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"The primary symbolism that recurs persistently in connection to the Merovingians is that of dragons, serpents, the sea, and sea serpents. "

The above lineage chart of the line of frankish king called Merovingians was the root of

all the royal houses of europe.

Charlegmane based The holy Roman empire on the model of rule the Merovingians had set up, and these frankish kings are  the descendents of every true royal house that has ever been in Europe right upto to the present day.

The Myth surrounding the Merovingians , is myth indeed, yet it was fostered by them and gives an idea of occultic ideas that surround monarchy in europe in general.

What i find the most important point is that this whole subject seems to point us to the catholic prophecies of the great monarch of europe, which in the light of scripture speak unmistakenly of the rise of the antichrist beast king.

Unusual as it may seem ,although  the myths surrounding the Merovingians are myth pure and simple, if you look into it, you find the images within that myth, specifically the myth of how the three frogs depicted in the Merovingian royal crest magically transformed from frogs into three lilies , or "fluer de lis "as they came to be known, can be seen depicted all over the house of windsors' buildings palaces and churches, ( those being the church of england).


What is the house of lily mentioned in the prophecies about the great


concerning this great monarch the catholic prophecies state that he

will revive or come from the house of lily or crown of lily.

He will be a King

of the House of Lily, St. Cataldus of Tarentino (cir.500)

another of the prophecies states.;-

a prince who had been exiled in his youth, and who shall recover

the crown of the lilies.

This prince shall extend his dominion over the entire universe. St.

Caesar of Arles (469-453)


The Merovingian king clovis, first had a crest of three frogs ,but then on conversion to catholicism ( a political neccesity for his family) he was given the the iris, or fluer de lis as his

emblem( the sacred heart was also incorparated into the merovigian crest from this time onwards.).a flower which grows wild in the middle east and is also known

as the three pronged lily a symbol of nimrod, in latin it means small

sword and this lily symbol became the emblem of the royal bloodline

of what is now france.In ancient sumer the bloodline passed through

females was symbolised by a lily/

the mean females of the merovogian line were given names like

lilith,lili,and lillete, all with the lily root.another version is

lilibet or elizabeth.

Today you can see "the fluer de lis "used around Queen elizabeth and in

English churches.

All true European royalty is descended from the

Merovingians, who claimed to be descendants of Jesus Christ.





Also the prophecies state that THE GREAT MONARCH will be of gaulish

french descent.

This is also the teaching of the merovogovian cult which even today has a following and as not unlike the masonic cult.

They say the last king of this line will be the great world leader they


and will be ofcourse descended from the french merorovogian line.

The current Prince Charles ancestry is a mixture of Russian,

German, and "French" along with the English (if you look at most recent history.)*

. The House of Windsor was

originally called Saxe-Coburg-Gothe, but the name was changed in 1917

because it sounded too German (8) especially after the First World


So we see that prince charles does indeed qaulify for the HOUSE OF

LILY AND THE GAULISH CONNECTION as mentioned in the catholic

prophecies concerning the GREAT MONARCH OF EUROPE.

Plus i found that all European royalty is descended from the

merovogingian line,

who in turn are descended from the Roman emperors.

Especially the royal house of england made this claim of descent from

jesus through the occultic merovogingian line.

(note: i didnt write the above)

The history comes directly from the genealogy chart of the British

Royal House. Although they trace their lineage from Joseph of

Arimathea, Jesus's uncle, and an Irish princess,

the Church of

England and the Catholics rejected the theory that they are descended

from Jesus and Mary directly in the 6th Century.

*(note-If you go back further in history Prince charles is related to Roman  Emperors and even Khengis Khan.)

The fluer de lis in Hereldry


An article originally published in Aspects of Heraldry No 5, The Yorkshire Heraldry Society, Leeds, 1991, and in The New Zealand Armiger No 25, Auckland, 1993.

The fleur de lis is widespread in the heraldry of France, and is by far the most common of the charges. Its origin is unknown, although there are several theories(1)

Probably the most common of these is that the fleur de lis is a symbol of the Virgin Mary. In psychological terms, it does have some affinity with the trefoil, the shamrock and other tripartite forms, which Christians have always associated with the Trinity.

The botanical lily is seen as a symbol of purity, which, as well as its association with the Trinity, has led to its adoption as a representation of the Virgin Mary. Most specifically, this plant is the White or Madonna lily, lillum candidum. It is, however, difficult to see a connection between the shape of the fleur de lis and any form of lily.

Sometimes the fleur de lis is drawn à pied nourri, that is, with the bottom parts of the flowers, and occasionally the bar connecting them, removed. This term can be used in French blazon of any plant where the roots are not shown, although in practice, apart from describing the fleur de lis, it is rare. The idea meant to be conveyed Is that the plant is cultivated, or nourri, that is, below the ground, and that the roots are therefore invisible. It may be, therefore, that the fleur de lis is indeed intended to represent a plant.

The fleur de lis is thought by some to be the interpretation of the head of a weapon, such as the pike. An heraldic charge which appears to support this theory is the leopard's head jessant de lis, which only seems to make sense if the animal's head is pierced by a weapon(2). This term is rare In English blazon, and I have not come across an example of it in French. One theory is that the original fleur de lis was the head of a weapon known as the javelot or francisque, which later came to be used as a sceptre, and then as the French arms(3).

It is possible that the Crusaders borrowed the fleur de lis from the Saracens, although earlier examples in France have been found on Gallic coins. A similar emblem was in common use as a decoration, long before the Crusades, and early examples of it have been found In Egypt, Crete, Greece and Rome(4).

In spite of the theories, plausible or not, the origin of the fleur de lis can only be guessed at. In the same way, the date of its adoption by the kings of France has been a matter of conjecture, quarrelled over by many writers. It has been said that it is the interpretation of the bee which was borne on a ring by Childéric I, c.436-481. One legend says that Clovis, the first Christian king of the Franks, who was converted in 496, received the lilies from an angel via a hermit; another, that soldiers of Clovis, after the battle of Tolbiac(5), took irises to put into their hair and thus adopted them as a royal badge(6). These stories may at least help to prove the antiquity of the fleur de lis, but there must always have been the temptation to make up a story to fit subsequent history, and the problem of the chicken and the egg has always been present for students of heraldry.

It has even been claimed that the fleur de lis is derived from toads which appeared on the royal banner of Clovis(7). On reflection, it is perhaps easier to see the connection between the shape of the fleur de lis and a toad than it is with the lily. The legends of Clovis and his adoption of the fleur de lis came into being in the fourteenth century, when the Valois claim to the throne was being established. By the end of the fifteenth century, the arms which Clovis had been ascribed before his conversion to Christianity had become three toads, instead of Azure three crescents or. Earlier heralds had assumed that the crescents of Islam were sufficient to indicate an antithesis of Christianity; later, the toads of Satan were taken to be more appropriate.

The fleur de lis was found as an ornament on the sceptres of the Carolingian kings. In a decree of Louis VII of 1147, the fleur de lis is connected with the monarchy, and at his coronation in 1179 Philippe-Auguste wore a robe of azure semy de lis. And, although it is claimed that it did not appear on the seals of France until 1223(8), a seal of Louis VII (1137-80) shows the stamens of a fleur de lis flory, possibly because of the canting "fleur de Louis"(9).

The fleur de lis first appears in French heraldry in 1199 as a rebus on a seal of the town of Lille(10), Nord, although another view is that it made its first official appearance on a seal dated 1211 of Louis, later to be Louis VIII, son of Philippe-Auguste(11). The arms of the kings of France and their descendants appear in many civic coats, usually either because the commune was a fief of the crown or of a relative of the king, or because the royal arms, usually differenced, were granted to the town for a special reason.

The first arms of France were Azure semy de lis or, and are known as France ancient. In about 1365 Charles VI reduced the number of fleurs de lis to three in a coat which is known as France modern. It is popularly thought that this was in homage to the Trinity, but three fleurs de lis had appeared in different places as far back as 1228(12). Edward III of England quartered the arms of France on his third Great Seal of 1340, in connection with his claim to the throne of France.

The fleurs de lis had been known in England as early as c.1050 on the coins of Harthacnut. The obverse of the first seal of Edward the Confessor shows his sceptre surmounted by a fleur de lis(13). Henry IV adopted France modern in about 1405, and the fleurs de lis were not finally removed from the English arms until 1801.

the fluer de lis can still be seen today in  The Royal palces of England and Churches of England)

In France the fleur de lis is found everywhere, and not only in connection with the French throne. Twenty armorials of the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries depict no fewer than 6,000 instances of the use of the fleur de lis, the majority from the north, and especially from the Flemish province of Brabant. Legends concerning the granting of the fleur de lis to individual persons by a grateful monarch are to be looked at with suspicion, since such concessions were in fact extremely rare. The adoption of the fleur de lis was not symbolic or mysterious, but normally followed the conventions and the popular taste of the time: the charge was considered to be no more important than the bezant or the mullet(14).

The traditional way of bearing fleurs de lis in French communal arms is in the chief of France ancient or modern. Strictly speaking this honour was reserved for the "bonnes villes de France, forty in number, whose maires were privileged to attend the coronation of the king"(15). Needless to say, there are many more than forty towns who bear the chief of France, and by no means all of them had that honour granted by the monarch. Today, however, the popularity of the fleur de lis In French civic heraldry appears to have run its course. In a republican state it is viewed with suspicion, and unless there is a clear historical reason for its use it is rarely adopted in modern coats.


1. Two books which attempt to trace the origin of the fleur de lis are Recherches sur l'origine du blason, et en particulier sur la fleur de lis (Paris,1853), author unknown, and VAN MALDERGHEM, Les Fleurs de lis de l'ancienne monarchie française: leur origine, leur nature, leur symbolisme (Brussels and Paris, 1894).

2. D'HAUCOURT, G and DURIVAULT, G. Le blason (Que sais-je? 1982).

3. Dictionnaire universelle du XIXe siècle, which does not, in fact, consider this to be en acceptable theory.

4. CADOGAN, G. R. The ABC of heraldry, ch. 15.

5. Tradition has it that Clovis swore before the battle against the Alamani that If he won he would adopt the god of Clothilde, his Christian wife.

6. CADOGAN, loc. cit.; PARKER, A. A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry, p. 268, states unequivocally, 'no doubt It represents the lily'.

7. CHEVALIER, JEAN, and GHEERBRANT, ALAIN. Dictionnaire des symboles, p.309. This work is concerned with giving interpretatIons of symbols, and in this case states that there is a confusion with the frog, which is a symbol of resurrection. And so, once again, the theory comes back to a religious point of view.

WILLS CIGARETTE CARDS. Heraldic signs and their origins, No.10 (1925). Here the note on the card suggeste that the origin is canting, from Louis, or that the fleur de lis mey derive from the toads of Pharamond.

Dictionnaire universelle du XIXe siècle states that the toad arose from the ignorance of heraldic painters, who guessed at the nature of a poorly drawn fleur de lis. This last is at least a plausible idea, since there are many examples of charges being altered for the same reason.

8. WHITTICK, A. Symbols, signs and their meanings and uses in design, p.245.; GALBREATH, D L, and JEQUIER, L. Le Manuel du blason, p.32; PASTOUREAU, M. L'Hermine et le sinople, pp.158-78.

9. D'HAUCOURT, G. , and DURIVAULT, G. , op. cit. The arms of Florence, Italy, are Argent a fleur de lis flory gules. On the seal of Liskeard, Cornwall, two birds perch on the stamens of a fleur de lis.

10. It appears most obviously in English civic heraldry in the former arms of Wakefeld: Azure, a fleur de lis or. It is claimed that the fleur de lis was granted to the town by Henrietta Maria, following their help to her during the Civil Wer. However, it must not be assumed that all examples of the fleur de lis in English civic heraldry have a connection with the French royal family. For example, in the arms of Lincoln, Argent, on a cross gules a fleur de lis or, the allusion Is probably to the Virgin Mary, and the fleurs de lis which are found in the arms of Blackpool are those of Banks. SCOTT-GILES, C. W. Civic Heraldry of England and Wales (1933). and BRIGGS, G. Civic and Corporate Heraldry (1971), give Wakefield's then arms as Azure, a fleur de lis or fimbriated ermine, granted in 1932.

11. PASTOUREAU, M., op.cit. The seal is equestrian, turned to the dexter and bearing a shield semy de lis, and is in the Archives Départementales du Pas-de-Calais, Arras.

12. Three fleurs de lis are found on a seal of this date of the town of Lens, Pas-de-Calais.

13. CADOGAN, op.cit., and WHITTICK, op.cit. This early appearance of the fleur de lis in England echoes its use by the Carolingians.

14. PASTOUREAU, M., op.cit. 15. In the time of the Empire the fleurs de lis of the chief of France were replaced by bees, and the number of "bonnes villes" was reduced to thirty six, strictly graded in order of importance: Caen, for example, was No21.


Waiting in the wings of the forthcoming global turmoil is the Man

with a Plan--the one whom the world will welcome to resolve its many

problems. The Bible gives us many provocative clues to his identity1,

and from many prophetic glimpses his genealogical line may prove to

be traceable.

Daniel Chapters 7, 8 and 11 describe the career of Alexander the

Great and his successors so vividly they constitute some of the most

remarkable prophecies in the Bible. We also find that Alexander's

four generals--Lysimachus, Cassander,Ptolemy, and Seleucus--divide

the empire after his death just as the passages indicated.2

As Israel is sandwiched by the subsequent tensions between Ptolemy

(Egypt) to the south and Seleucus (Syria) to the north, it is also

amazing to note the precision with which Daniel records their

respective successors in Chapter 11.3

going back in history

The Seleucid ruler that figures so prominently in Biblical studies

is, of course, Antiochus IV, who also adopted the label Epiphanes or

Coming One. Committed to crushing Judaism, he outlawed the keeping of

the Torah, persecuted the Jews, and confirmed his place in history by

having a sow sacrificed on the sacred altar in the Temple in

Jerusalem and placing an idol to Zeus inside the Holy of Holies

itself. This desecration is known specifically as The Abomination of

Desolation in The Apocrapha, yet the abomination that Jesus refered to  in his Olivette discourse was to come later.

The consequent outrage led to the famed Maccabbean revolt which

success fully threw off the yoke of the Greek rulers and ushered in

the Hasmonean period of Israel's history. On the third anniversary of

the Temple's desecration, on the 25th of Kislev, 165 b.c., the Temple

was rededicated. This rededication is celebrated to this very day as


This historical event took on additional prophetic significance two

centuries later when four disciples received a private briefing by

Jesus Himself on the Second Coming, in which Jesus alluded to a

future reoccurrence of a similar desecration as the key to all end-

time prophecy.5 This repetition of the Abomination of Desolation is

the central milestone in the middle of the climactic seven-year

period comprising the Seventieth Week of Daniel Chapter 9.6

However, as so often occurs in Biblical prophecy, many times the

immediate, local application of a passage clearly transcends the

context to yield a glimpse of a larger, more climactic application.7

While the passage in Daniel 11--up to verse 35--has clearly been

historically fulfilled, verses 36-45 seem to strangely overlap both

the career of Antiochus Epiphanes of the past and also the final

world ruler, portrayed as the Willful King.8

After the horrible reign of Antiochus IV, the Seleucid line continued

under the same title, with Antiochus V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, and

XIII. The Seleucid dynasty came to an end in 63 b.c. when Pompey

declared that Syria would become a Roman province. However, the

descendants of the Seleucids continued in importance and became

intertwined with the Herodians and the royal houses of Rome.9






And if he is ,howcome prince charles fufills these things so amazingly?

all the sources i have here are from different angles and different

groups and do not point directly to prince charles in themselves YET



The Prince That Shall Come

The Coming World Leader--commonly known as the Antichrist - has 33

titles in the Old Testament and 13 in the New Testament. One of

these, The Prince That Shall Come, comes from Daniel 9:26-27 in which

the people of the Prince that shall come would destroy the city and

the sanctuary.

The fulfillment occurred in history when the Roman

legions under Titus Vespasian destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in

70 A.D.10

This reflexive reference to the Romans in Daniel 9:26 is one of

several reasons why most Bible scholars view the future Prince that

shall come as a Roman, or European. Or even The great Monarch of

Europe,that last Emperor of Rome?

A Continuous Genealogy?

A genealogical link between the original Antiochus Epiphanes and

Titus Vespasian would not be surprising, and yet it is very

provocative. But there may be more.

In the fifth century the royal line of the Franks intermarried with

the Merovingian dynasty, which ultimately links with the family trees

of the "Habsburgs", the House of Lorraine, Plantard, Luxembourg, Pont?

zat, Montesquieu, Sinclair, Stuarts, and most of the royal families

of Europe.

The Magdalene Blasphemy

There are a number of occultic groups that hold to the outrageous

suggestion that the Merovingian line is directly linked to offspring

from Jesus and Mary Magdalene.12 While obviously a blasphemous lie,

it is interesting that there are people who take this seriously.

Could this Satanic delusion have an end-time purpose?

A Candidate on the Horizon?

History is littered with speculations as to the identity of this

final Coming World Leader. While there still remains a 378-year void

in the span between Vespasian (69 a.d.) and the reign of Merovee

(beginning in 447 a.d

He will be the master of deceit (even more than the politicians who

presently dominate the District of Corruption!). Jesus warned us that

if it were possible he would deceive the very elect.13 Our protection

must be spiritual, not just intellectual.

so we see the romans linked to the merovogians- linked to the GREAT

MONARCH via the house of lily for that is where the house of lily

comes from.

and from there linked to prince charles of modern day english royalty.

plus it must be rembered.

no prince of wales in history has had the red dragon as the official

flag and symbol of wales.

for it was only officially made the welsh flag in the 1950"s

and also no other royal in history has had the influence over the

muslim nations that prince charles has.

All this is very interesting seeing as the sources all different lead

to prince charles.

of course you could say that any royal could fulfill the role of the

great monarch.

but with all the other sources especially where the symbols of the

beast and the red dragon are concerned,

no other royal in history could beat charles prince of wales with

this totally accurate similarity.

however we cant and still shouldnt say he is ac.

for a start it would be slander i suppose.

even with all this evidence

let us remember to focus our attention on our Blessed Hope, our

reigning King, and not on the imposter who is destined for


The merovingians claimed divine blood,

The myth is myth,

Yet the link to the Great Monarch Prophecies via this myth is important , seeing as the Popes and present pope all officially sanction these prophecies of the Great Monarch as real prophecies, and so belive and promote the idea of This great Monarch as one who will come and give Jeruslaem peace, also the house of lily, crwon of lilies will be restored, which as i have explained is the house of merovingian kings. The line of which  ended in france.

The heraldic emblem with 3 frogs, (3 frogs are mentioned in the book of reveletion - note) (also the symbol of the devil) belonged to the Merovingians a line of

frankish kings formed by Clovis 481-511. First rulers of Western Europe.

They are said to by the priest kings

of the secret occult world.

REF.Dr w. Mcleod.

. Alles omtrent die opkomende

antichistelike orde Perspektief pos bus 71706 Die Wilgers 0041.

Thse three frogs on the Merovingian crest ere changed to three lilies "the fluer de lis "

when clovis converted to catholicism ( for what i expect were politcal reasons)

And so thhat is the link betweeen the officailly sanctioned "catholic prophecies on the Great Monarch of Europe, and the House of Merovingian Kings, and Prince Charles, for he is a blood relative of the Merovingians.

Also some of the catholic prophecies put forward possible names for the Great Monarch, one of the names is  given is charles.

Prophecy on the Rise of the Great Monarch And  his link to the house of lilies/  the house of Merovingians

Old Saxon prophecy: "He will come from the Fleur-de-Lis..."

St. Cataldus, 5th Century: "... a King of the House of Lilies..."

St. Caesar, 5th Century: "He shall recover the Crown of the


Bishop Ageda, 12th Century: "He shall inherit the Crown of the Fleur-


notice it says inherit here.

Busto (15th Century): "The angelic Pope shall place an imperial crown

on his head."  ( for more on this see- (will pope crown charles? /charles and catholicism)

Remy (5th Century): "He shall reign over the entire ancient Roman

Empire." (for more on this see- (Charles king of the EEC?/ New Holy Roman Empire

Rudolph Gekner, 17th Century: "His sword will be moved by Divine


Is Charles leaning towards claiming divinty?

When he claims to be descended from King David ?


Has he some leanings to thinking hes divine?

The Muslims think he's related to  Muhammed .

Just a thought seeing as there are so many royal claims to three figures, king david, jesus christ and muhammed.

St. Hildegarde, German Abbess, 12th Century: "The White Flower again

takes possession of the Throne of France."

Monk Adso (10th Century): "Some of our teachers say that a King of

the Franks will possess the entire Roman Empire. He will be the

greatest and last of all Monarchs. After having wisely governed his

kingdom, he will go into Jerusalem and will lay his sceptre and his

crown upon the Mount of Olives. Immediately afterwards, Antichrist

will come."

Aystinger: " ... by whom the ancient glory of the Empire shall be

restored. He shall be Emperor of Europe."

St. Francis de Paola (15th Century): "(He and the Holy Pontiff) shall

obtain dominion over the whole world.

Holzhauser: "He will restore everything."

(notice the messianic language used?)

St. Hildegarde:"Peace will return when the Lily ascends the Throne

again. The land will be very productive."

St. Bridget: "And the earth shall enjoy peace and prosperity."

St. John-Mary Vianney, Cur‚ of Ars (19th Century): "This shall re-

establish a peace and prosperity without precedent."

Here are some prophecies worth mentioning of the Great Monarch,

because of their similarity in stating that he will walk with a


(Old German prophecy): "He will be lame afoot ... "

(Anne-Catherine Emmerich, 19th Century): "God touched the sinew of

his hip. He was in great pain and from that day on, he walked with a

limp ... "

(Peasant Jasper, Germany): "This Prince shall mount his horse on the

right-hand side, because he limps from one foot .... "

Now i know this wont sound hard to believe  for once thank goodness. Prince Charles as you know has already had

many many injuries from polo, he a touch  and very dedicated polo player, and has suffered broken arms damaged legs etc etc.

It is quite possible prince charles may be left with a permanent limp of some  kind soon.

For he never stops going back to polo after these,  even quite  the collection of continuing serious accidents he has had.

The may sound a lttle absurd but here goes,



Told you so but read on.

Merlin Ambrosius

The legendary Celtic magus Merlin Ambrosius supposedly brought the

stones of Stonehenge from Ireland to Salisbury Plain by magical

levitation, and counseled King Arthur. He has had over 100 pseudo-

epigraphic Latin and vernacular texts attributed to him. Most of

those texts were produced in Italy. The best representation of such

writings is Les Prophecies de Merlin, composed in Venice by an anti-

imperialist Franciscan circa 1275. The ascribed prophecies were

proscribed by the Council of Trent. The following excerpts pertain to

the Grand Monarch:

"There will come a German Anti-Pope. Italy and Germany will be sorely

troubled. A French King will restore the true Pope.

"After the destruction of England by seven kings there shall come a

dreadful dead man, and with him a Royal Great Monarch of the best

blood in the world and he shall set England on the right way and put

out all heresies. He shall be the last King over England.

"When the tail of Virgo shall enter Leo, and Scorpio shall ascend the

back of Sagittarius, the northern kingdoms shall end in lust; and the

power of the Island Monarchies shall be harnessed.

"Cruel wars shall be scattered by the wind -- whose beginnings were

by a staff: their growth and continuance by bastards -- and gulled by

a revengeful hail...

"Those on whom these things shall come, for grief and sorrow pine

away. A prince of royal stock shall come forth, crowned from the

northern parts --- to his own people unexpected , but desired by foreigners.

( does this mean the people of england will be suprised at the welcome charles gets from the awaiting messiah seekers?)

 but desired by foreigners --- who, because he shall bear a "rampant lion"


therefore be called a lion.

(Prince charles coat of arms bears a Lion rampant )

He shall advance his conquering armies

against his enemies and by woeful successes shall harness the

territories of neighbor Princes. He shall exceed Alexander the Great

in virtue and Cyrus in success. He shall cross the sea and be saluted

Emperor by many kings. A certain ancient city he shall lay level with

the ground.

I think it is useful to understand  prince Charles is second  to the head of the British Army, British navy, and Royal Airforce.And will head them  totally officially  If and when he becomes King.

Never did kings and rulers really head an arm y, not in recent history in anycase. they Headed it by position but not in a real sense.

"In the meanwhile a powerful Prince out of the East shall provoke him

to battle. Against whom the Lion shall march with all his forces and

pitching his camp on the side of the Euphrates, shall await him. If

the prince shall come over the river the Lion shall be overcome; but

the Lion shall cross the river with his army and give his enemy a

bloody defeat and be master of all the East.

This again sounds like the catholic prophecies, as the catholic prophecies point out the great monarch shall come in a time of a war between the kings of the East ( moslems ) and the kings of the west,

The catholic prophecies describe the great monarch as either crushing or calming this threat.

 I believe because of the time they were written , the idea of war and gallant warroirs was wanted to be convenyed, so we get this picture of the great monarch crushing his enmeies.

But i truly think in a modern context this  ( above ) and the catholic prophecies are speaking about someone who has great influence over the muslim world and so can calm to some affect the threat from the east,

prince urges muslims to reject extremism

Prince urges Muslims to reject extremism THE GREAT MONARCH OF EUROPE






muslim threat.

the story below exactly fits all these things

and is yet another amazing thing that fits this massive jigsaw puzzle.

Prince Charles has appealed to British Muslims to reject violence and


He was addressing Afghan relief workers at the London office of

Islamic Relief.

Charles said the events of September 11 had emphasised that violence

and extremism are driven by ignorance and fear.

He expressed his concern for the suffering of refugees left in


The Prince said: "It remains, more than ever, the task of moderate

people of all faiths and creeds - in other words, the vast majority

of us - to speak out against those who hold extreme views."

Moderates of all faiths must "make that extra leap of imagination

away from the ignorant certainties of bigotry towards a genuine

attempt at mutual understanding and respect," he added.

"I can only urge everyone to do what they can to help tackle what is

fast becoming a humanitarian catastrophe of unimaginable

proportions," he said.

"Of course, this suffering did not begin only in the last month.

Islamic Relief's appeal to help victims of drought and famine in

Afghanistan has been longstanding.

"Nearly half of all Afghans - 12 million out of 26 million - had been

adversely affected in some way by three years of drought and two

decades of war.

"Inevitably, however, now the situation has become infinitely worse."

Story filed: 17:42 Thursday 1st November 2001

Of course the Prince was right to say this , i agree non violence is good, but doesnt this just fit the prophecies??

Theres more heres another example:_

Prince Charles to improve British relations with Saudi Arabia

Prince Charles is willing to help improve relations between Britain

and Saudi Arabia after Tony Blair cancelled a visit to the country.

Mr Blair is accepting an offer by the Prince of Wales to strengthen

ties between the coalition against terrorism and the Saudi government.

Prince Charles, who last visited Saudi Arabia in February, is said to

have close relations with the Saudi ambassador to Britain and members

of the Saudi Royal Family.

Royal and government spokesmen claim they can not confirm the report,

but the prime minister's office does say an unofficial initiative by

the Prince would be welcome, reports the Times.

"It's well known the Prince of Wales has had a long interest in Islam

and he has a very high reputation in the Muslim world on these

matters," a Blair spokesman said. "We would support efforts he would

wish to make to promote good relations with the Muslim community."

While playing a minor role in airstrikes, Britain has emerged as a

major diplomatic presence during efforts to build and maintain

international support for the US led attack on Afghanistan's Taliban

rulers and Osama bin Laden.

During a trip by Blair earlier this month to shore up support among

Arab allies, a planned stop in Saudi Arabia was canceled on short

notice. Saudi Arabia and Britain said the timing of the proposed

visit was deemed inconvenient.

The Saudi government has allied itself with the United States, but

has remained wary of increased tensions at home. During the military

buildup around Afghanistan, it barred the United States from using a

Saudi air base to launch anti-terror attacks on other countries in

the region.

Story filed: 11:59 Saturday 20th October 2001

By the way relations between Prince Charles and the Saudi princes were and always have been fine, hes like a brother to them.

LONDON, England -- The Prince of Wales may act as an unofficial envoy

in the war against terrorism, it has emerged.

It is understood his close contacts with Saudi Arabia and sympathetic

understanding of Islam would help the international coalition shore

up support in the Arab world.

St James' Palace -- the prince's official residence in London -- and

Downing Street both refused to give details of what the Prince's role

could be, but sources confirmed it was something that was being

looked at.

St James' Palace told the Press Association: "The Palace and the

Government are in touch over a whole range of issues on a regular


So the great Monarch who stops the muslim threat could well be Prince charles couldn't he?





Prince charles has more influence over the muslims than any other

Royal in history.

plus he also is thought to be  practicing the muslim faith .

Thought even,  to be jewish as he was circumcised by the official


mohel to the british jews, rabbi  Isaac Snowman.

Plus he claims descendency from KING DAVID OF

ISREAL.(via a offical lineage chart drawn up for Queen Victoria which shows her to be descended from King David of Isreal, making Charles a Son of David.

He is thought to be a committed member of the church of


With all this in mind, Prince charles is in a perfect  position,


Not behind the success of the Isreali Arab peace and security land for peace deal,

although its claimed he instigated them.

He is in a perfect position for all faiths to recieve him as some kind of prophet or leader related to the great leaders of the three main monothiestic faiths.*note.

BUT OPENLY ALONG WITH THE POPE. ---(who has officially been promised

by arrafat and perez to become in charge of dividing the holy sites

and governing through the vatican charge of them.)

*  (There is an obscure link to Jesus christ via Prince charles descendency from the Kings of the merovingian dynasty,who claimed to be blood descendents of Jesus christ - which is obviously , untrue ,but if used it and believed , it would be dangerous.)

Historic and Biblical Precedents

> >

> >

Prophecies by many visionaries over the centuries concerning the

latter days of the Church have made mention of both a "Great


and a "Great Monarch."

> >

> >

> >

Plenty has been said in speculation w/r both of these. We will

concern ourselves here only with the "Great Monarch."

> >

> >

> >

What is the basis in Scripture for the "Great Monarch?"


any reference to the Messiah alludes to someone who would be


King and Prophet. Of course, Jesus already fulfills all these

> roles.

In the Old Testament, King Cyrus of Persia, who allowed the Jews


return from exile and rebuild the Temple, fulfilled the role of a

Great Monarch. In earlier times, David and Solomon could be


as having fulfilled the role of a "Great Monarch."

In latter times, King Constantine was regarded by many as having

fulfilled this role in making Christianity the official religion


the Roman Empire. Even later, Charlemagne ("Charles the Great")


seen to have fulfilled this role.

A Personal Evaluation (hopefully not too far off the wall)

My own personal sense (rightly or wrongly), is that:

Such a prospective individual may not be what many have either


for or envisioned

I tend to feel the way Samuel did when the people asked him to


a king: We have God as our King (and even better for us in the

Christian era, we have Mary and Joseph as Rulers of the Royal

Household--with Joseph as Prime Minister, and we have a Communion


Saints as additional rulers and judges). You can't get much


than this

> >

> >

Just as Samuel warned, be careful what you ask or long for. You


just get it (1 Samuel Ch 8)


> >

From the foregoing, here is my own personal view of how things


play out.

> >

> >

The entire Western world, whose leader seems to be the United

> States,

has declined in moral leadership, and so much that it could be

regarded as a "mystical Babylon." Babylon, "mystical" or


is slated (Biblically) for destruction. Given the manner in

which "Babylon proper" (ie, Iraq) armed itself through the aid of

western high-tech companies and arms merchants, it remains,

with "Nebuchadnezzar" (ie, Saddam) as its head, a possible

ignoble "instrument of punishment" ready and waiting to be used


God to punish the disobedient Greater House of Israel (the Judeo-

Christian West), which has acted as a "harlot"

(cf Revelation Chs 18 and 19).

And, given the capabilities the US (and the West as a


has to still inflict a mortal wound on "Babylon proper," (as was

partially demonstrated during the Gulf War), it is quite possible

that both "Babylons" deserve each other, and will end up


each other in an ingeniously economic means of punishment devised

> by

God himself. But only by making a real big mess in the remainder


the world.

This is the precise opportunity for the ultimate temporal "Strong

Man" to assume and carry the scepter of rule for what's left of


world. Unfortunately, this may not necessarily be the Great


people will yearn for, although enough people will want to


that is who it is.

It is quite possible that such an individual will have the kinds


apparent wisdom and gifts (interpretation of dreams, perhaps, but

unfortunately using an "occult" means that is not of God, and


not possessing True Wisdom) as the Old Testament Joseph and



Nazareth. It will seem too good to be true and, of course, it



Should such an unfortunate bastardization of both Biblical


occur, the only way such a colossal mess could be remedied would


from Heaven. The basis for the Next World Order would probably be


>supernatural nature. In that regard, it will most likely be well


the time for us to "Go to Joseph" instead.


> >

> >

Some prophecies have even given a name to the "Great Monarch"


is pretty wild, if not somewhat less than reliable). The names


commonly offered for consideration are Francis, Joseph, Otto,

Anthony, Charles, Maximillian, Henry, Sixtus, Xavier, Felix,


Ludwig, Gaetan, Pius, Ignatious (Culleton, R.G., "The Prophets


Our Times: Signs to Precede the Reign of Anti-Christ," copyright


Of these, the two "favorites" seem to be Charles and Henry, with

> the

most interesting prophecies concerning Henry, perhaps, coming


Catherine Emmerick in the early 1800's. Because so many names


been "nominated" for consideration, it is quite possible that the

meanings of each of the names is what is significant, and, as is the

case for the Hebrew names given in the Bible, they convey the


of what the "Great Monarch" will be like.

In this case, "Charles" means "manly warrior ,man or  manly." Certainly, for


who are not consecrated to God, in "Spirit and in Truth," , the long-dreaded "day of the Lord" will


for them in all the misery as implied in Malachi 4:1 and related

prophetic texts, with "exterminating angels" carrying out Divine

enforcement action as provided for by Natural Law, and


doing all the "dirty work" as God's version of what will be

everyone's worst nightmare of an army of "bad cops." Pretty grim.

Certainly not a "pretty" picture.

(The above was written by a catholic.)

What i also would like to point out about thse Prophecies especially if any catholic people are reading this,

Is that these prophecies of the great Monarch also talk of a period of darkness,

sent from God because  the poeple dont appreciate this great monarch and the popes efforts to bring world peace.( that is the reason the prophecies give for this darkness in anycase.)

This should be a clue to the deceptive nature of these prophecies for in the book of revelation A PERIOD OF DARKNESS ALSO OCCURS ,but  the darkness is over the kingdom OF THE BEAST, not a benevolent christian monarch, which is how this coming great Monarch is portrayed.

It should be evident where this leads.

Seeing as the great monarch of europe shall be king over a modern Europe he would have to be a king of the EEC, also the push for peace in the mideast is being led by both the Pope and the Royal family of great Britian, (one may be more apparant than the other to the reader)

However, Prince charles, being the man at the palace with most influence and knowledge of  the arab nations the isrealis are having to hand over the promised land too, he is the one who is working albiet covertly behind the scenes to influence mideast politics.

So the prophecies on the great monarch speak of our time, but are highly deceptive.


 go here for more on this( Charles equal to the task of influencing the Islamic nations.

"Whilst these things are happening, divers petty kings from India

shall break into Syria with mighty armies. provided for battle, they

shall wait for the Lion about the Valley of Jehosephat, where they

shall, by him, be all wholly cut off. Not long afterwards the Lion

himself will die in eminent piety, after having established the

Kingdom of the Fugitives...

"There will be a Pope who will not dare so much as look at Rome.

Similarly, one thing the Romans must understand, among others, is

that before the death of the Pope, our Lord will make him suffer such

disgrace that there will be nothing to compare with it. It is

likewise necessary that the Romans know, among other things, that

from that time on will begin their destruction, step by step, and

that it will be because of their sins...

"Merlin saith that in England shall be seen many strange things, as

preaching of traitors, great rain and wind, great hunger among the

common people, great oppression of blood, great imprisonment of many

men and great battle; so that there will be few or no quiet places to

abide in; the Prince shall forsake men of the Church, Lords shall

forsake righteousness... Religious men shall be thrust out of their

houses; the common people for fear shall not know which way to turn;

parents shall be hated by their children; men of worship shall have

no reverence of their inferiors; chastity will be broken by maids,

wives and widows, religious men and virgins, with more ill than I can

tell of, from the which God will defend us."

"This holy Pope shall be both pastor and reformer. Through him the

East and West shall be in everlasting concord. The city of Babylon

shall then be the head and guide of the world. Rome, weakened in

temporal power, shall forever preserve her spiritual dominion, and

shall enjoy great peace. During these happy days the Angelic Pope

shall be able to address to Heaven prayers full of sweetness. The

dispersed nation shall also enjoy tranquillity. Six and a half years

after this time the Pope will render his soul to God. The end of his

days shall arrive in an arid province, situated between a river and a

lake near the mountains...

"The Great Monarch will have the special help of God and be


"The Fifth Epoch of time dates from the reign of Charles V until the

reign of the Great Monarch.

"The Sixth Age of the Spirit commences with the powerful Monarch and

the Holy Pontiff... and will last until the appearance of the

Antichrist. This will be an age of consolation in which God will

console His Spirit of the affliction and the great tribulation of the

preceding age. All the nations will be united in the Catholic faith.

The sacerdocy will flower more than ever, and men will seek the

kingdom of God in all solicitude.

"The Lord will give good pastors to the Church. Men will live in

peace, each in his own field. They will be reconciled with the one

God. They will live in the shadow of the powerful Monarch and of his


"Many saints and doctors will flourish in the earth. Men will love

reason and justice. Peace will reign in all the universe, because the

divine power will bind Satan for many years, until the son of

perdition will rave anew.

"The Sixth Epoch of the World, which commences with the emancipation

of the people of Israel and the restoration of the Temple and of the

city of Jerusalem, will endure until the advent of Jesus Christ.

"For likewise, in this epoch, the people of Israel will be consoled

to a very high degree by the Lord, our God, who will deliver them

from the captivity of Babylon. The kingdoms, the nations, and the

people will submit to the Roman Empire, furiously vanquished by the

very powerful and very illustrious monarch who will govern during

fifty-six years, rendering the peace of the universe and reigning

alone until the advent of Jesus Christand even after him. Thus, in

the Sixth Age, God will delight his Church with the greatest


"For, although, in the Fifth Age, we saw everywhere the most

deplorable calamities: whereas all is devastated by war; that the

Church and its members are rendered tributaries; that the subjects

are tormented and that all men conspire to erect republics: man

himself will be so astonishingly changed by the hand of God, such

that no one can imagine humanity. For the powerful monarch, who will

come like an envoy of God, will destroy the republics thoroughly in

climax; he will subdue all to his will and will employ his zeal in

favor of the true Church of Christ. All the heresies will be

relegated to hell. The empire of the Turks will be broken and this

monarch will reign in the orient and in the occident. All the nations

will come and adore the Lord their God in the true Catholic and Roman


"Now the Great Monarch also will dominate over all the beasts of the

earth, that is to say over the barbarian nations, over the rebellious

peoples, over the heretic republics and over all men dominated by

their evil passions.

(sounds a bit like what prince charles hopes to achieve with his

"respect " programme if you ask me)

"It is in that age that the relation of the sixth Spirit of the Lord

will be known, that is to say the Spirit of Wisdom that God diffuses

over all the surfaces of the globes in those times. For men will fear

the Lord their God, they will observe the law and serve it with all

their heart. The sciences will be multiplied and complete on the

earth. The Holy Scriptures will be unanimously understood, without

controversy and without the errors of heresies. Men will be

enlightened, so much as in the natural sciences and in the celestial


"Finally, the Sixth Church, the Church of Philadelphia, is the type

of this sixth age, for Philadelphia signifies friendship of brothers,

and again guarding the heritage in union with the Lord. Now all these

characters convene perfectly in the sixth age, in which they will

have love, concord and perfect peace and in which the powerful

Monarch will have to consider almost the entire world as his

heritage. He will deliver up the earth, with the aid of the Lord his

God from all his enemies, of ruin and of all evil."

(Note the Catholic church basically has vouched for all the great monarch prophecies and so the catholic people are ripe for this time of peace and security)

Queen Victoria claimed descendency from King David of Isreal,

seeing as Prince charles is related to both Queen victoria and the Merovingian kings,

he could claim both to be a Son of David and a blood relative of Jesus christ.

As to him claiming to be a son of David it is true to say  this is a rumour that has been made into a documentary and shown to the nation of isreal via 2 seperate documentaries on this very subject.

And a to him claiming to be a descendent of Jesus, Tim Cohen emntions this in his book , but i personally havent been able to verify this, not to say that i think Tim is lying, im just telling you i havent read it anywhere, apart from where Tim mentions it.

It is also said Prince charles claims descendency from Muhammed.

I know the Islamic world are seriously thinking of bestowing Charels with a special title because of his lineage.

But at the moment i cant say more on that.

As i say the Isreali public have  been shown 2 documentarie on Chales' apparant Son of David title,

And seeing  as this Son of David claim ,is from such a respected source as the royal family of Great Britian who knows what reponse there has been among the people of Isreal.


Adam to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

Visit the official site of the Royal Family

The Lineage of Adam, to King David, the Kings of Israel,
through Irish, Scottish and English Royalty,
to modern Queen of England

The below genealogical list shows the lineage of Adam to the current Queen of England. The information for the list was combined from two sources, Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright by J.H. Allen and the royal genealogical charts found on The British Monarchy's Official Web Site at We suggest visiting this site if you wish to study this and related subjects in more detail.

Official Site of British Monarchy at

Key to Genealogical list

"K" before a name stands for King,
"Q" stands for Queen.
"b" stands for born; "d" for died

Dates after private names (and those of royal decent but were not King/Queen) refer to births and deaths.

Dates after sovereigns' name refers to their accession to the throne and death.

Where known the name of the wife/husband has been added.

Adam to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

1. Adam (B. C. 4000-3070), Eve.

2. Seth (B. C. 3869-2957).

3. Enos (B. C. 3764-2859).

4. Canaan (B. C. 3674-2895).

5. Mahalaleel (B. C. 3604-2709).

6. Jared (B. C. 3539-2577).

7. Enoch (B. C. 3377-3012).

8. Methusaleh (B. C. 3312-2344).

9. Lamech (B. C. 3125-2349).

10. Noah (B. C. 2943-2007), Naamah.

11. Shem (B. C. 2441-1841).

12. Arphaxad (B. C. 2341-1903).

13. Salah (B. C. 2306-1873).

14. Heber (B. C. 2276-1812).

15. Peleg (B. C. 2241-2003).

16. Reu (B. C. 2212-1973).

17. Serug (B. C. 2180-2049).

18. Nahor (B. C. 2050-2002).

19. Terah (B. C. 2221-1992), Amtheta.

20. Abraham (B. C. 1992-1817), Sarah.

21. Isaac (B. C. 1896-1716), Rebekah.

22. Jacob (B. C. 1837-1690), Leah.

23. Judah (b. B. C. 1752), Tamar.

24. Hezron.

25. Aram.

26. Aminadab.

27. Naasson.

28. Salmon.

29. Boaz (B. C. 1312), Ruth.

30. Obed.

31. Jesse.


32. K. David (B. C. 1085-1015), Bathsheba.  The messianic part of the chart that Prince Charles is proposing to isreal

33. K. Solomon (B. C. 1033-975), Naamah.

34. K. Rehoboam (b. B. C. 1016, d. 958), Maacah.

35. K. Abijah (B. C. 958-955).

36. K. Asa (B. C. 955-914), Azubah.

37. K. Jehoshaphat (B. C. 914-889).

38. K. Jehoram (B. C. 889-885), Athaliah.

39. K. Ahaziah (B. C. 906-884), Zibiah.

40. K. Joash (B. C. 885-839), Jehoaddan.

41. K. Amaziah (b. B. C. 864, d. 810), Jecholiah.

42. K. Uzziah (b. B. C. 826, d. 758), Jerusha.

43. K. Jotham (b. B. C. 783, d. 742).

44. K. Ahaz (b. B. C. 787, d. 726), Abi.

45. K. Hezekiah (b. B. C. 751, d. 698), Hephzibah.

46. K. Manasseh (b. B. C. 710, d. 643), Meshullemeth.

47. K. Amon (b. B. C. 621, d. 641), Jedidiah.

48. K. Josiah (b. B. C. 649, d. 610), Mamutah.

49. K. Zedekiah (B. C. 599-578).


50. Q. Tea Tephi (b. B. C. 565), marries Herremon, a Prince of the scarlet thread.

51. K. Irial Faidh (reigned 10 years).

52. K. Eithriall (reigned 20 years).

53. Follain.

54. K. Tighernmas (reigned 50 years).

55. Eanbotha.

56. Smiorguil.

57. K. Fiachadh Labhriane (reigned 24 years).

58. K. Aongus Ollmuchaidh (reigned 21 years).

59. Maoin.

60. K. Rotheachta (reigned 25 years).

61. Dein.

62. K. Siorna Saoghalach (reigned 21 years).

63. Oholla Olchaoin.

64. K. Giallchadh (reigned 9 years).

65. K. Aodhain Glas (reigned 20 years).

66. K. Simeon Breac (reigned 7 years).

67. K. Muirteadach Bolgrach (reigned 4 years).

68. K. Fiachadh Toigrach (reigned 7 years).

69 K. Duach Laidhrach (reigned 10 years).

70. Eochaidh Buailgllerg.

71. K. Ugaine More the Great (reigned 30 years).

72. K. Cobhthach Coalbreag (reigned 30 years).

73. Meilage.

74. K. Jaran Gleofathach (reigned 7 years).

75. K. Coula Cruaidh Cealgach (reigned 25 years).

76. K. Oiliolla Caisfhiachach (reigned 28 years).

77. K. Eochaidh Foltleathan (reigned 11 years).

78. K. Aongns Tuirmheach Teamharch (reigned 30 years).

79. K. Eana Aighneach (reigned 28 years).

80. Labhra Suire.

81. Blathucha.

82. Easamhuin Famhua.

83. Roighnein Ruadh.

84. Finlogha.

85. Fian.

86. K. Eodchaidh Feidhlioch (reigned 12 years).

87. Fineamhuas.

88. K. Lughaidh Raidhdearg.

89. K. Criomhthan Niadhnar (reigned 16 years).

90. Fearaidhach Fion Feachtnuigh.

91. K. Fiachadh Fionoluidh (reigned 20 years).

92. K. Tuathal Teachtmar (reigned 40 years).

93. K. Coun Ceadchathach (reigned 20 years).

94. K. Arb Aonflier (reigned 30 years).

95. K. Cormae Usada (reigned 40 years).

96. K. Caibre Liffeachair (reigned 27 years).

97. K. Fiachadh Sreabthuine (reigned 30 years.)

98. K. Muireadhach Tireach (reigned 30 years).

99. K. Eochaidh Moigmeodhin (reigned 7 years.)

100. K. Nail of the Nine Hostages.

101. Eogan.

102. K. Murireadhach.

103. Earca.


104. K. Fergus More (A. D. 487).

105. K. Dongard (d. 457).

106. K. Conran (d. 535).

107. K. Aidan (d. 604).

108. K. Eugene IV. (d. 622).

109. K. Donald IV. (d. 650).

110. Dongard.

111. K. Eugene. V. (d. 692).

112. Findan.

113. K. Eugene VII. (d. A. D. 721), Spondan.

114. K. Etfinus (d. A. D. 761), Fergina.

115. K. Achaius (d. A. D. 819), Fergusia.

116. K. Alpin (d. A. D. 834).


117. K. Kenneth I. (842-858).

118. K. Constantin I. (862-876).

119. K. Donald II. (889-900).

120. K. Malcolm I. (943-954).

121. K. Kenneth II. (971-995, d. A. D. 995).

122. K. Malcolm II. (1005-1034, d. A. D. 1034).

123. Bethoc, married to Crinan, Mormaer of Atholl and lay abott of Dunkeld.

124. K. Duncan I. (1034-1040, d. A. D. 1040), Sybil.

125. K. Malcolm III. Canmore (A. D. 1058-1093), Margaret of England.

126. K. David I. (1124-1153, d. A. D. 1153), Matilda of Huntingdon.

127. Prince Henry (d. A. D. 1152), Ada of Surrey.

128. Earl David of Huntingdon(d. A. D. 1219), Matilda of Chester.

129. Isobel m. Robert Bruce III.

130. Robert Bruce IV. m. Isobel of Gloucester.

131. Robert Bruce V. m. Martha of Carrick.

132. K. Robert I. (The Bruce) (A. D. 1306-1329), Isobel, daughter of Earl of Mar.

133. Marjorie Bruce m. Walter Stewart III.

134. K. Robert II. (b. 1317, 1371-1390, d. A. D. 1390), Euphemia of Ross (d. A. D. 1376).

135. K. Robert III. (b. 1337, 1390-1406, d. A. D. 1406), Arabella Drummond (d. A. D. 1401).

136. K. James I. (A. D. 1406-1437), Joan Beaufort.

137. K. James II. (b. 1430, 1437-1460, d. A. D. 1460), Margaret of Gueldres (d. A. D. 1463).

138. K. James III. (b. 1451, 1460-1488, d. A. D. 1488), Margaret of Denmark (d. A. D. 1486).

139. K. James IV. (b. 1473, 1488-1513, d. A. D. 1543), Margaret of England (d. A. D. 1539).

140. K. James V. (b. 1513, 1513-1542, d. A. D. 1542), Mary of Lorraine (d. A. D. 1560).

141. Q. Mary (also known as Mary, Queen of Scots) (b. 1542, 1542-1567, d. A. D. 1587), Lord Henry Darnley (d. 1567). (Mary became Queen when she was just six days old. She was deposed as Queen in 1567 and was executed in 1587 ).


142. K. James VI. and I. (A. D. 1603-1625), Ann of Denmark. (This King James was known as King James VI of Scotland when he reigned over that country from 1567 to 1625. He was known in England as King James I when he also ruled that country from 1603 to 1625. He was the first King over both Scotland and England. It was under this King's rule that a NEW translation of the Bible occured, which became known as the Authorised King James' Version of the Bible (also known as KJV Bible)).

143. Princess Elizabeth (d. 1662), Frederick V, Elector Palatine.

144. Princess Sophia, (d. 1714), m. Duke Ernest of Brunswick (d. 1698).

145. K. George I. (1714-1727), Sophia Dorothea of Zelle (1667-1726).

146. K. George II. (b. 1683, 1727-1760), Princess Caroline of Brandenburg-Anspach (1683-1737).

147. Prince Frederick Lewis of Wales (1707-1751), Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha-Altenberg.

148. K. George III. (b. 1738, 1760-1820), Princess Sophia of Mecklenburgh-Strelitz (1744-1818).

149. Duke Edward of Kent (1767-1820), Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg (d. 1861)

150. Q. Victoria (b. 1819, 1837-1901), Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha.

151. K. Edward VII. (b. 1841, 1901-1910), Princess Alexandra

152. K. George V. (b. 1865, 1910-1936), Princess Mary

153. K. George VI. (b. 1895, 1936-1952), Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother) (b. 1900, d. 2002)

154. Q. Elizabeth II (b. 1926, 1952 to Present), Philip Duke of Edinburgh

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The above is plainly nonsense of course, but it is how it is being used by the royals is my concern.

Monarchs of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the name given to the union of the kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Great Britain is the name given to just England and Scotland. This union was the result of bitter warfare and did not materialize until the seventeenth century. Of the three regions, England was always the most populous and wealthiest portion. But even today, the other regions retain their sense of separateness. Except for Northern Ireland, most of Ireland has formed an independent republic.

Originally settled by Celtic peoples, the Romans conquered Britain in the first century and ruled it until the fifth. Angles, Saxons, and Jutes conquered the island and established Germanic kingdoms. In the ninth century, the Danes raided and invaded the country. Modern English history may be said to have begun with the Norman Conquest in 1066. Since then England has had a continuous history and no foreign invader has conquered the island since then.

Feudal monarchy gave way to absolute monarchy during the Tudor dynasty. Henry VIII broke with the Pope and initiated a kind of state run Catholicism. This break initiated the Reformation in England. It should be noted that the break with Rome came from the top down. It was, however, popular in England and had the support of most Englishmen. A strong Anglican Church developed under Queen Elizabeth. Under the Stuart dynasty, religious civil war broke out.


HENRY VII, 1485-1509

HENRY VIII, 1509-1547

EDWARD VI, 1547-1553

MARY, 1553-1558

ELIZABETH, 1558-1603


JAMES I, 1603-1625

CHARLES I, 1625-1649



CHARLES II, 1660-1685

JAMES II, 1685-1688




ANNE 1702-1714


GEORGE I, 1714-1727

GEORGE II, 1727-1760

GEORGE III, 1760-1820

GEORGE IV, 1820-1830

WILLIAM IV, 1830-1837

VICTORIA, 1837-1901


EDWARD VII, 1901-1910

GEORGE V, 1910-1917




GEORGE VI, 1936-1952




Even the occultist are seeing Charles as relevent.

The following involves astrology , so read it only as a fact of how, Prince Charles is being mentioned in those circles, also.

It is obviously not from a biblical prospective yet as we know , the new age relgions will be ready for a man to lead them.

And he again when mentioned is portrayed in a favourable light, ( if he be the  one this is dangerous .)

In mythology, comets have usually been associated with disaster, and

Biblical associations give comets a similar association. In

Revelation 9, Satan is represented as a star that falls from heaven,

which is like a comet. Satan is said to come as an angel of light, it

is said-- again, similar to a comet.

The date of discovery for Comet Hale-Bopp was July 23, 1995-- let us

now consider the significance of that date. The day before, July 22,

is of interest because it is the Day of Mary Magdalen on the Catholic

calendar. Mary Magdalen is mentioned in the Bible as one of the

followers of Christ, but there also is a controversial theory

concerning Mary Magdalen, that is discussed in the book "Holy Blood,

Holy Grail" (by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln,

first published in 1982), that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalen were

married. It is suggested that Mary Magdalen and her children traveled

to Southern France, and that the descendants of her children became

Kings of Southern France, the Merovingian kings. Supposedly the

descendants of Jesus Christ have been carefully tracked through the

centuries by a secret society in Europe, and supposedly there is a

plan to have one of these individuals with the "Blood of Christ" as

ruler of a united Europe. An alternate to this story, is the idea

that the Antichrist would be a descendant of this Bloodline of

Christ. So, this is the connection of the Day of Mary Magdalen to the

Antichrist idea. If Mary Magdalen gave birth to the Antichrist,

through her descendants, then makes sense for the comet that is a

sign of the arrival soon of the Antichrist would be discovered close

to her day, July 22.

Let us consider astrological alignments when the comet reached peak

brightness in March 1997. Most significantly, there was a Jupiter-

Neptune conjunction in January 1997, a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in

February, and a grouping of planets in Aquarius in February: the Sun,

Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. Jupiter in particular is

important here, because Jupiter is the planetary equivalent of the

Antichrist-- Revelation says he will bring fire down from heaven,

which sounds like Jupiter or Thor with their thunderbolts.

And is interesting that Comet Hale-Bopp was seen during a solar

eclipse in March 1997; this is a very rare event, observing a comet

during a solar eclipse. The last time a bright comet was seen during

a solar eclipse was in November 1948 in Africa (a few days away from

the day of Prince Charles's birth, which could be a sign that Prince

Charles will have an important destiny in the world.)

In the time of the Merovingian kings, the Pont de l'Alma was an

underground chamber. Founder of the Merovingian dynasty was

Merovaeus, said to be descended from the union of a sea creature and

a French queen. Merovaeus followed the pagan cult of Diana. In Middle

English, "soul" (Alma) has as etymology "descended from the

sea." "Pont," has as a Latin root "pontifex," meaning a Roman high

priest. (See also pons, pontis -- bridge; passage.) "Alma" comes from

the Latin "almus," meaning nourishing. One translation of Pont de

l'Alma would be "bridge of the soul." Another would be "passage of

nourishment." All true European royalty is descended from the

Merovingians, which are believed to be descendants of Jesus Christ.

It is interesting to note the above myth about the begining of the merovingian line being of a sea monster coming out of the sea, and mating with a french queen to bring forth the founder of the merovingians meroveaus, can quite easily be seen to reflect the beast mentioned in the book  of revelation who rises out of the sea.

I only make this point  because of another link between the book of revelation and the merovingian myths.

The book of revelation mentions kings who had HAIR LIKE THAT OF WOMENS HAIR  .

The merovingians were noted in history for their long flowing red hair which according to legend was never cut.

Founder of the Merovingian

dynasty was Merovaeus, said to be

descended from the union of a sea creature and a French queen.

All true European royalty is descended from the Merovingians, which

are believed to be descendants of Jesus Christ.

closing comment

In the past 50 years we have witnessed the revival of Israel as a

nation along with it the Roman Empire, today's united Europe.

We are seeing the Roman Church trying to reassert it's authority.

We have a wannabe Roman Emperor, Prince Charles offering to

become the King of this European Union.