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August 30, 2010

Interview with Crazii Shea

Pictures from Crazy Shea's Personal Collection

Quick Highlights

---Debut 2001

---Trained by Bone Breakers, Orlando Jorden,

---Worked with Mickie James, Tatanka,Sunny, Joey Murcury, Christian York, Jimmy Valent,& Julino Dinero, Luke Gallows, The Boogyman

---Booking Profile

JM: What a weekend of proving yourself to the lunatic army, What moment were you most proud between the shows you did with covey promotions and the 1CW show ?

CS: I am proud of all my work esp. bringing home the 1CW cruiserweight title

JM: Covey Pro had a free show in tribute to the troops and you have not only got the opportunity to wrestle in the main event but got the opportunity to work with former WWE Diva Sunny, however the show wasn’t a packed house at all and my question to you is, earning a big spot in front of a small crowd , how were you able to go out there and not let that be a factor in your match?

CS: Because no matter what you give yourself 100 percent in front of 50 500 5000 people , just because of the size of the crowd doesn’t mean you slack off.. It’s all about giving them what they pay there tickets for

JM: Working with Sunny, a lot of guys and gals in the locker room have openly speak of how difficult she is to work with, would you agree or disagree?

CS: I disagree strongly… she was awesome to work with, she was one of the boys and I would work with her any day, sunny was fun

JM: The match you had with your partner for the night Ace Montana against Hard Candy and Brent Rage is consider your first match with the heavyweights, was it difficult and did you feel you got respect mixing it up with a class that’s bigger than you?

CS: First of all it is interesting working with the bigger guys it was different as the respect issue I felt I got it from the fans which I always got it from them but I would have to work with the bigger guys a little bit more to gain there respect

JM: During your match with Sunny as the guest referee, did you see her as a professional or a distraction during your match?

CS: Def. a pro def. not a distraction however her beauty is hard to over look J

JM: You competed the next night at the 2nd 1CW Show in a triple threat match squaring off against chance sevenfold and Scotty Astro for the 1CW Cruiserweight title, however there were a lot of issues that were standing in your way for starters this was a 1CW vs. DCW a company you once worked for, your thoughts on going up against a team you at one time worked for?

CS: As I said in my promo, I have had some hard feelings towards them.. DCW let me go, I felt it was unfair and the fans didn’t like them and I showed that in DCW, hopefully they took notice… you yourself was there johnny Mikels, you heard the crowd go crazy when my music hit.

JM: yea I fef. Did dude

JM: The next issue your promo once you came out to discuss DCW underselling you, your mic got cut.. Any truth to why it happen like that?

CS: Oh boy, well, its politics.. I don’t know….. people are afraid of what I got to say, no one trust me, just another example of someone holding down the little guy….. I don’t know pick one

JM: The next issue was that Early into the match, Chance Sevenfold was injured and had to be taking away for medical treatment, you also got injured in the same process but was able to continue, was injuring Sevenfold one of your points you wanted to prove?

CS: Well, I will say I did go in with a slight attitude and me and chance went at it like bats out of hell…..I got the same thing he did, he got one hell of a forearm….but you seen it was me that stayed in the match and did not go get medical treatment.. I got what you call determination, will power, and a lot of fight

JM: You also debut your new valet Trixxie Lynn, what’s her story in the lunatic army?

CS: Everyone needs someone to watch your back sometimes, the lunatic army isn’t always going to be around in full force, trixxie on the other hand is one hell of a worker, she’s dedicated and she’s someone I trust.. Enough said

JM: What does wining the 1CW Cruiserweight mean to you?

CS: a lot, I’m the first one to hold it…I plan it on holding it for awhile, I don’t plan on letting anybody take it away from me or the lunatic army, I don’t plan to disappoint them as long as my body holds up I will hold that title

JM: Name Game Association

Cody Covey --- first of all a good friend, a great promoter, an all around good guy

Stomp----got so much energy, has learned a lot in a short time

Ace Montana ----Very interesting guy, very colorful

Ian Cross ---one hell of an athlete

Buddha----coming into his own, I’m proud of him

Sunny----gorgeous, one of the boys

Judge Gray Miller----part owner of covey pro, I defiantly respect the guy

Shawn Hardy ---love the guy to death, but I’m thinking there might be some trust issues

Scotty Astro--I want a one on one with this guy , I think we can do some amazing things

Trixxie Lynn---im very lucky to have her as my valet/manager, I mean come first time together we won a title, it must be fate

Chance Sevenfold----sorry he was that guy to represent DCW, I LOVE HIIM TO DEATH …..I esp. liked him as party boy

Rex Sterling ----it’s about that time again, I can’t wait I know were going to burn the house down

Andrew Steele----ask the Greensboro police department

JM: The debut of 1CW featured you in a tables elimination against Ian Cross and Buddha, the match was said to have stole the show and is consider better than the main event featuring Jimmy the superfly Snuka, the patriot and your former tag team partner Chris Wild, your thoughts on the attention as well as your match?

CS: No way, I don’t think we stole the show, I mean come on how can we top Snuka, that guy is a freaken legend

JM: Any Advice for fans who want to follow there dreams

CS: Find a renowned school , train hard and make sure you have fun doing it….

JM: Shout outs

CS: First and formost my girly tabbs, without her the crazii train will never had this much momentum, she makes sure were ready and safe.. Thank you baby,

Shawn, Cody, gray, & Stomp.. You guys are my brothers and arms, and you usually make what I do fun All you guys are going to realize I am the guy your going to trust soon

Brit Brit life is hard keep swing mad love top you lunatic

Rodney ha you only went to one show but your with me every day, mad love to you broadie…

Davey Dave, Liana, Matt, FRC, and the rest of the lunatic army thank you guys, you guys know you keep me going

Johnny Fuckin Mikels, last but certainly not least … thank you bother hope you’ve had fun the last week … we work hard but play harder .. Keep that with you kid …..

JM: Closing Thoughts

CS: Its been 10 years in this business, and everyday I wake up it reminds me of that but I wouldn’t give it up or regret anything in the world for it. I do believe this is the year people will stop taking me for granted but the crazii train has gained momentum and no wall or hurdle will stop us… the lunatic army I growing stronger and this lunatic is growing by a sec…

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