.
Images of all our lives
somehow intertwine.
Portals to a different place
a separate space or time.
In a realm of this design;
is it yours or is it mine?
Differences in form and style
souls in dance; vibrations mesh.
As light returns each day anew
and darkness holds the night.
The realm we share remains our own;
timeless union bound in wine.
Spirit rhythms speak our time.
Our souls it seems its beat did bind.

Copyright June 8, 2002

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