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Interview with George E. Mac!

JM: What interest you in the Wrestling Biz, in the first place?

GM: It all started as a kid in the 80s, watching it on TV with my grandfather. Then mimicking Sting, Hogan, Flair and others as I got a little older. Wrestling in the bed room with my cousin, lets just say we broke a lot of stuff in the house.

JM: You have trained to be a pro wrestler but have since been a referee, why the sudden change?

GM: Well I didn't really get much of a break in wrestling since training 10 years ago. So I ended up getting quite rusty. I worked for a few promotions over the years but only when friends in the business needed someone to work. Now I'm training again to knock the rust off and sharpen my skills. I was working as a referee to help show that I am willing to step up where needed and pay my dues.

JM: What are some of your Highlights In pro wrestling?

GM: I am the Highlight.

JM: You have been working for Shawn Hardy’s 1CW since the debut this past summer, did you ever expect 1cw to go as far as it has in helping charitable causes for awareness?

GM: 1CW has great potential. I may be an asshole but I am nowhere near the asshole that these diseases are. I take pride in the fact that I can be a part of a show that helps raise money for causes.

JM: Since the debut, you showed up as a referee chosen by Buddha in a three way table’s match in order to stop the Crazii train lead by Crazii Shea, what’s your beef with Shea?

GM: Personally I have no beef with Shea, it's all business. If I can make a buck by "turning a blind eye" I will. Come November 20th I will take matters into my own hands and show those idiot fans just how bad I can be.

JM: The same match consider the best match of the night saw you get hit in the head with a Steele chair by Insane plan’s own your’s truly Johnny Mikes and almost broke through a table that didn’t break with Buddha the first time and after Crazii Shea won the match… Buddha slapped you due to not living up to your end of the deal.. All this in front of 600 plus fans….how did you feel about your plan not going the way it was suppose to?

GM: Buddha failed, not me. I did exactly what I was supposed to do, give him the upper hand. He had the win ready for the taking and he let Shea come back on him. Don't worry about how him slapping me made me feel. Once I get a chance at Buddha you will SEE how I felt about it.

JM: at the last 1CW Event you were assigned once again to ref a match involving Crazii Shea however you didn’t pull out any tricks this time.. How come?

GM: Let me get this right. You want me to let you know how my mind works? Fat chance. I am always planting seeds of wonder and doubt.

JM: You have a debut match in 1CW on November 20th involving you and Chance sevenfold against your rival Crazii Shea and your Boss 1CW Owner Shawn Hardy .. What do you have in store for the both of them?

GM: I have a lot of pain in store for them. what kind of asinine question is that? I'm going to make the little kids cry, the women swoon, and the men jealous.

JM: How did your partnership with Chance come about and to add Shawn hardy to the mix what’s your issue with him?

GM: My partnership with Chance came about when he got screwed over at the PPW show. I was unconscious and Shawn Hardy used my hand to hit the 3 count and give Shea the win. Shawn Hardy and Shea both knew that there was no way they would keep the belt with out cheating.

JM: Name association Game

Shawn Hardy- Will be made an example out of.

Crazii Shea- Going to be fun crushing his Lunatic Army.

Johnny Mikes-- You will get what is coming to you as well John.

Buddha-- I'm going to do more than rub his belly.

Ian Cross-- Who?

Scotty Astro-- Ah, the South American sensation. I would enjoy a match with this man. I like his style and a victory over him would be great.

Greywolf-- This guy comes straight out of the 17th century or something. I can never follow what the hell he is saying. The fans love him and go nuts when he comes out but let's be serious. The fans are idiots, they don't matter nor does what they think.

Trixie Lynn--One word, "Yummy". I would let her pin me any day. I may just have to take her away from Shea as well.

Chance Sevenfold --My tag partner, and a guy with a twisted mind like myself.

JM: Any advice for fans who wanna follow there dreams?

GM: what the hell do I care? Stay the hell out of my way, and sit your ass in the seat and shut up.

JM: Closing thoughts?

GM: the name is George E. Mac, the "E" stands for "Everything you wish you could be." Don't forget it.

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Quick Highlights

---Debut: 2002

---Worked for First State Championship Wrestling (1CW)

Interviewer: John Mikels
Interview Date: October 29, 2010

Official Websites:

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