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Antichrist 666 Rennes Le Chateau France Gaul European Masonic Cathedral Devoted to Satan and his Lineage Occult Ceremony Madonna Black Mass Satanic Bloodline of Satan Conspiracy Demonology Merovingian Grail Code Sauniere Village Priory Sion Zion Knights Templar Freemason Masonic Missing Link St. Saint Germain Occult Tome Scroll Vatican Treasure Map Gold Curse Oak Island
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Antichrist 666 Rennes Le Chateau France Gaul European Cathedral Satan Occult Ceremony Knights Templar Freemason Madonna Black Mass Satanic Bloodline of Satan Conspiracy Demonology Merovingian Grail Code Sauniere Village Priory Sion Zion

Antichrist 666 Rennes Le Chateau France Gaul European Masonic Cathedral Devoted to Satan and his Lineage Occult Ceremony Madonna Black Mass Satanic Bloodline of Satan Conspiracy Catholic Church Secret Rites Demonology Merovingian Mary Magdalene Black Madonna Grail Code Mystery Cure Miracle Sauniere Village Priory Sion Zion Knights Templar Freemason Masonic Missing Link St. Saint Germain Occult Tome Scroll Hidden Vatican Treasure Map Solomon's Temple Gold Arcane Symbols Demon Grey Reptilian Curse of Oak Island History Channel Zechariah Sitchen Book Anunnaki Ancient Aliens UFO Ancient Artifact Technology
Antichrist 666 Rennes Le Chateau France Gaul  European Masonic Cathedral Devoted to Satan and his Lineage Occult Ceremony Madonna Black Mass Satanic Bloodline of Satan Conspiracy Catholic Church Secret Rites Demonology Merovingian Mary Magdalene Black Madonna Grail Code Mystery Cure Miracle Sauniere Village Priory Sion Zion Knights Templar Freemason Masonic Missing Link St. Saint Germain Occult Tome Scroll Hidden Vatican Treasure Map Solomon's Temple Gold Arcane Symbols Demon Grey Reptilian Curse of Oak Island History Channel Zechariah Sitchen Book Anunnaki Ancient Aliens UFO Ancient Artifact Technology
Antichrist 666 Rennes Le Chateau France Gaul European Masonic Cathedral Devoted to Satan and his Lineage Occult Ceremony Madonna Black Mass Satanic Bloodline of Satan Conspiracy Catholic Church Secret Rites Demonology Merovingian Mary Magdalene Black Madonna Grail Code Mystery Cure Miracle Sauniere Village Priory Sion Zion Knights Templar Freemason Masonic Missing Link St. Saint Germain Occult Tome Scroll Hidden Vatican Treasure Map Solomon's Temple Gold Arcane Symbols Demon Grey Reptilian Curse of Oak Island History Channel Zechariah Sitchen Book Anunnaki Ancient Aliens UFO Ancient Artifact Technology

It was broadcast in 1972 to a particularly enthusiastic reaction, as if the mystery had finally broken a spell - or cast its own - releasing a vast emotional and spiritual paralysis in the buttoned-up psyche of the Anglo-Saxon world. Once again that old Sauniere tale was working its deep dark magic, demonstrating just how powerfully the mystery finds echoes in so many minds, with its archetypal themes of buried treasure, secret codes, shadowy orders, and hints of magical, even perhaps Satanic practices.

The Sion Revelation p. 244

During the time when the walls of Montsegur were still standing, the Cathars kept the Holy Grail there. Montsegur was in danger. The armies of Lucifer had besieged it. They wanted the Grail to restore it to their Prince's diadem [Lucifer's Crown] from which it had fallen during the fall of his Angels. Then, at the most critical moment, there came down from Heaven a white dove, which split Tabor [Montsegur] in two. Esclarmonde, keeper of the Grail, threw the sacred jewel into the depths of the mountain and in this manner was the Grail saved. When the devils entered the fortress, they were too late. Enraged, they put to death by fire all of the Pures.

Otto Rahn: Crusade Against the Grail

Possession of the Grail has always been the dream of chivalric orders. The Knights of King Arthur's Round Table, the Templars, even the Teutonic Knights have sought the mystic vessel. But Otto Rahn believed that he could triumph where centuries of questing had failed. He had studied the sacred geometry of Montsegur, its sunrise orientations and its relationship with other sacred places, and had discovered secret underground passages, where he felt the treasure must be concealed.

Hitler's Secret Sciences

Rahn's research resulted in a book called Crusade Against the Grail, published in 1933. Rahn believed that the Cathars were in fact descended of Druids who converted to Manichaeism, and that is why they were guardians of the Grail, both as descendants of the Celtic priesthood, and pure followers of Lucifer, the Angel who brought knowledge to mankind and exposed the Demiurge.

Otto Rahn claimed that the Grail Castle was Montsegur. His researches into the Cathars and the Grail had the support of Alfred Rosenberg, major racial philosopher, Nazi spokesman, and friend of Hitler. Otto Rahn disappeared in 1939.

Holy Blood Holy Grail p. 490

Both Crusade Against the Grail and Lucifer's Court are full of remarkable insights and revelations of important historical links. Deep within the grottoes of Sabarthez, Rahn found chambers in which the walls were covered with symbols characteristic of the Knights Templar side by side with emblems of the Cathars. [One] depiction immediately suggests the Bleeding Lance which appears over and over again in the Arthurian legends. The legend of the Grail is centered on the legend of King Arthur (Amfortas) Arthos [Arctic] King of the Grail by which the exact geographical position of the Lost Continent [Atlantis] of the First Solar Age is pinpointed: Hyperborea.

Antichrist 666 Rennes Le Chateau France Gaul European Masonic Cathedral Devoted to Satan and his Lineage Occult Ceremony Madonna Black Mass Satanic Bloodline of Satan Conspiracy Catholic Church Secret Rites Merovingian Mary Magdalene Black Madonna Grail Code Mystery Cure Miracle Sauniere Village Priory Sion Zion Knights Templar Freemason Masonic Missing Link Occult Tome Scroll Hidden Vatican Treasure Map Solomon's Temple Gold Arcane Symbols Grey Reptilian Curse of Oak Island History Channel Zechariah Sitchen Book Anunnaki Ancient Aliens UFO Ancient Artifact Technology


Among the picturesque age-old landscapes of southern France sits a modern mystery, the scene of which has reached deep into modern culture, the references of which have found their way into modern films such as The Matrix, and the recent best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code. What follows is as much 'alleged' history as it is 'actual' history, as the information comes from many sources of various repute: In 1885, the tiny village of Rennes-le-Chateau in the Languedoc region of southern France gained a new parish priest, the Abbe Berenger Sauniere. Though comprised of barely twenty houses, the village was once thought to be a major stronghold of the Visigoth Empire, under the previous name of Rhedae. Once established in the village, Sauniere undertook a refurbishment of the local church, originally consecrated to Mary Magdalene in 1059, which had fallen into ruin. During his work excavating and rebuilding the church, Sauniere allegedly came across a number of coded parchments hidden within the Visigothic pillars. Astonished at the finds, Sauniere left for Paris where he would consult with specialists at the Church of St. Sulpice. There, it is alleged that the author of the parchments was the Abbe Antoine Bigou, who may have written them, or at least secreted them in 1781, more than a century before Sauniere's time. These ancient parchments were then promptly decoded in Paris to reveal the cryptic messages: (seen above in red). Curious and perplexed all the more, it is said that before leaving Paris Sauniere purchased copies from the Louvre of paintings by Nicolas Poussin and David Teniers the Younger, apparently on the basis of the coded message. When one of the painting is titled "The Shepherds of Arcadia" and Teniers was known to be a painter of the Devil, Sauniere knew he was on to something, yet what? The story gets very murky after this point yet one fact is indisputable, like the original Knights Templar centuries before him, Father Sauniere suddenly and mysteriously, became rich. He began spending vast amounts of his new found wealth building Rennes-le-Chateau into an estate complete with guest house and castle tower hanging off a cliff-face called the Tour Magdala or Magdalen Tower. Not long after, he entertained important albeit 'strange guests' from all over Europe. The church of his new Rennes-le-Chateau estate, Church of St Magdalene, was also completely refurbished by Sauniere using various clues as to what he ultimately discovered that has kept modern Grail hunters and researchers captivated ever since. As you approach the entry way of his church, Sauniere oddly installed the Latin verse meaning "This Place is Terrible." As you enter, you are immediately met by the statue of Asmodeus, an Arch-demon within the Satanic hierarchy who seems to be strangely crouching, one hand holding a trident (missing) the other on his knee forming the number five. Opposite Asmodeus, across a Masonic checkered floor is a statue of Christ. All around the church is seen various idols and statues, as well as Stations of the Cross in very unique positions that are obviously veiling a much more esoteric message based on some form of heretical belief. Statues of Joseph and Mary are also present, each holding a very blonde and blue-eyed Anglo-Aryan-looking Jesus on either side of the altar. Some surmised that these statues might not actually be Joseph and Mary, but are intended to represent Jesus and Mary Magdalene, hinting a continuation of Christ's Bloodline that has seemingly infused itself into the European collective DNA of its 'blue-blooded' Royal Families.

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Some have surmised that Sauniere instead found the lost treasures of Jerusalem, the Ark of the Covenant chief among them, which was thought to be stolen by Roman legions upon their sacking Jerusalem and its Temple in 70AD, a treasure that was perhaps later taken by the Visigoths and that this was the secret Sauniere was displaying all around him in his church. Others say it was the mysterious treasure secreted by the Cathars during the time of their persecution at the hands of the Catholic Church. However, given the nature of the actual clues Sauniere chose to display, with that of a Devil, and a Child, one cannot help but consistently come back to the 'treasure' being a secret, a Royal Secret, most notably that Jesus Christ sired children and His Bloodline continued as a Royal lineage, or perhaps it was to mean the Devil sired children and his Bloodline continued as a Royal lineage, who can really say? Esoteric researchers point out that the entire region of southern France forms a perfect pentagram which can only be viewed from above, meaning that the site of Rennes-le-Chateau is one node of a larger 'pagan temple' displayed on earth, yet only seen from far above, from near-orbiting space, and yet, who could have built such a symbol that stretches across hundreds of miles, with such symmetry of lines angled so perfectly as to form a symbol that is connected with Venus, also called Lucifer? Ephesians 2:2 answers that. In time, the Catholic Church heirarchy changed. A new regional bishop questioned Sauniere about his obvious wealth to which Sauniere completely ignored his requests for an explanation, eventually quitting the priesthood rather than divulging his vast monetary source. Perhaps the rumors were true then, Sauniere had gotten involved with various Occult secret societies immediately after finding the 'secret of the Holy Grail' and it was they who made him immediately wealthy, which speaks to the great need these same European magical societies had for whatever hidden knowledge, secret object, or tomb that Father Sauniere had so willingly provided to them. On January 17th 1917, ironically enough, the same date Marie d'Hautpoul died, Sauniere apparently had a stroke, and died five days later. Local lore says that the priest who arrived to give last rites to Sauniere denied him absolution based on his confession. It is also said that a strange memorial was held for the dead priest - his body was seated out on a balcony where mourners walked past plucking red paper apples from the shawl that covered him. When relatives of Sauniere enquired about his will, they were surprised to find that the priest had signed over all of his possessions to Marie Dénarnaud, who lived much longer than Sauniere and it is said she promised one day to reveal the secrets of Rennes le-Chateau during her later years. Unfortunately, she suffered a stroke which left her completely unable to communicate in any form and she died in 1953. The story of Berenger Sauniere came to the attention of the French public around 1956, causing somewhat of a national sensation. In 1962, an individual by the name of Gerard de Sede published his book Le Trésor Maudit (The Accursed Treasure), a key moment in the history of the mystery because seven years later, in 1969, a writer/producer for the BBC named Henry Lincoln happened across this book while on holiday in France, and while reading it, Lincoln began to decode some of Sauniere's alleged parchments, and was hooked on finding a final solution.

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Lincoln pitched the storyline to the BBC for a documentary, and they agreed to let him pursue it. A famous moment in the story occurred when Lincoln quizzed de Sede about the coded parchments. At first de Sede denied knowing about any codes, something that Lincoln found hard to believe. Under further questioning as to why he didn't reveal the codes in his book, Gerard de Sede eventually answered quite cryptically: "Because we thought it would interest someone like you to find it for yourself." Thus began a second episode to the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, the unveiling of a secret society with reputedly ancient roots that still holds Occult power today, the Prieure de Sion. Henry Lincoln went on to make three full-length documentaries on the subject of Rennes-le-Chateau and the Priory of Sion during the 1970s. When the subject became too far-ranging for him to handle on his own, he joined with two other researchers, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. In the hands of Lincoln, Baigent and Leigh the mystery grew into a full-blown historical investigation which fostered a great amount of skepticism of the Jesus Christ account in the Gospels, while promoting Occult secrets of the medieval Knights Templar and Cathars, and the greatest of secrets: that the Bloodline of Christ continued through Mary Magdalene and the Dark Ages French lineage of the Merovingian Kings, a lineage which still exists into the modern age. A number of documents purportedly belonging to the Priory of Sion have been uncovered only adding to the mystery. The Dossiers Secret, a 27-paged document that tells of a long-line of distinguished Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion, which included such historical personages as Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Claude Debussy and Victor Hugo, who were all in league protecting the secret Bloodline of the Merovingian kings of ancient France, a Bloodline that was supposedly descended from Christ. These secret documents, as they were called, were to eventually restore this Bloodline to the Throne of France in the modern age, a difficult task since France is now a republic. Conveniently, the man slated by the Dossiers to be that same King appeared to be none other than Monsieur Pierre Plantard, an enigma of a man eccentric at best, and although it was reputed he was a seeker of mere self interest with notions of being seated on the long-forgotten Throne of France, he had still reignited that firestorm of sensation surrounding the Bloodline of the Holy Grail, bringing it into the post-modern age. It wasn't long before all the media-hyped books began appearing on shelves worldwide, most notably the definitive popular work on the subject 'Holy Blood Holy Grail' (1982) written by the same trio of researchers that looked into the Plantard phenomena, oddly enough. Their work became a best-selling book in the millions which still garners an audience to this day. Other authors that came after, each added their own insights into the mystery behind Rennes le Chateau and of the Holy Grail Bloodline mystery which surrounded it. Some of these books, only hint at the mystery without giving any(?) clues, such as the enigmatic document titled Le Serpent Rouge, which may actually foretell much more than readers can see on the surface...

In short, I think they made a convincing case that the Templars, the Rosicrucians, the early Freemasons, and then later the modern Priory of Sion, could all represent the continuation of a mystery tradition surrounding the bloodline of Christ, and a continuing conspiracy that aimed to bring members of that bloodline to power. This child, they suggested, bore a line of descendants that eventually resulted in the Merovingian bloodline. It all starts to come together with another apocryphal Christian text, The Book of the Cave of Treasures. In this version of the story, instead of being fallen angels, the forbidden sexual union is between the Cainites, descendants of the murderer Cain (who it is alluded, is actually the son of Satan), and the descendants of Cain’s pure and pious brother Seth. In addition to sexual defilement, the Cainites defile the Sethites by passing on to them, once again, the same forbidden wisdom, and again these acts prompt God to cleanse the Earth with a flood. Now interestingly, I was able to find a number of old school mythologists and anthropologists, such as Ignatius Donnelly and L.A. Waddell, who have equated the ancient fish-god Dagon with the biblical figure of Cain.

They also equate Cain with a figure who appears, alternately named “Qin,” “Kon,” or “Kan,” in the Babylonian, Egyptian, and Indus Valley pre-diluvian kings lists. These authors hypothesized that the biblical figure of Cain is actually based on an ancient king who ruled over several continents prior to the Deluge, and whose descendants were responsible for rebuilding civilization after the Deluge. They were eventually deified by their ancestors, remembered as god-kings by the ancients. And as I examine world history and mythology, it is clear to me that it is descent from these semi-human, semi-divine god-kings which has provided all monarchs since then with a divine right to rule. I am willing to bet that all royal houses from throughout the world can in one way or another be traced back to these god-kings. Now, Genesis does state that after Cain was exiled to the so-called “land of Nod” for murdering his brother Abel, he founded a number of great cities. So the Bible seems to be confirming that Cain ruled as a king somewhere. And as it turns out, Cain’s name can be interpreted to mean “king” in ancient Semitic languages. In other words, you could think of Cain as the primordial king upon which the archetype of “king” is based. Genesis gives the descendants of Cain out to four generations.

Strangely, their names are each strikingly similar, and sometimes even identical to, the names of the descendants of his brother Seth, who was born after his exile to Nod, and who ended up inheriting what should have been Cain’s birthright. Each of Cain’s descendants is credited with having invented some science, such as music, or metallurgy, just like the fish-gods of Babylon are said to have given these things to man, and just as the fallen angels of Judeo-Christian lore are said to have. Cain himself is said to have invented agriculture, just like his mythological counterpart in other cultures is credited with doing. And yet, as significant as these contributions seem to be, only four generations stemming from Cain were mentioned in Genesis. Not only that, but Cain was eventually killed by his own grandson, in a hunting accident which bore parallels to the death of Merovingian King Dagobert II. And after four generations, nothing more is said of the Cainites in the Bible. It is assumed that they all died off in the Flood. Jewish legends state that they were swallowed up by the Earth, and thereafter lived in a subterranean world called the “Arka.” There is then, of course, also the implication that Cain was the son of Satan and not of Adam, as his brother Abel was. In the story of Genesis, after Eve eats the apple of the Tree of Knowledge, she becomes enlightened with the knowledge of good and evil. She then shares it with her husband Adam.

They both then become aware of their nakedness, of their sexuality. And we all know what happens after that. Adam and Eve are cast out of the Garden of Eden for disobeying God, who did not want them to have this wisdom. Soon afterwards, Eve is pregnant. She has two children, although it is not clear if they were twins, or if they were born and conceived separately. Cain is considered the eldest, though. It seems clear that, in part, the knowledge which the Serpent gave to Eve by getting her to eat the apple was “carnal knowledge.” And so it is possible that he indeed impregnated her at that time, spawning Cain, prior to her and Adam conceiving Abel. So once again, we have a sex crime which spawns a royal race, and which originates with Satan. Is this what the Quinotaur — the Cain-otaur — symbolizes? Is this why the Devil is such a prominent theme in Rennes-le-Chateau? Is this the heresy that really lies at the heart of the Merovingian mythos? This is the mystery of the ages. Knowledge of this is said to bestow upon its bearers an omnipotent power. This is what gives them an inherent right to rule, and what bestows nobility upon them. God has ordained that Satan is the Lord of the Earth, and that those who carry his blood will rule. And so any person who has this blood has a right to rule, declared by God, etched in his very DNA. But they also carry with them the curses of their forefathers, Cain and Satan.

Now, Henry Lincoln discovered that the five mountaintops which dominate Rennes-le-Chateau form a mathematically perfect pentagram, which is an absolute statistical anomaly. And of course, the pentagram is a symbol of magic, associated in modern times with the Devil. But as I have discovered, it was also used in ancient Sumeria, the cradle of civilization, as a hieroglyph symbolizing the concept of a prison. In ritual magic, pentagrams are still used to contain demonic spirits when conjuring them. So perhaps these five mountains are really just the tips of what is actually a vast subterranean structure, the “Arka,” containing the bodies of the five generations of Cainites, and thus imprisoning their souls. This structure, then, would have been literally built by God, or by angels, on his orders. And over time, it may have become a center of worship for those who perpetuated the teachings given to man by the Cainites, or the fallen angels, as well as by the families descended from them.

There is this recurring idea of a cave inside of a sacred mountain in the center of the Earth that contains the grave of a sacred king, and which is said to be lit by an “inner sun.” This was said by the ancient Egyptians to be the permanent location of the tomb of Osiris, for instance. And it is this idea of an inner sun inside of a sacred tomb which I believe is analogous to the Grail stone. And since Rennes-le-Chateau is believed to contain the Holy Grail somewhere underground, I speculated that such a sacred tomb, containing an “inner sun” (whatever that is) might be what is underneath the mountains of Rennes-le-Chateau. And perhaps it serves as an underground temple too, as a secret place of worship for the bizarre, Luciferian cult which seems to dominate the local population of Rennes-le-Chateau, who are no doubt privy to the mysteries of what lies beneath. If it is the location of the “Holy Grail,” then it contains, almost by definition, the greatest secret of all time.

Rennes-le-Chateau may have been just one of many locations in which the “Grail stone” has resided. Other candidates include the temple mount in Israel, for instance, and the Giza plateau in Egypt. But Rennes-le-Chateau may have been, up until recently, one of the least-suspected locations, and thus, the most well-hidden. That being said, I also think that, if there ever were going to be an “Anti-Christ,” a king who unites the globe in a universal religion and government, declaring himself to be the embodiment of God, it stands to reason that he would probably come from the Grail bloodline. He would be descended from Satan, which would explain his predestined predilection for evil...He could use all of these lineages as credentials to convince members of all the world’s religions that he is not only their divine right king, but the final avatar, or messiah, which their prophets have been predicting. So yes, I think that our generation may yet see the rise of a Merovingian Anti-Christ.

Tracy R. Twyman Interviewed About Rennes-le-Chateau


Notice Above that a British Actor [Hugo Weaving] was Chosen to Play "Smith."
Understand that the Modern Name of Smith is Derived from the Biblical CAIN.

Although recent investigation into the Priory of Sion has shown a rather exaggerated pedigree for the organization, as well as checkered past for its own supposed Grandmaster Pierre Plantard, who died in year 2000 at age 80, a former acquaintance of Plantard, named Phillipe de Cherisey's own explanation of the creation of the Dossier parchments is at best strange and incomplete, prompting many researchers to believe that Plantard was indeed lying or at the very least, that he simply embellished already existing texts of an actual secret document and simply replaced Pierre Plantard's name in the place of the true recipient of the Holy Grail Bloodline, whoever that actually may be. Suffice it to say, if this was the case, that the actual name of the recipient of the Holy Grail lineage is more likely in line to the Royal Throne of England, via the (Scottish by way of France) Stuart lineage, rather than any modern Royal in France itself. Since France lives in a modern republic thanks to the French Revolution, and no longer has a Royal Family, one can only surmise the secret behind the Holy Grail must rest then in the British Isles, be it Scotland or England, two nations well-known to having the strongest and most recent links with the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail, both nations already connected with the supposed Holy Grail lineage of Christ, thru the Scottish/British tenants found within Anglo-Israelism belief. The notions of a Holy Bloodline descended into the modern era also interested members of the growing behemoth of the Nazi SS movement. In his book “The Emerald Cup Ark of Gold: the Quest of SS Lt Otto Rahn of the Third Reich,” Colonel Howard Buechner puts forth that Otto Rahn found the Holy Grail Mountain, the Montsalvat of legend, in the Cathar mountain fortress of Montsegur in the French Pyrenees. Prior to his mysterious death at age 35, Otto Rahn wrote two books about the Cathars of southern France: 'Crusade Against the Grail,' and 'Lucifer's Court.' Otto Rahn believed with absolute conviction that the Cathars were the last owners of the Holy Grail that was spirited away when the Catholic Church sought to erase them from existence. The Cathars believed in the primordial Light from which all life emerged signified by a Solar Christ, instead of Christ. Moreover, it was the Cathar's belief that all clerical rulers, principally the Catholic Church, were the personification of Darkness and evil in the world, and that there exists an eternal war between the principles of Light and Darkness on whose meetings and encounters everything in the universe was based. Therfore, for Otto Rahn, Montsegur was the 'Lighthouse of Catharism,' and of the Holy Grail. The medieval Germanic tale of Parzival, revived in the 1800s by Wagnar's popular mystical operas, helped fuel Otto Rahn's obsession and modern quest for the Holy Grail and also inspired Hitler and the rise of the Nazi party itself. Early in the summer of 1929 Otto Rahn made his first appearance in the Languedoc region of southern France. He settled in Lavelanet and explored the Cathar fortress on Montsegur as well as the surrounding mountain grottoes, possibly including, as many believe, the area of Rennes-Le-Chateau, the heartland of Catharism.

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Otto Rahn believed that the Cathars guarded the Holy Grail in their castle at Montsegur and that the Cathar religion itself was akin to that of the Celtic Druids of Britain, who believed in an extremely ancient Sun God connected to Atlantis and who had fallen from Heaven, that they called Pharaon (Lucifer). Seeing no way to defeat the incoming Roman-Christian religion, the Druids went underground to create what became the early so-called Celtic "Christian Church" that later became the Anglican Church. I much the same way, did the Cathars ultimately hide the Grail lore within the incoming Templar religion that debased Christ and worshipped instead Lucifer as God. The Cathar secret wisdom being preserved there by the later troubadours of the medieval courts of France, who it is believed gave Wolfram von Eschenbach the story of Parzival, a knight of King Arthur. After Hitler took power in 1933, Rahn lived in Berlin devoting himself to further studies of the Grail. His quest for a secret primordial religious tradition, the Religion of Light, came to the attention of Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler who sought Rahn's collaboration in SS sponsored research. His talents were soon recognized by his superiors. Persuaded to formally join the SS in 1936, within a matter of weeks Otto Rahn was promoted to SS-Unterscharfuhrer. In the summer of 1936 he undertook an expedition to Iceland by order of the SS. Highlights of this Grail journey formed part of some chapters in his second and final book "Lucifer's Courtiers" published in 1937. Regardless, at some point, Rahn fell into disgrace with the Nazi hierarchy in 1937 and for disciplinary reasons and was assigned a tour of duty at the Dachau concentration camp. Rahn began to talk freely. He opposed the coming war, believing instead that Germany and Europe should be transformed into a race of "Pure Ones" or Cathars. In the new year of 1939, Rahn submitted his letter of resignation from the SS to Karl Wolff writing: 'Unfortunately, I must ask you to intervene with the Reichsfuhrer [Himmler] for my immediate discharge from the SS. The reasons that have led me to this resolution, this decision, are of so grave a nature' A few weeks later, on March 13, 1939, Rahn disappeared. Initially it was stated that the cause of Rahn's death was either "exposure" or "pneumonia", notwithstanding the fact that he was an experienced mountain climber who had once spent an entire snowbound winter in the Alps. A subsequent account of Rahn's demise related that he drank a bottle of rum, fell asleep in the snow and froze to death. Later rumors claimed that Rahn had committed suicide by swallowing a cyanide capsule while on the mountain. At any rate, Otto Rahn was conveniently dismissed from the Nazi SS on 17 March 1939. From Occult lore, we are provided a strange insight into that fallen stone of Lucifer that once adorned his Chakra body of innate Light, which seems to culminate in the source of his nearly unequaled power, from what is understood of it. First, there is the personage of the Occult protagonist of Thoth himself. From what we know, Thoth was the name given by the Greeks to the Egyptian god Djeheuty, the god of wisdom, inventor of writing, patron of scribes. As with most Egyptian deities there were many different stories regarding the parentage of Thoth. Many sources call him the son of Ra, but one tradition has him springing forth from the head of Seth. This latter story is reminiscent of the birth of the Greek goddess Athena, who like Thoth was the patron divinity of wisdom which is also comparable to Ezekiel 28:12, which speaks to Lucifer being perfect, having the fullness of wisdom, whose divine wisdom became the source of his later corruption.

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Ancient myths concerning Thoth show him as a divinity whose counsel is always sought. Elsewhere, Thoth is a reliable mediator and peacemaker, attributes not of Lucifer per se, yet perfect descriptions which will be assigned to his human emissary on earth, the Antichrist. According to the ancient Egyptians, Thoth, being both a healer and magician, restored the Eye of Horus that was destroyed when the Horus fought Seth (Set) to revenge the death of his father Osiris. In Ancient Egypt, Sirius was regarded as the most important star in the sky. In fact, it was astronomically the foundation of the Egyptians’ entire religious system. It was revered as Sothis and was associated with Isis, the mother goddess of Egyptian mythology. Isis is the female aspect of the trinity formed by herself, Osiris and their son Horus. Ancient Egyptians held Sirius in such a high regard that most of their deities were associated, in some way or another, with the star. Anubis, the dog-headed god of death, had an obvious connection with the dog star and Toth-Hermes, the great teacher of humanity, was also esoterically connected with the star. The Egyptian calendar system was based on the heliacal rising of Sirius that occurred just before the annual flooding of the Nile during summer. The star’s celestial movement was also observed and revered by ancient Greeks, Sumerians, Babylonians and countless other civilizations. The star was therefore considered sacred and its apparition in the sky was accompanied with feasts and celebrations. Several Occult researchers have claimed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built in perfect alignment with the stars, especially Sirius. The light from these stars were said to be used in ceremonies of Egyptian Mysteries. To claim that Sirius is “important” to Hermetic Orders would be a gross understatement. The dog star is nothing less than the central focus of the teachings and symbolism of secret societies. The ultimate proof of this fact: many secret societies are actually named after the star. In Masonic symbolism, the eye of Horus is often depicted surrounded by the glittering of light of Sirius. Sirius is therefore the 'sacred star' all Masons must ascend to, being the 'source of divine power' and the destination of divine individuals. This concept is often represented in Masonic art. To the Masonic mindset, achieving perfection of one's self means mastering the dual nature of this world, meaning, becoming one with Good and Evil, which to them is also reflected in all dual natures, such as masculine and feminine; black and white, etc.). Becoming one with Cosmic Duality, therefore, means to alter one's self through alchemical metamorphosis. This concept is symbolically represented by the union of Osiris and Isis (the male and female principles) to give birth to Horus, the star-child, the Christ-like (actually Anti-Christ) figure, who is the 'perfected man' of Freemasonry. Thus, this child Horus is equated with the Masonic 'Blazing Star,' of Sirius. In fact, The Egyptian hieroglyph representing Sirius has been esoterically interpreted to be a representation of this cosmic trinity, and it is this same concept that appears in the most important of Masonic art and architecture. For example, the American Washington Monument, is a 555-ft (actually 666 foot tall, as 111 feet of it are underground) Egyptian obelisk (representing the male principle) was erected directly across from the dome of the US Capitol building (representing the female principle). Together, esoterically, they produce 'Horus' an unseen energy represented by Sirius.

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Blavatsky's own teachings, being strongly syncretic, drew from Eastern mysticism, Tibetan, Platonic and Neoplatonic systems, Hermetic Kabbalism, and contemporary 19th century Occult magic and included the theory of Atlantis. Blavatsky's legacy was further developed by later esotericists such as Rudolph Steiner and Alice Bailey who simultaneously offered a detailed analysis of the evolving universe of matter and energy and the spiritual forces and hierarchies (read: Satan and his fallen ones) behind it. Moreover, Blavatsky's teachings shaped Hitler's own Occult and neo-pagan 'Reich' that eventually unleashed an explosion of Occult knowledge, magic and Eastern mysticism here in the West that found itself spreading throughout the CIA drug-induced "freed minds" of young adults in the late sixties, that now powers the Hermetic, Wiccan, neo-paganism, UFO and New Age movements sweeping over America and the West today. The main beliefs taken away from Blavatsky's legacy today, is the theme of an Occult Hierarchy of evolved Masters (Satan and his children) as 'god-men' who have finished their cycles of reincarnation and material evolution but have chosen to remain here on the earth (or so-called "Gaia") to serve people in their own conscious evolution as well as guide Gaia's spiritual least that's what they want today's New Ager's and Wiccans to believe. Influenced by Blavatsky, Alice Bailey saw Sirius as the “Great White Lodge” and believes it to be the home of the “Spiritual Hierarchy.” For this reason she considers Sirius as the star of initiation: "This is the great star of initiation because our Hierarchy (an expression of the second aspect of divinity) is under the supervision or spiritual magnetic control of the Hierarchy of Sirius. These are the major controlling influences whereby the cosmic Christ works upon the Christ principle in the solar system, in the planet, in man and in the lower forms of life expression. It is esoterically called the “brilliant star of sensitivity.” (ibid) Baily also taught that the Luciferian energy emanating from Sirius is the energy of thought, a mind force that reaches the Solar system from a distant cosmic center via Sirius, which acts as the transmitter, "...or the focalising centre, whence emanate those influences which produce self-consciousness in man.” (ibid) From the time of the ancients till our own, Sirius has been seen as the home of the Ascended Masters, the “great teachers” who are to return to earth one day. But what Alice Baily saw as she ascended the Magic Way, coming ever closer to the Ascended Masters was "clear cold fire." Interestingly, Dante described the lowest part of Hell as clear ice, while the Bible describes where the Christ-rejecting unsaved dead go to be a place of 'outer darkness' found in 'the bowels of the earth,' a place of extreme 'cold,' where there is 'weeping and gnashing of teeth' by its many tormented inhabitants. Of course, once the dead are judged, shall Christ ignite this earth with fire from His mouth, to become the Lake of Fire, where all of the unsaved are then tormented forever by its eternal heat and flame. One might see the correlations to both a cold, dead planet, and a so-called 'blazing star' here.

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The eye of Horus, also known as the Udjat eye, became the funerary amulet and magical, all-seeing eye. As such, Thoth was the patron god of the Occultists of ancient Egypt, and was petitioned in many of the spells contained in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, such as the spell to reanimate a corpse, recited over a mummy by Egyptian priests. It was the later Greeks who associated their god Hermes with Hermes Trismegistus, the "author of the all Occult wisdom." Thoth/Hermes gave to his successors the Book of Thoth, or the "Key to Immortality," which contained the secret processes for the regeneration of humanity and the expansion of consciousness that would enable mankind to behold the gods, which is uncanny in its similarity to the first Satanic encounter with mankind in the Garden of Eden: The Serpent said unto the woman, 'Ye shall not surely die, for God knows that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as gods, knowing both Good and Evil' (which is the entire foundation for Freemasonry itself). Not coincidentally, Thoth is also identified with the ancient Mexican God, Quetzalcoatl, the Dragon King of Light who appeared to the Aztecs, as well as the Sumerian God Ningishzidda. Depending on the civilization, "...this great teacher is known as Enoch (the Son of Cain), Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus and is said to have taught humanity theurgic sciences. In occult traditions, it is believed that Thoth-Hermes had taught the people of Atlantis, which, according to legend, became the world’s most advanced civilization before the entire continent was submerged by the Great Deluge (accounts of a flood can be found in the mythologies of countless civilizations). Survivors from Atlantis travelled by boat to several countries, including Egypt, where they imparted their advanced knowledge. Occultists believe that the inexplicable resemblances between distant civilizations (such as the Mayas and the Egyptians) can be explained by their common contact with Atlanteans." (ibid). Perhaps the most interesting fact about Thoth is that he is said to be a Mighty King as well as the all-knowing Atlantean God who distributes his unlimited wisdom among any who would seek it. During later ages, the ego of Thoth passed into the bodies of men in the manner described in the Emerald Tablets a book of record and Occult Wisdom which he wrote and left in the Pyramid for those of a future Age of Light [the much hyped Golden Age] under Antichrist. The Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft states that this tablet containing the lost language of Atlantis was imprinted upon an emerald of the finest quality on which "the essence of all magick is revealed." In addition, many sources claim that there is an underlying wisdom presented in the text, one that holds the key to power, that most ancient power which is and will be used for evil. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth introduces itself: I, Thoth, the Atlantean, Master of Mysteries, Keeper of Records, Mighty King, Magician, living from generation to generation, being about to pass into the halls of Amenti, for the guidance of those that are to come after these records of the mighty wisdom of Atlantis. The final words inscribed on the Tablets clearly shows Satan behind it with his tell-tale signature, the counterfeiting of Christ: 'Thus finish I my writings. Keys let them be only to those who seek my wisdom, for only for these I AM the Key and the Way.'

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