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Interview with Lexie Fyfe!

JM: Well to start off this interview, you have been going very strong wrestling in this sport for almost a decade, any interesting stories to share?

LF: Wo- yes, lots of them. One road trip with Brandi Wine was especially crazy. The town we were in was a little mountain town with one road in and one road out. There was a big crowd and everyone kept wanting us to sign their foreheads (even the adults!). The sheriff of the town came up to me and said "Who do I need to take out to make sure you don't leave my town?" I thought I was in the movie "Deliverance!" Brandi and I literally slipped out the backdoor and left before the show was over! There are plenty more-join my member's area of Lexiefyfe.com to read more "Stories From the Road."

JM: You were booked on a WWE back than the WWF in 1999 on Sunday night heat an hour before the summer slam PPV against Tori How was your experience wrestling against her at a BIG PPV Event night

LF: Actually, Tori and I fought a week before the PPV. It was an incredible experience- they did Sunday Night Heat live back then so the pressure is really on. Everyone is hyped up but it's such a professionally run show that it stays in control (usually!).

JM: You Were also Booked for a TV show at the now defunct WCW Saturday night against Mona A/K/A WWE Diva Molly Holly again what was the experience wrestling against her on TV.

LF: Molly is a great wrestler and we had a good match. Again, it was a great experience. TV is so different from house shows. There are more lights, more things to remember (go in to the ring this way, leave the ring that way) and cameras on the ring apron. I love cameras though so I'm happy when they are pointed my way!

JM: It's no secret that you and WWE Diva Lita are close friends, you were mention thought out her autobiography book from the time she started the biz, but my question is the match you wrestled Lita in what was her sec. match ever. From that point on did you ever imagine how far up there she is when she got in the WWE?

LF: Lita always had drive and from the beginning she had charisma in the ring. She's always asking questions on how she can improve and do things better. She's also pretty fearless in the ring. I thought she would go far and it makes me happy to here the crowd cheer for her. She is doing what she loves and the fans love her back. She really is a great person and I've missed hanging out with her since I have moved from NC.

JM: Speaking of autobiography's now that I mention it with all you have done in this sport for almost a decade do you have any plans to publish a book of your life before and during your career?

LF: I keep joking around about writing my life story- maybe someday. Who knows? Right now, I am too busy to really put time into it but later...

JM: You also got booked on the European Tour feuding with Wendy Richard back in 1999, What was that experience like wrestling her?

LF: It was amazing. It was my first trip overseas. I was going to entertain the troops and I was wrestling Wendy Richter. How do you top that? I learned so much from her in the ring. To this day, she still knows how to give the crowd what they want. She hits really hard too!

JM you are also a Part of the UPW Roster, how is that going for you and who are some of your favorites to work with?

LF: I haven't worked with them on a regular basis for about a year but I'll probably be back out there in 2005. I like working for UPW- they have given me some great opportunities. I like wrestling most of the ladies they have on their roster. Erica Porter and I have had some really good matches.

JM: Now that the TNA is up at the same rank as the WWE? Is that company in your future?

LF: I haven't really thought about it. I keep so busy on the indy scene and with my web sites that I really haven't had time to look at other opportunities. I like a lot of the wrestlers on their roster. They have some great talent there. Who knows- they are taping in Orlando now which is not far from me.

JM: you also own a video company, explain a little bit about the idea and info for any fans who are interest reading this now

LF: It's actually a subscription web site called http://www.slamminladies.com. We do exclusive matches and photos that you won't see anywhere else. We do offer custom video matches and photo sets to customers directly also and,of course, we sell merchandise. I had the idea for it for a couple of years before everything fell into place where we could go on line with it. I know from experience how broke you can get on the road and I figured this was a good way to help the other ladies and myself actually make a little money. Most of time, after you pay your gas, hotel and food bills, you go home with no payday. This helps out with that! We have 40 ladies working with us already and more to come! Check it out if you haven't: http://www.slamminladies.com

JM: You have done a lot in your career the past 10 years, is there anything else you have left to accomplish in the future?.

LF: I want to wrestle in all 50 states before I retire. I have 28 already done and a few bookings in 2005 that will help out with some of the rest. That's my goal!

JM: What are your opinions on the following women you worked with such as Ivory, Luna Vachon, Leilani Kai, Violet Flame, Alexis Laree & Lady Victoria?

LF: I have enjoyed wrestling all of these women for different reasons. They are all talented. Leilani taught me so much. Luna scared the heck out of me when I first met her! Ivory is just crazy- a lot of fun. Alexis is a talent! From our first match, it was just smooth- she's great. Violet is a lot of fun to wrestle. She's a hard worker. I wish we could wrestle each other more. Lady Victoria and I have known each other for a while now. She's a good wrestler with strong goals. She'll be around for a good while more and I always enjoy our matches.

JM: What are your thoughts on the WWE Roster cuts to the woman's division on raw such as Jazz, Gail Kim, & Nidia?

LF: I was a little disappointed because I thought they were headed in a good direction. I don't think WWE gave them enough chance to develop.

JM: Any Advice for fans who dream of breaking in this sport?

LF: Stay in school- get your education first! It's important to have smarts- no matter what business you get into. Find a really good wrestling school. You want one that will actually train you well and that you are comfortable training at. Do your research!

JM: Closing Comments?

LF: Come see me at a show live!!

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Quick Highlights

---Debut: 1995

---Appeared on World Championship Wrestling (WCW)

---Appeared on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) 1999, 2008

---has worked in Shimmer, Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), Wrestlicious

---#31 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2008

--- #43 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2009

Interviewer: John Mikels
Interview date: October 29, 2004

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