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Interview with Kacee Carlisle!

JM: You started off being trained by Shorty Smalls as his manager and later as a wrestler, what was the training like?

KC: Training was tough, from the first bump all the way through to my first match. Shorty was definitely not easy on me, which I appreciated and also wanted. I was tough on myself as well, and would get frustrated if I wasn't picking up on something as quickly as I wanted to (that continues to this day!). 99% of my training was with men; you can probably see hints of that in my matches.

JM: Starting off as a manager, what are some of your memories at ringside?

KC: I had a great time managing. I took it as a time to learn about crowd interaction as well as a time to watch the match and pick up on whatever I could; timing, ring placement, etc. The majority of my years as a manager were in Hagerstown, MD and the surrounding areas and the fans there are very loyal. You saw the same faces in the crowd every week, and it became fun having nicknames (not always nice ones, but nicknames nonetheless) for the fans and knowing how to get under their skin. I also got to be involved in matches with people who had a ton of experience in the wrestling business. Being around them and being part of their match was always a guaranteed lesson for me. I learned new things all the time.

JM: Once you debuted as a wrestler who was your first match with?

KC: My first match was against Krissy Vaine. I was a last minute replacement for her original opponent, who was unable to make the show. I couldn't have asked for a better person to face for the first time. Krissy was a great teacher and leader both in and out of the ring. I was beyond nervous that night, but it ended up being a great time.

JM: what are Some of your greatest highlights in your career?

KC: I've loved getting to travel around to different states, seeing different places and meeting people that I would've never met had it not been for wrestling. I've also been very thankful to get to meet some of the wrestlers I watched as a kid. Having the chance to meet them, interact with them and learn from them is invaluable to me. A big highlight was simply being in front of the crowd for the first time. After growing up as such a huge wrestling fan, to be on the other side of the railing was a dream come true in many ways. And of course, winning my first title will always be a great memory.

JM: Do you see yourself in the WWE or TNA in the future?

KC: With any luck, yes, but only time will tell. I'd love to have the opportunity to be a huge bitch on a national level. I don't have the "normal" look that you see on TV, but I like to stand out and be a little different. That's why I'm me.

JM: Name Association Game (one or two words that come to mind)

Shorty Smalls-Underappreciated worker. My best friend and trainer.

John Rambo-Always thankful to him for giving me a chance

Amy Lee-Mama Chooch! A wonderful teacher and person I was lucky enough to be around early in my career. Always respect there.

Chuckie Manson-Tough as nails and one of the best people I know.

Ferrari-An early-career opponent who was always fun and easy to work with

Cindy Rogers-A technical wizard, a great worker and a sweetheart of a gal

Mercedes Martinez -Simply amazing worker, a standard for women wanting to succeed in this business

Mia Yim-Tough girl, but also the girl I'm gonna beat on April 16th at ACW!

Brittany Force-Tough opponent who always takes me to the limit

The Blue Meanie-Worked with him once and was tons of fun

Doink The Clown-Fun fun fun

Evil Zebra-A great guy who I will one day have the pleasure of meeting in person!

JM: What are some of the current feds you for now?

KC: The places I wrestle most frequently are GXW, DCW and ACW. I also wrestle for CPW, FURY, SPW, UCW and PWMA

JM: Any interesting Road/locker room stories you can share?

KC: Well...nothing that I would want to share comes to mind so...next question. =)

JM: Any advice for fans who want to follow there dreams?

KC: Follow them. No matter how scary the journey, no matter how unattainable they seem, follow them. We only get one life to live so make the most of it. And even if you don't reach what you're chasing after, you are bound to find great things along the way.

JM: Closing thoughts?

KC: Thank you to all the fans who have supported me all these years! As much as I hate the fans when I'm in the ring, without them there is no me, so I appreciate everybody who comes to the shows, or buys DVDs I'm on...everything. Thanks also to all the workers and promoters I've had the chance to work with. I'm grateful for all the awesome people I've met along the way! Anybody who wants to keep up with me online can find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/KaceeCarlisle Thanks!

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--Debut: 2005

-- Worked for House Of Pain, Dynamite Championship Wrestling, World Extreme Wrestling, Women Superstar Uncensored

Interviewer: John Mikels
Interview date: May 1, 2007

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