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Rosslyn Chapel is an enigmatic, arcane library of secrets, sculpted in stone and shrouded in mystery. Professor Thomas Lin Yun, the leader of the Buddhist Black Tantric sect, claims that Rosslyn is one of the most powerful sites he had ever visited and one that will play an important role in the move towards [one] world peace. The Chapel attracts Rosicrucians, New Age seekers, anthroposophists and theosophists in the thousands. In the late 1930's several leading members of the Nazi party visited Rosslyn Chapel, for they were obsessed by the legends surrounding the Holy Grail.

Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail p.xv, 22-23

Rosslyn is reputed to be an approximate copy of the design of the ancient Temple of Solomon and is adorned with innumerable carvings, including Judaic, Celtic, Norse, Templar, and Masonic symbols, in addition to mainstream Christian images.

Secrets of the Code p. 248

We completed the sequel to the Spear of Destiny, which was published after Trevor's death as The Mark of the Beast. One theme in the book was Trevor's intuitive study of the apocalyptic configuration in stone: seven sacred [medieval] buildings on the alleged sites of ancient Druidic planetary oracles. We could not put aside the conviction that the actual geographic location of Rosslyn and the Apprentice Pillar was an integral part of some great unsolved mystery concerning both the symbolism of the Apocalypse and the exact date in which its most crucial events would take place. Surprisingly, we did find a date on which not only did the planets align themselves in the order of the sites, the replication was almost exact. That date is 28 July 2019.

Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail p. xxi, 21, 208, 210

The first of the St. Clairs to be born in Scotland, Henri St. Clair, accompanied Godfroi de Bouillon to the Holy Land in 1096 and was present at the fall of Jerusalem. He was accompanied by knights from eleven other leading Scottish aristocratic families. Representatives of all twelve families met regularly at Roslin prior to the Crusades, and for many centuries afterwards. The group included ancestors of the Stuarts, with whom the St. Clairs made marital alliances...and were involved with the Templars throughout their history [and] with early Freemasonry in Scotland, with support of the Stuart cause. Recent studies of the Rex Deus legend have suggested that the Stuarts were actually descended from leading families among the hierarchy in Biblical Israel.

Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail p. 200

The hidden heirs to the Knights Templar devised a method to pass on their sacred knowledge; a system that eventually developed into Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and the Invisable College, which later transmuted itself into the Royal Society in England. The roof [Rossyn Chapel] is powdered in a profusion of stars and roses. The lillies had been carved above the two pillars and are believed to signify the descending Bloodline of the Kings of Israel.

Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail p. 126, 10

Scotland, land of William Wallace and modern nation which is said to have the most UFO sightings in the world at the time when Prince William attended college at St. Andrews for his Degree in Geography & Art, was built a curious church named Rosslyn Chapel. Founded by Sir William Sinclair in 1446, Rosslyn Chapel is built over a deep crypt of uncertain date, which is now entirely walled-off though the heavily-worn steps down to the sacristy suggest that there was substantial traffic in the past to and from the vault with the legend being that the Templar Knights, as well as the Scottish Rex-Deus Families who supported and protected their presence since the order came out of Rome that all Templars should be executed, would hold secret Satanic rites and rituals in the darkness of the vault, surrounded by the Stones of Lucifer, the very same which adorned him before the Fall. The incredibly intricate interior is engraved with a profusion of Templar, Nordic, Celtic, Christian, (Mayan?) and heretical symbolism including the floriated cross (the 'Rosy Cross' from which the Rosicrucians took their name) at the top of the sword on Sir William Sinclair's tomb. The equal-sided 'Grail Cross' is also displayed everywhere in Rosslyn Chapel's stonework as well as the shape of large stained-glass window at the frontispiece of Rosslyn. The Solar Grail Cross (also known as the Celtic or Maltese Cross) is a very ancient pagan sun symbol which was adopted by Templar Knights (albeit red in their version) as a sign of their possession of the Holy Grail, leading some to believe the Knights Templar themselves were spawned of the Merovingian Grail lineage, which may explain their desire to protect the lineage to the death. Specifically, Celtic symbolism is key to understanding the rest of the encoded symbolism throughout Rosslyn Chapel, as seen in the over one-hundred 'Green Men,' the Celtic fertility symbol, carved into the stonework of the Chapel itself, denoting a strong link with the ancient Celtic Druidism (perhaps Satan's oldest religion, certainly the oldest Lucifer-venerating religion in Britain). Among other Celtic, Nordic, and Aryan symbols is seen a unique falling or hanging Cherub, that some believe is Lucifer himself, that seems to be bound to what appears to be a large Grail, or seen another way, the image of the Holy Grail itself is connected, literally, to the body of a falling Angel. The Sinclair family itself has a long and noble history in Scotland as Princes and defenders of the Stuart monarchy of Scotland against invasion and sedition. Of Celtic origins, they served with the Norse Duke and later King, William the Conqueror in 1066, and were subsequently granted lands in southern Scotland by King Malcolm Canmore (of 'Macbeth' fame). The Sinclair family, in whose care the Chapel remains, have a long association with the Knights Templar and with worldwide Freemasonry which traces its roots back to the craftsmen employed to build Rosslyn Chapel itself. Their history of noble service to the Crown continues to this day.

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The current Earl of Rosslyn has served as the head of security for the British Royal Family, including Prince William. The founder of the Knights Templar, Hugues de Payen, was married to Katherine St. Clair, and the Sinclair's had a long history of service with the Templar Order until it was dissolved by Papal decree order in 1307. In 1441, William Sinclair, 3rd Prince of Orkney, was created Grand Master Mason of Scotland. This title ran with the family until its last Sinclair holder died without issue in 1778. The legend that the mummified corpses of Sinclair Knights Templar are lying in their full armour on plinths in the vault, with no coffins, has spawned hundreds of various conspiracy theories about the Merovingian lineages returning shortly before the end of the world. The author of 'Rosslyn Blood' believes the Templar corpses are still there, on the evidence of an elderly friend who says that in the 1950s it was possible to access the vault by rope ladder from the Chapel by lifting up a floor slab, and that she has been in the vault and seen the mummified Templars, still in their shining armor and white capes adorned with the Red Celtic Cross, as if sleeping. This calls to mind the legends of King Arthur who is said to be sleeping with his Knights under an ancient Celtic hill or mound, waiting for a time when his country would need him most. 'The Hiram Key' advances the theory that Rosslyn Chapel is consciously built to the dimensions of the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Jerusalem. This is credible as the ground plan of Rosslyn Chapel fits exactly the dimensions of King Solomon's Temple of Jerusalem as described in Ezekiel, so much so, that a future Jewish Temple could be built using Rosslyn as a template. Another striking aspect to Rosslyn is the detail ceiling detail, featuring hundreds of small cubes intricately carved with mysterious symbols, that it is believed somehow some sort of coded musical notation. Another one of the Chapel's most remarkable features is a intricately carved pillar, symbolic of the Tree of Life, that rises up from the floor called the Apprentice Pillar. The Apprentice Pillar is one of three stone pillars believed to represent the concepts of Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty, attributes linked with the etherial Chakra Body and to the Sefirot Tree of Life in the Kabbalah. Around the base of the Apprentice Pillar are found eight winged serpents which have eaten evil's forbidden fruit and even though the Apprentice Pillar was carved more than 500 years ago, these same spiraling serpents which wrap themselves around the pillar's Tree of Life have been more recently revealed as perfectly representing a double helix - the fundamental DNA building block of life. Incidentally, The nearby Roslin Institute was the organization behind the first successful mammal clone in 1996, creating a sheep that was infamously named Dolly.

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This enigmatic stone puzzle of the Apprentice Pillar also carries its own legend which relates to a ritual found in modern Freemasonry. As it is told, a Master Mason wanting to carry out the great work of carving the pillar hesitated, needing enlightenment and inspiration whereby he traveled to Rome to view the original pillar that was carved there. Upon his return, the Master was immediately dismayed to find his apprentice had completed the pillar to exact specifications. In a fit of jealous rage, the Master Mason struck the head of his apprentice with a Mason's tool, killing him. This same story has been infused into same Masonic rituals which correlate to the needing of keeping certain knowledge a secret with the punishment of death for revealing them. Recently, some have attempted to claim that the Apprentice pillar is hollow and may contain a metallic "Grail" hidden somewhere within. Others insist that the Prince Pillar, as it was originally called, may contain the mummified head or body of Christ or at the very least, Christ's own DNA hidden there serving as the Holy Grail in Scotland. Although being that the original Sinclair founders of Rosslyn Chapel never served Christ in any real capacity, might the Apprentice Pillar contain something else? The Twin Pillars within the Chapel's east end are identified as Boaz and Jachin, thus connected to Biblical and Occult narratives. Some have even surmised that Rosslyn Chapel is "the last stop in an epic tale stretching back into Biblical times," which translated into English means Rosslyn is believed to be the secret resting place for both The Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail, buried somewhere deep underneath the Templar vault or within the ornate stone craft itself. Since the release of The DaVinci Code, the Grail (or Sangraal in French) has been identified as the Sang Real, the Royal Blood of lineal descent from Jesus Christ and his supposed wife, Mary Magdalene which is meant to have flowed through the Merovingian monarchy of France and onwards through various dynastic figures to modern times. Thus, it is believed, Mary Magdalene died in 63 AD at what is now St. Baume in southern France, explaining why so many Magdalen cults sprang up both before and after her death in the southern regions of the picturesque French countryside. The Feast of the Madonna, a feast dedicated to the Magdalene originated in Marseilles and that it was to Mary Magdalene that the Order of the Knights Templars swore their allegiance. Reminiscent of the Cult of the Black Mother Kali in India, early reverence for the Magdalen also spawned the various images and cults of the `Black Madonna' who was often portrayed wearing red as a sign of her office, and green as a sign of fertility. Anyone who has watched "Rosemary's Baby" would be able to relate to why it was called the cult of the "Black Madonna."

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A hundred motion pictures these days have portrayed the idea of the `devil's child' or of Lucifer/Satan taking a woman to produce an heir. These cults suggest the number of people who have known about his presence on the planet for such a long time, but would shock an average Westerner unfamiliar with world traditions. The Knights Templar, who excavated the vaults under the Temple of Jerusalem when they had custody of the site during the brief reign of the Crusader Kingdom in the Holy Land, found something which they believed to be the Holy Grail, hence their self-identification as the Knights of the Grail. The belief now hints strongly that the Templar Bloodline will return in the form of a last Grail King who shall restore the world back to a Golden Age which also means the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple and the coming of the Messiah. This Masonic belief is thoroughly hinted at in 'The Hiram Key' and every other book on the subject of the Merovingian Bloodline and from the sheer nature of the amount of this research, seems irrefutable. Modern Masonic lodges, like Rosslyn, are built in conscious imitation of the Temple of Solomon, and much Masonic practice revolves around the legends of the construction of the Temple and allegedly the perpetuation of the heterodox beliefs of the Templars. The basic theory is that once the Pope's authority was restored in Scotland after his acceptance of the Declaration of Arbroath asserting Scotland's independence and, incidentally, the Scots' descent from the Chosen People, the Lost Tribes of Israel. The Knights Templar therefore had to conceal the perpetuation of their activities by creating a new and secret order of 'Master Masons' at the center of whose cult was the construction and ritual use of Rosslyn Chapel, built to house the Stones of Lucifer. In the legends of King Arthur, the Davidic line was represented by the Fisher Kings, while the patriarchal line was represented by the name Anfortas (`In strength') for it was in strength that they usurped the rightful succession. It was also identified with the Hebrew name Boaz, the great-grandfather of King David, the name given to the left-hand pillar of Solomon's Temple. Its capitals, and those of the right hand pillar, Jachin meaning `He shall establish,' were decorated with brass pomegranates, the Hebraic symbol of male fertility. The Scots Royal line still traces its lineage back to King David as well, the progenitors of the Royal House of Stewart in Scotland having been derived from Viviane II del Acqs, dynastic Queen of Avallon. (The American Kennedy family is a modern-day archetype of this line of inheritance surrounded by the enduring mystique of Camelot Royalty.)

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Therefore, the significance of the Holy Grail and King Arthur relates directly to the Merovingians. According to early Greek histories, Troy was in fact founded by settlers from Arcadia-Arkades ("the people of the bear"). The constellation Ursa Major means "Great Bear" and where the ancients believed Kochab (Sun God Lucifer) dwelt, a belief curiously (or ironically) shared by the Arthurian worshipping Mormon Church of today. In fact, Freemasonry's Joseph Smith created Mormonism as an early American religion of Antichrist, that teaches the dangerous Satanic tenants of 'British-Israelism' to now, a global audience, and everywhere else that Mormonism supposedly reaches. The Merovingian Kings were Occult adepts, initiates in arcane sciences, practitioners of the esoteric arts, having gained much of their Occult knowledge through the Atlantean remnants who had escaped its destruction by moving to the western shores of Atlantic-Europe, Wales and the South of France among it. Merovee (Merovech or Meroveus) was a semi-supernatural born of the Merovingian line. His name(s) come from the ancient words for Atlantis, Mother and Sea. Merovee, it was said, was born of two fathers. Legend has it that when already pregnant by her husband, King Clodion, Merovee's mother supposedly went swimming in the ocean. In the water she is said to have been seduced or raped by an unidentified marine creature from beyond the sea (the Atlantean priest-king bloodline) this creature apparently impregnating her a second time. When Merovee was born, there allegedly flowed in his veins a co-mingling of two different bloods, perhaps the Atlantean and the Lemurian, since the Atlantean Basque lands were so near to the Merovingian lands in southern France, representing the ongoing blending of the Celtic and Roman Church; or perhaps it could refer to the two strains of Luciferian control on the planet, the Celtic Priesthood and Kingship. It was under Merovee's son, Clovis, that the Franks were converted to Roman Christianity. In 496 an accord was ratified between Clovis I and the Roman Church, establishing the Romans (the crucifiers of Christ) as the supreme spiritual Christian authority in the West. This consolidated Rome's status as an equal to the Greek Orthodox faith which was based in Constantinople, and provided Rome with a sword (basically, Clovis') with which to “eradicate the hydra heads of heresy.” Clovis, for his part was granted the title of "Novus Constantinus" ("New Constantine"). In addition, he would preside over a unified empire, a Holy Roman Empire. An indissoluble bond was established between the Church and state, each pledging allegiance to the other, each binding itself to the other in perpetuity. On the other hand, the Church officially bound itself, not to Clovis alone, but to his successors as well, not to a single individual, but to a Bloodline. In this respect the pact resembled the covenant that God, in the Old Testament, made with King David, a pact that could be modified, as in Solomon's case, but not revoked, broken, or betrayed.

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Clovis died in 511 AD and the empire was divided up between his four sons. The heirs, however, were put on the throne at an early age and thus were easily manipulated. Unfortunately it was also at this time that the court chancellors or Mayors of the Palace accumulated more and more power, a factor that would eventually contribute to the fall of the dynasty. A short time later, one of the last heirs to the Merovingian throne, Dagobert II, the son of Sigibert III (631 - 656), an Austrasian king of the Merovingian line, was kidnapped upon the occasion of his father's death by then Palace Mayor Grimoald, who tried to put his own son on the throne. Presumed dead, Dagobert was in fact secretly exiled to Ireland only to return some years later. In the year 666, while probably still in Ireland, Dagobert married Mathilde, a Celtic princess. Guided by his mentor, Saint Wilfred, he moved with her to England. This was shortly after the Roman Church's assimilation of the Celtic Church in 664 at the Council of Whitby, the cause of which is attributed in legend to King Arthur's supposed turn to Catholicism. Giselle Dagobert had a son in 676, the infant Sigisbert IV. By the time Sigisbert was born, Dagobert was once more king, aided by a mysterious figure named Saint Amatus, bishop of Sion in Switzerland. Dagobert did not, however, prove to be a sword arm for the Church. By 679 he had made powerful enemies. As the story goes, one day while hunting in his sacred forest, he was attacked and assassinated, pierced with a lance through the eye, a sign of ritualistic murder. As explained in volume IV, this is the lance that later became the Spear of Destiny (the spear that could kill a dynasty and create new ones) when wielded in the hands of Charlemagne and other world leaders. The murderers then went back to the castle to wipe out the rest of the family, but it is uncertain how effective they had been. In fact, the young Sigisbert was still left alive, but without his parents protection he needed to be hidden from further attempts on his life. Meanwhile, the slain Dagobert became the object of a fully fledged cult and even was allotted his own feast day. His church in Stenay was later protected under extreme measures by Godfroi de Boullion, but all relics of him were lost in the French Revolution, except what is purported to be his skull. A poem calling his death an act of martyrdom arose later out of the Abbey at Orval. It is obvious that Dagobert had turned against the Church's increasing control, causing them to turn against his Bloodline. With the death of Dagobert, the main lineage of the Merovingians was deposed. Even though he could have taken the throne, his potential successor, Charles Martel, did not, and those successors who did, went out of their way to marry Merovingian princesses (the notion behind the female carrying the bloodline) in order to legitimate their claims. Life seemingly imitated art here when the Windsors (Germanic Saxe-Goths) spuriously arranged a marriage into the Stuart (Grail) lineage by matching Prince Charles with Diana Spencer. We now know the reason why.

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In addition to the named pillars of Jachin, Rosslyn Chapel includes a sculpture of a man with a gashed forehead identified as the architect of the Temple of Solomon who would die rather than betray its secrets. This symbol of the mortally wounded man also resonates with the Book of Revelation with its description of a future Antichrist figure that is resurrected from a mortal head wound. When the Templar Order, who had absorbed the esoteric Kabbalism of the Mideast and brought it to Europe, fell into disfavor with the Holy Roman Empire, Pope Clement V and King Philippe IV of France dissolved the Order in 1309 and sought to destroy every last Templar including Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, who was eventually captured and executed in 1314. The rest of the Order fled into other parts of Europe, namely, Scotland. Others sailed across the Atlantic, it is believed, until they made landfall at a site in Massachusetts which was marked with the carved grave slab of a Templar knight. The Templar colony in America did not survive, but other Knights Templar were more fortunate. The Templar Knights in Scotland were pivotal in the Scots victory at Bannockburn in 1314 and were rewarded with land and titles by the Bruce. It is also believed that the Templars brought with them the treasures from the Temple Mount, including the Secrets of the True (Pagan) Grail, which they entrusted to the Sinclair family as the senior Templar family of Scotland. These treasures were said and are believed to have been contained at Rosslyn Castle until threatened by fire, after which, Rosslyn Chapel was specifically built as the new reliquary for the Stones, including the Emerald Lapsit Exillis of the vanquished Solar King (Lucifer) and his relucent Lost Kingdom. Lucifer and his story was incorporated into the mysterious Masonic stone works within Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, a place that has become ground zero in revealing much of what the Freemasons and their Master plan for this world. Within the walls of this so-called Chapel, are placed a series of encoded stone works depicting Lucifer as the Music of the Spheres, with a series of stone cubes that are said will reveal all to anyone who deciphers its code. Coinciding with the discovery that Rosslyn is encoded with a music code, it has also been more recently proven that ancient megalithic stone sites such as Stonehenge, were themselves built according to a strikingly similar musical code, whose own mystery is more easily solved when factoring in those factions who worshipped there, as well as the later Templar builders of Rosslyn itself, knew very well who they worshipped, an important clue when deciphering the music as well as its original author. Lucifer's connection to music therefore is one key element to solving Rosslyn itself, as well as the Apocalyptic Date of July 28, 2019. Thus, Lucifer does indeed have a Church dedicated to him here on earth. It is Rosslyn Chapel, and those who know what they're looking for within its stone-encoded walls will come to know him.