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Legends Pro Wrestling:
Mountain Maddness

September 29, 2011

Wheeling, WV

There was no actual wrestling due to Code Requirements of the Venue where LPW hosts the events and was forced to cancel the event... However LPW still delivered The Hall of Fame of the WWE and ECW Icon AL Snow and several promos of It's stars as well as a Bonus Arm Wrestling Match... I still will recap the event


MR. 8x10 started the event off with a promo of Inducting Al Snow Later and discussed the Issues of the Code Requirements and had a good time with the fans.. Actually I was speaking with him seconds before this Promo and as we were talking he just said you know what I am going to cut a promo now and went for It without any plan on what to say or do on the mIc.. Very Professional and cool to see that despite no wrestling.. he still showed passion and heart In performing for the fans!!


At the end of the Mr. 8X10 Promo.. He gave any body the opportunity to take over the mIc and sure enough one young guy by the name of Brian Phoenix was the next one to take the mic... Brian Phoenix Is a wrestler from LPW's Rival Black Diamond Wrestling who was given the opportunity to work for LPW and this was his debut with the fed. He came up and just started talking away about his experience with BDW and didn't hold back on how he was treated In the company and also showed passion on the mIc by going around and asking fans about BDW and Insulting them If they even heard about them lol... I ended up talking to him after his promo and found out that this was his very first time ever talking on the Mic and I responded by saying wow, I would of never known.. your a natural... which he was to me.. he did great on the mic and I would of never guessed that was his first time talking In public.. Nice guy, I see a bright future for him In LPW.

Arm Wrestling Match

From Ohio Championship Wrestling (OCW) Jock Samson Was talking smack to the fans and gained a lot of heat and chants from the crowd being now known as Jock Strap In LPW... He than Challenged a Fan from the crowd In a Arm Wrestling Match...The DJ at the event Hosted and Ref the match and a very built guy answered Jock Samson's challenge... After a few minutes of Jock Samson staling In getting the bout started... He than was ready and the Intensity between the two began and went underway.. Jock Samson won the bout by beating the fan and throwing him off the chair... After bragging he won.. a lot of the fans wanted to also challenge him


Jack Blaze the LPW Chairman took over the mic to discuss the code requirements and the plans of the Blaze and Douglas era and gave a run down on what to see In the future of LPW and pushed the main attraction of the LPW Hall of Fame tonight seeing AL Snow...

LPW Hall of Fame

Jack Blaze came out to discuss AL Snow and his career and than Introduced AL Snow who came out to his famous entrance music "What does everybody want?" and Blaze Than showed a highlight video package of his time In the WWE In the height of his famous feud with the Late Great Big Boss man and the storyline between them two Involving AL Snow's dog Pepper... I remember that very well when Pepper was AL Snow's pride and joy on WWE TV and Big Boss man cooked and fed Al Snow his own dog... Very Interesting and entertaining story at the time and they brought those memories back In LPW to show the fans... Al Snow than discussed how the story came about which was a true story but only Involving WWE Legend MR. Fuji and took the real life story Into the WWE Storylines on TV.. Nice quick Trivia during the event.. Than Mr. Jack Blaze Presented Al Snow with the LPW Hall of Fame award and AL accepted It and was all smiles when receiving this honor..

My Experience

Here Is a quick Rundown on my relationship with Jack Blaze and LPW... For a time In my life I was living In Moundsville, WV and was looking for work In the area and found a flyer of LPW In a store and than did a little Research and judging by the pIctures online and the stories my Aunt and Uncle told me of how they knew him and use to go to there XWF Events.. I wanted the opportunity to work for them.. So I Contacted Jack Blaze and sure enough we talked several times and He gave me the opportunity to be apart of the LPW FamIly... However once I was offered the Job, the timing was bad as I moved back to Pittsburgh and had no Internet or computer access for about 6 months... So the last 6 months I couldn't get to a single show or do what I do best In wrestling... Slowly but surly I got back on my feet and was ready for my debut In LPW..

Of course there were Issues and problems keeping this event all thanks to Black Diamond Wrestling who Is best known as sabotaging LPW every chance they get... I of course was not going to stand for It as I have been planning to take part In LPW for a good while now that I of course along with Jack Blaze and Mr. 8X10 took care of the financial situation to keep this event In place and although due to the fire code requirements.. no wrestling was out of my control and I couldn't help change that... So even though everything but wrestling was taking care of.. I still showed up not knowing what to expect or how Jack Blaze was going to pull this off... Considering there was no actual wrestling.. Jack Surprised me by delivering Al Snow Into the LPW hall of fame and a lot of great promos and a bonus Arm Wrestling match...

My role within the LPW Is still up In the air.. there was talk of me cutting a promo and Introducing myself and what Insane Plan stands for but I felt I wasn't ready for that KInd of attention just yet being It was my first time In LPW... although I was close enough to do It, I figured It will be a better time If I was more prepared... I also was asked to Interview AL Snow about the Hall of Fame for the DVD and youtube and was ready to do that but due to timing It wasn't possible to fit that In the line up... So I enjoyed being the Man behind the scenes at the event... Meeting and greeting the fans, meetIng the stars of LPW and there families.. WorkIng with 8X10 and Jack Blaze was an awesome experience... I met a lot of guys wantIng to work for LPW and they all were nice... My family who came to the event also had a great time and looking forward to coming to future LPW Events...I also Introduced my Cousin Mikey Into the world of wrestling bringing him In on a gig as a camera man and now hopes to get the chance to work as there official camera man for future LPW events... I also got the opportunity to meet AL Snow himself at the bar and In the locker room and he Is one of a kind and very nice and made time for all the fans who wanted autographs and pIctures esp. My dad and his girlfriend... they still talk about how great that experience was that they sent me a thank you card for Introducing them to him....

last but not least, I got to work on music for the famous Jimmy Fart skit for you tube and although I have heard about It and seen It on you tube... To actually be apart of that up close was awesome.. both 8x10 Who portrayed Al Snow and Jack Blaze who Portrayed Jimmy Hart with his own twist and version to the character.. did an awesome job sending out a challenge to the REAL AL Snow... It was awesome to be apart of that backstage promo

Over and All.. In my 10 years working, I have been at shows with 20 people and four matches on the card and I have also been to a show that had 16 matches on the card and over 600 people at the event, But never worked at a show where there was no wrestling and still left home having the best time I ever had.. I felt very proud of LPW and the management of LPW for not holding back on what they can do to still show entertainment and a good time for the fans of LPW and not be broken by Black diamond Wrestling... In a situation like this, most promoters would give up and not deal with the politics and drama of putting a show together but not LPW... they did all they could do to show there passion and there heart they have In the business and that's the company I would rather work for despite the drama of BDW... I plan on staying with LPW and the LPW FamIly for a long time.. That Is where my heart Is!!

Quick Results

Jock Samson beat a Fan In a Arm Wrestling Match


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Covey Pro: Vengeances in the Ville, 4 Year Anniversary

September 4, 2010

Glennville, WV

Singles Match

Tatanka vs Shane Douglas (w/Sunny)

This was a great match between two big names as Tatanka & Shane Douglas go at it.. this match made Covey Pro match of the year i believe... Tatanka picks up the win when Sunny's interference backfires

Tag Team Championship

Bill Jacobs & Samuel Elias vs The Bay City Thrashers

great match.. I enjoyed it when Bill Jacobs and Elias picked this up with a win

Singles Match

Kristopher Koloff (w/Patrick Mcbee) vs SGT Cody McGraw

I honestly was cheering for Cody to win this bout.. a great match.. most def. a lot of old school in this match even with the manager's interference...Koloff picked up the victory in this match

Ladies Tag Team Match

Mary Elizabeth Monroe & Heather Owens vs Law & Order (Rose & Ragina Hoyt)

I don't want to sound mean but I never heard of any of these Girls until they were announced to wrestle this event... I knew of Law and Order from the last Covey Pro I attended but the girls had different roles in the company. I actually think this was there first match if I am not mistaken

Great match between the four and would love the chance to help put there names on Insane Plan for interviews to help gain free exposure on the internet...Monroe and Owens picked up the win in this match

Midgets Match

This was a match I have personally been waiting for. I never seen a midget match in person before and was entertaining esp. when Short stack cut a promo and liven up the crowd... both great athletes in the match and Sampson picked up the win

Chucks Corner

The Lions Liar Girls was guests on Chuck's corner and honestly I didn't see a point to this segment but the Fans sure loved it...

Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match

Scott Sarin vs Ian Cross w/Big Buddha<

Great match, this also I believe was my first ladder Match in person... both men gave it there all and Buddha as well.. very good match. Scott Sarin won this match

No Holds Barred Fatal 4 way for the heavyweight title

This was a match for the Covey Pro Championship title.. and was the main event....Great match loved it...everything you want to see in a hard-core match, you saw in this match, Crazii Shea gave it his all and even more... it was to a point I don't think he cared about winning the title just as long as the fans got there money's worth.. Brent Rage and Ace Montana were also awesome in this match and didn't hold back... Bazooka won this match and the title for the 2nd time which i believe he deserved

My Experience

This was the better event of the two Covey Pro feds That i went to... More fans, more action, better matches, most def. more entertainment

Once I arrived early and before the show started, Tatanka was in the ring training students before the bell time and I got to see his work and his passion by training these Students.. Very professional, cared a lot about safety, and very Patient.. The students couldn’t of asked for a better teacher

I was working the merchandise table with Sunny and Shorts Stack Sampson

Sunny, Still a bad experience... she is so awkward and a horrible human being.... however Short Sleeve on the other hand was a great person to work with.. he is such a down to earth guy and I really enjoyed meeting and working with him....I hope to interview him for Insane Plan.. he would make a great interview I think!

Bad boy Brian was another great guy to meet, I enjoyed having a cigarette break with him...

Other than Sunny, I really enjoyed the show and was glad to see the fed bounce back from the tribute to the Troops show

Quick Results

Tatanka beat Shane Douglas (w/Sunny)

Bill Jacobs & Samuel Elias beat The Bay City Thrashers

Kristopher Koloff (w/Patrick McBee) beat SGT Cody McGraw

Mary Elizabeth Monroe & Heather Owens beat Law & Order

short Sleeve Sampson beat Bad Boy Brian

Scott Sarin beat Ian Cross (w/Big Buddha) in a Cruiserweight ladder match

Bazooka Joe beat Crazii Shea, Brent Rage, & Ace Montana to become the 2nd covey pro champion


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1CW vs DCW Summer Clash

August 21, 2010

Dover, Delaware

The Event

#1 seed in tag team tournament Match

Greywolf and Helleware Assassin (w/Big Anthony Soprano) vs Dark Karnivil vs Andrew Steele & Brandon Rodriguez vs Brain Hardy & Kevin Chesney

This was a great opening bout and a lot of great wrestling action...Was happy to see Greywolf and Assassin pick up the victory to be on there way to the top of 1CW

3 Way Cruiserweight title match

Crazii Shea (w/Trixie Lynn) vs Scotty Astro vs Chance Sevenfold

I gotta be honest when writing my thoughts for this match... disappointed, upset, and impressed all at the same time

due to my role at the debut of 1CW, I was led to believe I would have a role as a manager of Crazii Shea for this show because George E. Mac was assign to referee this bout...That did not happened as Shea was paired up with Trixie Lynn who was the surprised new Valet for him... Than I thought about it...She has more experience and a lot better than me that she would be the better choice for the role and not only that I know the fans would rather see her at ringside than me.. But My thought was, it didn't make sense to introduce her into the crazii shea storyline because of my debut in what I thought would be a new storyline between Shea and George E. Mac with me added to the mix...than the next thing I knew that changed. so that would be the disappointed part

The upsetting part was a shoot in front of 300 fans at this event...This was a 1CW vs DCW event...Not too many people know this but Crazii Shea use to work for DCW in the Tag team Wylde & Crazii during his early years. However he and DCW departed on bad terms and Insane Plan was in protest for DCW to rehire Shea, however that never did happen and this would be Shea's first time working on the same show with many of his peers from DCW...Well, Shea made me bring a DCW Shirt that was of him when he worked there and was going to cut a promo about DCW underselling him on there official flyer of this event. I begged Shea not to do the promo but only to introduce Trixie Lynn because I know from the business aspects of things that it was a poor choice to do and will receive heat from the Powers to be and I know first hand they did not give him permission to do the promo...Well as soon as he called me to throw the shirt at him in the ring. The minute he said when DCW was underselling me. Standing next to me Shawn Hardy flipped by cutting his Mic on the spot. This was in front of a sold out crowd after Shea requested to turn his mic back on, he than introduced Trixie Lynn as his new valet like he was suppose to do in the first place

Now on to the match

Chance Sevenfold got injured early into the match and was sent back for medical treatment. It was so quick I didn't even see what happened to him. He was in one minute and out the next.. That’s how quick he was in this match... So Shea and Astro had to think quick due to the change and both men impressed the hell out of me giving it there all... My role was to bring the Ladder through the crowd for shea to use...well after an issue with security I was late in bringing the ladder at the wrong time and it never got used....Shea than picked up the victory as the first 1CW Cruiserweight Champion. That would be the Impressive part

If your wondering about Shea's status with Shawn Hardy...Both men worked everything out and Shea is still active with 1CW and even tag with Hardy in a match against George E.Mac & Chance Sevenfold at the 3rd 1CW Event. However Trixie Lynn hasn't been seen in 1CW since this event

Tag Team Match

Irish Driveby vs NI4NI

Great Tag team action and have nothing but respect for Irish Driveby and even more when the picked up the win

Tag Team Match

Team ECW: Axl Rotten & Julino Dinero (w/Ms Michelle) vs DJ Hyde & Mark Harro

It was great to see TEAM ECW.. every time they work. You feel the sprit of ECW everywhere they go.. they ended up beating DJ Hyde and Harro

Loser Leaves DCW & 1CW

Zac Conner vs Chris Wylde

Great match, exciting to watch. Chris Wylde gave it his all but did loose the match and has to leave both feds

Heavyweight Championship Match

Scott Dukes vs Christian York

I thought this Match was great and Scott Dukes gave it his all but went over bored and got injured busting his knee but was still able to win the match

Main Event

"The Hurricane" Gregory Helms vs Sao Storm

Great Match and good to see the Hurricane coming through and winning over Kao Storm

My Experience

Well, it's nothing like the experience I had at the debut show maybe because I was able to swing a chair

but other than that I again enjoyed my time at this event and was happy to see and work with everybody again.. it's such a great place to work and It was an honor to be apart of the 1CW Family

Quick Results

Greywolf and Hellaware Assasin (w/Big Anthony Soprano) beat Dark Karnival & Andrew Steele and Brandon Rodriguez and Brian Hardy & Kevin Chesney in a 4 way tag team match

Crazii Shea (w/Trixie Lynn) beat Scotty Astro & Chance Sevenfold in a 3 way for the 1CW Cruiserweight title

Irish Driveby beat NI4NI

Team ECW: Axl Rotten & Julino Dinero (w/Ms Michelle) beat Mark Harro & DJ Hyde

Zac Conner beat Chris Wylde in a loser leaves 1CW & DCW

Scott Dukes beat Christian York to retain the 1CW Heavyweight title

Hurricane Gregory Helms beat Kao Storm


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Covey Pro: Tribute to the Troops

August 20, 2010

Fairmont, WV

The Event

Singles Match

Bazooka Joe vs Trever Allen (w/Ragina Hoyt)

This is a great match.. awesome opening match and hope to get the chance to Interview Bazooka Joe, I heard a lot about him and was happy to see him live!

Chuck's Corner

Former WWE Diva Sunny was a guest on Chucks Corner to talk about being the guest referee in the main event... and was interrupted by Ace Montana who was to face Crazii Shea in the main event and put Sunny in her place by insulting her that this isn't 1996 anymore. Sunny responded with a Slap to his face...Crazii Shea soon came out to join the fun and cut one hell of a promo on both Ace Montana and Sunny... than was joined by Bazooka Joe and Brent Rage ... this all led to Sunny throwing out the match between Ace Montana vs Crazii Shea and changing it to a tag team between Crazzi Shea & Ace Montana vs Bazooka Joe & Brent Rage

I thought this was entertaining and pretty much the first time Shea got to work with a big name like sunny in the ring.. I knew he was nervous leading up to this and I thought he did an Amazing Job

As far as Ace Montana on Sunny goes, he's right...this isn't 1996 anymore

Triple Threat Match for the Cruiserweight championship

Scott Sarin vs Ian Cross vs Ryan Ross

I knew Ian Cross when I worked with him in 1CW and surprised to see him booked on Covey... When i saw him make his way to the ring, I knew this would be a hell of a match and it was... Scott sarin won this bout despite Big Buddha trying to interfere

Tag Team Championship Match

The Airborne Assassins vs The Bay City Thrashers

Great Match, Enjoyed the action! The Assassins beat the thrashers after Kristopher Kolloff interfered in the match causing a DQ

Tag Team anything goes Match

Sunny as guest Referee

Crazii Shea & Ace Montana vs Bazooka Joe & Brent Rage

This match was most def. Main event martial.. this match had everything including Crazii Shea's dive off the Balcony...all four men gave it there all in this match.....From the looks of it, Sunny seemed to be pretty bored by just standing there and not looking like she's interested at all in the match but she did do her job calling it down the middle and counted the 1 2 3 for Shea and Montana to win the match

I am also very very Interested in Ace Montana for an interview, when I saw his promo on Sunny and his main event match.. I became a fan of his work..

My Experience

Other than being asked if I am Crazii Shea's brother throughout the event.. I had a good time watching the show..

I am very Disappointed in the amount of people that came... there was about 40 fans in attendance but I also have respect for the promoters and roster for putting on the best show as if there was 50, 000 fans in attendance....

I just think that for a show that is in the honor of the troops and a free admissions for the fans... they need a little bit of help on the advertisement..

All the wrestlers I have met were extremely nice and professional in there work... I finally got to meet Sunny and that was not a very good experience, I actually am turned off by her attitude...She did however take a picture with me but I was suppose to introduce myself and talk about interviewing her for Insane Plan.. as I was in Mid sentence, she turned around and walked away... She is not a very nice person and I am sorry I was ever a fan of her in the first place

Quick Results

Bazooka Joe beat Trever Allen Scott Sarin beat Ian Cross & Ryan Ross in a triple threat match

The Airborne Assassins beat The Bay City Thrashers after Kristopher Kolloff interfered

Crazii Shea & Ace Montana beat Bazooka Joe & Brent Rage (Sunny as guest Ref)


(Click The Picture to view the event & Comment)

1CW: Bodyslam Autism

July 17, 2010

Lewes, Delaware

The Event

Tag Team Match

Kory Kastle and Chance Sevenfold vs Brian Hardy and Kevin Chesney

Great Match by all four wrestlers... actually before the Bell time. I saw Kory and Chance work out in the ring to make this match good... they have a lot of passion in what they do and it turned out a great match

Kory and Chance won the bout

5 Way Match

Critical Damage vs Steve Off vs Earl Cooter vs Brent Rage and Trever Justice

Great match... all the wrestlers were awesome, esp. Brent Rage...He should of been the winner however Critical Damage picked up the win

Ladies Match

This is the first time I got the chance to see both women work after hearing how good they are in the ring...Both of them did an awesome job and gave it there all... Cindy ended up winning by submission

5 Man Scramble

DJ Hyde vs Bob Armstrong vs Drolix vs Nuitofiga vs AJ Grim

DJ Hyde beat bob Armstrong, Drolix, Nuitofiga, and AJ Grim in this intense match... DJ Hyde had that rush you get when you in the ring for a match like this and it really showed when he picked up the victory

Tag Team Match

Team ECW (Axl Rotten & Julio Dinero) (w/Ms Michelle) vs The Dark Karnival

It was great to be working with Axl Rotten again after 5 years from the House of Pain Show, he's a great guy and an awesome Hard-core wrestler, his surprise partner was Julio Dinero also an ECW Alumni calling there team ECW... it was great to bring back the ECW style into this event and Honor it's legacy and hearing the fans chant ECW! ECW! ECW!... The Tag match was awesome and the Fans Loved it! Ms. Michelle was an added bonus managing the team and she was beautiful as ever! Team ECW picked up the win for the match

Singles Match

Christian York vs JC Wheeler

great match between the two... the Fans loved it! Christian York won the bout

Heavyweight Championship Match

Scott Dukes vs Sal Sincere

This is the match to determined the first 1CW Heavyweight champion and I was lucky enough to interview Scott Dukes before the match took place.. great match between the two, they both gave it there all and Dukes beat Sal to be the first 1CW Champion

3 Way Tables Match

John Mikels as Guest Ring Announcer

Crazii Shea vs Big Budduah vs Ian Cross

I actually turned down this offer to be the guest Ring announcer because I never worked on the Mic and I was too nervous but Crazii Shea begged me to ask the 1CW Owner Shawn Hardy for the spot.. Against my better Judgment, I did and Hardy without thinking about it...Said yes

Than the great thing was, i was told I will be apart of the match and again I said No NO NO... Shea wouldn't take no for an answer....and wrote me into the match... I was on edge through out the event and Kept asking Shea about training me for my spot and up until 10 minutes before the match I was trained by Shea & DJ Hyde for the spot.. That wasn't enough time for a guy that wants this done perfectly and not only that... I need to know my timing and where I would be at on what side and where to sit...and I got none of the information, I pretty much was left to fend for myself lol

Anyhow it was time for the match and the next thing I knew the ring announcer was introducing me and the referee of the match said are you ready to do this and i responded by saying not really but I guess I am gonna have to be and he laughed and walked down to the ring with me...

When I first got on the mic, my heart was pounding as 600 fans were watching.. I sounded like a scared little school girl.. by the time I introduced Crazii Shea which was the last name I introduced, it came natural to me..

Before I Introduced Shea. I introduced Buddha who came down with a paid off ref George E. Mac cutting a promo on the assigned referee standing next to me and replaced him with George E Mac for the match

Okay the match went under way and it was one of the most Brutal Matches I have seen in a long time, all three men were beat to death to give it there 100 percent... Buddha eliminated Ian Cross first by slamming him off the top rope on to the table breaking it in half... That moved the building and made every single person including me jump! Than My part comes in when I saw Buddha get ready to use a Steele chair on Shea... I put a stop to it and Buddha slammed me into the chair knocking me out...Distracting him long enough for Shea to take care of him putting him on the table... Than George E Mac tried to stop Shea by arguing with him and distracting him in hopes that Buddha would get off the table and attack.. but it back fired when I grabbed my chair and in position waiting for him to turn around, I am hearing the fans behind me chant hit him with the chair! hit him with the chair! My Blood was pumping so much at that moment, Once he finally turned around I bashed his face with the chair and helped Shea pick him up and put him in a embarrassing 69 position on Buddha.... I than stood at ringside for the remainder of the match and Shea did an insane Dive off the balcony onto both Buddha and George E Mac and the table didn't break... so for the 2nd time...Shea did it again and it broke, winning the match! 1CW Owner Shawn Hardy ran to the ring side area to check on the broken Bodies and I celebrated in the ring with Shea. After we left the floor, Buddha and George E Mac was at odds on what happen and Buddha slapped George E Mac..

Had I been more prepared for my role. I would of looked at this differently involving me... however considering this was my debut in action, I didn't think I did too bad! The Fans loved me after the match and I got a lot of respect from the fans and workers alike and my family and friends that seen it on you tube

This Match was also consider to be the best match of the night and was semi main event.. so it was an honor to be apart of 1CW History

Tag Team Match

Greywolf & Helleware Assassin (w/Big Anthony Soprano) vs NI4NI

Great tag team action.. Greywolf is the wrestler that truly lives up to his name and showed great passion in this match and with Hellaware, won this match

Tag Team Match

The Briscoe Brothers (w/ Southern Drizz) vs Irish Drive By

I see a bright future for the Briscoes, there already making waves in Ring of Honor...It's only a matter of time we will see them in TNA or WWE...Great match and the Brothers picked this up for the win

6 Man Tag Team Match

Team Autism: The Patriot, Jimmy "Super Fly" Snuka, & Jimmy "Wiseguy" Cicero (w/Bill Baker) vs Team Mass Hystria: Chris Wylde, Zac Conner, & Kaos Storm (w/Chub Love)

This marked Superfly's retirement Match.. it was a great match by all 6 of the stars battling it out and Jimmy Snuka did awesome, I am sure he was emotional after the event and I got to see up front of him doing his last frog slash from the ropes picking up the win for his team

My Experience

Oh God, Where to start... I first got involved working with Shawn Hardy on advertisement and publicity... due to the line up...Insane Plan interviewed Shawn Hardy, Crazii Shea, Buddha, Ian Cross, Scott Dukes, & Christian York... Than from that Insane Plan helped 1CW promote this great charity event pulling in about 600 fans and than the next thing I knew, I was working on the card as a guest ring announcer and than from that the man with the chair

Like I said, Had I got more practice with my role, I would have gotten the factor and timing down to a tee and be more happier with my part, however it was a learning experience and a great one at that and an honor to be on the same show with names like Axl Rotten, The Patriot, Sal Sincerer, Julino Denrio, Jimmy Snuka, & Christian York...

Everybody was real nice and the locker room was like a big family.. everybody got along and there was no drama.. a very Professional run show by a man that knew what the fans wanted and that was giving them there money's worth and all for a great cause. Shawn Hardy is one of the nicest guys I met in the business and I have a lot of Respect for the hard work in putting on this show..

Since the debut of this show...I have only been back once but after my 2nd appearence..1CW was on it's way to the top now inking a TV Deal, as well as signing Jerry Lawler and Carlito on the show and making headlines on in the wrestling world

Imagine I was part of fed from the first show and since than has become an empire in the wrestling world...I had a great time and Hope to be back soon!

Quick Results

Kory Kastle and Chance Sevenfold beat Brian Hardy and Kevin Chesney

Critical Damage beat steve off, Earl Cooter, Brent Ragem & Trever Justice

Cindy Rodgers beat Trixie Lynn by Submission

DJ Hyde beat Bob Armstrong, Drolix, Nuitofiga, & AJ Grim

Team ECW: Axl Rotten & Julino Dinero (w/Ms Michelle) beat Dark Karnival

Christian York beat JC Wheeler

Scott Dukes beat Sal Sincere to become the first 1CW Heavyweight championship

Crazzi Shea beat Big Budduah & Ian Cross in a 3 way Table's match

Greywolf & Hellaware Assasin (w/Big Anthony Soprano) beat NI4NI

The Briscoe Brothers w/Southern Drizz beat Irish Drive By

Team Autism: The Patriot, Jimmy Snuka, Jimmy Cicero (w/Bill Baker) beat Team Mass Hysteria: Chris Wylde, Zac Conner, & Kaos Storm (w/Chub Love)


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WPSD Deaf Wrestlefest 2010

May 2, 2010

Pittsburgh, PA

The Event

Singles Match

Crusher Hansen (w/ BC Steele) vs Jason Cage

This is a great match.. I knew Jason Cage from his time in NWA East.. BC Steele is also a great to watch at ringside...I loved this match...Hansen picked up the win of this match

Singles Match

Joe Brooks vs Scott Prodigy (w/ Stacy Hunter)

This was another great match between two top guys in Pittsburgh...Enjoyed seeing Stacy Hunter work again at ringside, Joe Brooks won this bout

Mix Tag Team Match

Angeldust & Jimmi The Hippi vs Shawn Blaze & Brittany Force

a great mix tag. I actually believe this is my first Mix Tag Match I seen live....Brittany is a great wrestler and enjoyed seeing her play the heel....Jimmi Hippi and Angeldust are a great team and hope to one day interview both of the for the website.. the duo picked up the win

Alabama State Heavyweight Title Match

Dynamite Dean vs Barry Ray Kohlhoff (w/PIV) This was a great match and PIV was sweating bullets throughout the match and ended up Dynamite winning the title

Singles Match

The Blue Meanie vs Sheriff Steele (w/Mayor Mystery)

The Blue Meanie was awesome, great wrestler....this match was entertaining esp. the thumb wrestling on the mat in the ring... I loved this and got a lot of laughs out of this match....The Blue Meanie won this bout

Singles Match

Jack Molson vs Mr. Saturday Night

Great Match.. both put on an awesome performance. Molson won the match....

Tag Team Match

Stryder & "The Franchise" Shane Douglas (w/ Dominic DeNucci) defeated J-Ru & Bill Collier (w/ Dr. Feelbad)

Great Match all men worked great together...Awesome to see DeNucci apart of this match...I also found it very entertaining that from where I was sitting, Behind me i am assuming is Douglas's Aunt or mom, or a relative and she hated Dr. Feelbad for whatever reason and she called for his attention and as he approached her where I was sitting, She called for Douglas’s attention to see what she was going to do and threw me off guard as she slapped dr. feelbad...I was shocked and Dr. Feelbad was embarrassed and took it out on me for smiling lol...Douglas and stryder won this bout...after the match...The relative of Douglas was chasing Feelbad with a chair around ringside

Tag Team Match

Mick Foley as Guest Referee

David Sammartino & Larry Zbyszko vs Lou Marconi & Frank Staletto (w/ Count Grog).... I was interested in this match as Sammartino and Zbyszko both legends of Pittsburgh and both looking real great in this match picked up the win... I was also excited to see Mick Foley pull out Mr. Socko and used it against Count Grog.... with Mick Foley's part in this event. I have officially witness all of his alter egos live from Dude Love to Cactus Jack to Mankind and now his true self Mick Foley

G.O.U.G.E Heavyweight title match

Seymour Snott vs Logan Hodge

great match, I really was digging Snott in this match and was glad he picked up the win to retain the title

U.C.W Heavyweight Championship

The Bulldozer vs Toby Cline

great match enjoyed the action and The Bulldoser picked up the win to retain the U.C.W. Heavyweight Title

NWA East Heavyweight Title

Patrick Hayes vs Ashton Amherst (w/ Morgan Rockafeller)

This was the fourth title match of the night..... and a great match and even better when adding Morgan Rockafeller to the mix...I gotta contact her for an interview as well

Patrick Hayes picked up the win to retain the N.W.A. East Heavyweight Title

Singles Match

Bubba The Bulldog vs Jon Burton

I never get tired of seeing Bubba The Bulldog work,, I have been watching him for many years.. great match and Bubba picked up the win

6 man tag team match

Kris Kash, Justin Sane & The Latin Assassin vs "The Enforcer" Shawn Blanchard, "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin & Anthony Alexander (w/ Frank Durso)

Very great main event and a great way to end the show.....Kris Kash, Justin sane, & the Latin Assassin won this bout

My Experience

My experience was good but not great.... but the event wasn't as good as last year in my opinion

Jason Cage, I interviewed him for Insane Plan and decided to introduce myself at this event and he made it very awkward for me to have a conversation with and thought wow...he had more personality on the internet than in person

The Blue meanie was an awesome person to talk to and even gave me a chance to take a picture with him for free... he actually came up to me to shake my hand.. very nice guy

Dr, Feelbad might be an asshole out side the ring but away from the ring.. a very respectful man.. i enjoy meeting him

Mick Foley was a nice guy but very upset when i paid 10 bucks for a picture that didn't turn out and by the time I tried to go back for another one.. he already left... very upset about that

Morgan Rockafeller, is a sweetheart. I enjoyed meeting her... Over an all a good event but not as good as 2009 Deaf wrestlefest

Quick Results

Crusher Hansen (w/ BC Steele) defeated Jason Cage

Joe Brooks defeated Scott Prodigy (w/ Stacy Hunter)

Angeldust & Jimmi The Hippie defeated Shawn Blaze and Britney Force

Dynamite Dean defeated Barry Ray Kohlhoff (w/ PIV) to win the Alabama State Heavyweight Title

The Blue Meanie defeated Sheriff Steele (w/ Mayor Mystery)

Jack Molson defeated Mr. Saturday Night

Stryder & "The Franchise" Shane Douglas (w/ Dominic DeNucci) defeated J-Ru & Bill Collier (w/ Dr. Feelbad)

David Sammartino & Larry Zbyszko defeated Lou Marconi & Frank Staletto (w/ Count Grog) by dq - (Mick Foley was the special guest referee)

Seymour Snott defeated Logan Hodge to retain the G.O.U.G.E. Heavyweight Title

The Bulldozer defeated Toby Cline to retain the U.C.W. Heavyweight Title

Patrick Hayes defeated Ashton Amherst (w/ Morgan Rockafeller) to retain the N.W.A. East Heavyweight Title

Bubba The Bulldog defeated Jon Burton

Kris Kash, Justin Sane & The Latin Assassin defeated "The Enforcer" Shawn Blanchard, "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin & Anthony Alexander (w/ Frank Durso)


Webmaster's Note: No actual pictures of the event was taken, so I just posted The Roster

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WPSD Deaf Wrestlefest 2009

May 3, 2009

Pittsburgh, PA

The Event

Singles Match

Jason Gory vs Justin Idol

Very great match and both men gave it there all. I have always been a fan of Jason Gory and hope to one day see him in TNA or WWE...the match went to a draw when they hit the 10 minute time limit

Singles Match

Private Twinkie vs Eric Xtasy (w/Krystal Frost)

I was happy for two reasons.. My first time seeing Krystal frost at ringside since 2005 and she looked a lot different... she broke away from the Goth look... and Eric Xtasy who i have been wanting to see his work and he did awesome in the match.. I hope to get the chance to interview him as well... Private Twinkie won the match when Krystal Frost Interference backed fire

Singles Match

Powerhouse Hughes vs Bill Collier

I became a big Powerhouse fan after watching him in the match.... he did great and picked up the win

Triple Threat Match

Patrick Hayes vs Bobby Shields vs Super Hentai in a Triple Threat Match

I knew Super Hentai from IWC when he competed there... he is a great cruiserweight but Patrick Hayes picked up the win over both men

Tag Team Match

Kris Kash & Anthony Alexander vs The V.I.P.'s - Shawn Blanchard & "Dr. Devastation" Lou Martin (w/Frank Durso)

Great match.. enjoyed it very much.. I loved it when Frank Durso was apart of the match and was intimidating the fans.. Kris Kash and Alexander won the bout

Tag Team Match

Tennessee Ernie Nord & Seymour Snott vs Devin Devine & Dash Bennett (w/Stacy Hunter)

Great tag match from both teams, I really enjoyed it and it was great to see Stacy Hunter and Devin Devine together after so many years of being partners in crime

Singles Match

Brutus the Barber Beefcake vs King Kaluha (w/Stacy Hunter)

It was great to see Brutus Beefcake work the event. He really looks good and still in shape. The match should of been the main event. The place was loud when these two men were mixing it up.... One of my favorite matches of the night

Beefcake won this bout due to a DQ and also gave Stacy hunter a haircut which the place went crazy!! Stacy wasn't happy but she was the true heel of the night

Tag Team Match

The Gambinos Brothers (Marshall & Mickey) (w/Vicki Gambino) vs The Wrong Crowd (Brian Anthony & Paul Atlas) (w/Curtis N. Stevenson)

This match was also great and entertaining... Vicki Gambino was really playing her part in this match and was showing her emotions during the match as well... She is a great worker and very beautiful. I hope to interview her as well
Vicki's team won the match

6 Man Tag Team Match

Dominic DeNucci, Cody Michaels & Shane Douglas (w/Missy Hyatt) vs J.J. Dillon, Lou Marconi & Frank Staletto (w/Count Grog)

Dominic DeNucci, Shane Douglas, Missy Hyatt, & JJ Dillon OH MY!... i was waiting for this match to happen and this was also JJ Dillon's retirement match.. which was awesome to witness at this event... Also wrestling royalty was present as Domic DeNuci did great in this match. I also enjoyed watching Shane Douglas kick ass in this match.. a great match from all wrestlers involved and Honestly I didn't know JJ Dillon was going to be wrestling as I thought he would manage to even the score with Missy Hyatt at ringside..

It was also great to see Missy Hyatt at ringside and she was standing where I was sitting so I got to see how well she worked first hand..

Missy Hyatt's team won the match and the only thing Missy Did was get her ass kissed by JJ Dillion after the match

Deaf Wrestlefest Battle Royal

I honestly didn't see this working due to space but it worked and it was a great all out battle and the Deaf Wrestlefest Battle Royal was won by J.T. Hogg... he is great wrestler and hope to interview him as well

Ladies Tag Team Match

Sara Brooks & Hailey Hatred vs Morgan Rockefellor & Brittany Force (w/Stacy Hunter)

All awesome female talents mixing it up and adding Stacy to the mix made this match that much better. Hailey Hatred is an excellent talent as well as Brittany Force and was honor to have interviewed Brittany for Insane Plan... Brooks and Hatred won the match..

not a very good night for Stacy Hunter as this was her 3rd match managing at the event and the 3rd loss for her at the event

Triple Threat Match

C.J. Sensation vs Jimmy DeMarco vs Apollyon

great match. Love it.. very entertaining and a lot of skills in this match

C.J. Sensation won this bout

Singles Match

Sheriff Steele (w/Mayor Mystery) vs Seth James

When I first saw Sheriff Steele come out. I totally didn't know that it was Preston Stelle from the early days of Deaf Wrestlefest... He still a great wrestler and picked up the win over James

Singles Match

Leviathan vs Wraith (w/Johnny Demonic)

Great Match and Laviathan picked up the win

Singles Match

Dynamite Dean vs Bubba the Bulldog (w/Aaron Lester)

Great main event.. good to see Bubba still active after all these years....Dynamite Dean picked up the win over Bubba

My Experiences

This was the first Deaf Wrestlefest in 7 years.. The reason why they stopped the event was due to the sex in wrestling but after 7 years decided to bring back the old tradition of family friendly entertainment... This was a great event the best out of all the Wrestlefests I have attended it is looked at as Wrestlemania of Pittsburgh and It's an honor to be part of it every year... I got to meet Jason Gory who I interviewed years and years ago and also the 2nd time seeing him live...I introduced myself and he was a down to earth guy and honest as he don't remember me and make a joke that he took too many bumps to the head... I hope to have a 2nd interview with him for the site

Beefcake was a nice guy and an honor to meet an ICON... But the best experience was meeting Missy Hyatt...I must of sat with her for about an hour talking about her career and book as well as her DVD Shoot interview... I don't agree with the headline of the first lady of wrestling..... but I do agree that she pioneered a lot of divas we see today.. I really was star stuck and unprofessional of myself I must say... lol I also enjoyed the Divas of the deaf wrestlefest Morgan, Vicki, & Stacy were all great girls and took the time to let me be the center of them in a photo

Quick Results

Jason Gory drew Justin Idol (10:00)

Private Twinkie defeated Eric Xtasy (w/Krystal Frost)

Powerhouse Hughes defeated Bill Collier

Patrick Hayes defeated Bobby Shields & Super Hentai in a Triple Threat Match

Kris Kash & Anthony Alexander defeated The V.I.P.'s (w/Frank Durso)

Tennessee Ernie Nord & Seymour Snott defeated Devin Devine & Dash Bennett (w/Stacy Hunter)

Brutus the Barber Beefcake defeated King Kaluha (w/Stacy Hunter) via DQ. (Stacy got her hair cut!)

The Gambinos Brothers (Marshall & Mickey) (w/Vicki Gambino) Defeated The Wrong Crowd (Brian Anthony & Paul Atlas) (w/Curtis N. Stevenson)

Dominic DeNucci, Cody Michaels & Shane Douglas (w/Missy Hyatt) defeated J.J. Dillon, Lou Marconi & Frank Staletto (w/Count Grog)

Deaf Wrestlefest Battle Royal won by J.T. Hogg

Sara Brooks & Hailey Hatred defeated Morgan Rockefellor & Brittany Force (w/Stacy Hunter)

C.J. Sensation won over Jimmy DeMarco & Apollyon

Sheriff Steele (w/Mayor Mystery) pinned Seth James

Leviathan pinned Wraith (w/Johnny Demonic)

Dennis Gregory pinned Crusher Hansen (w/B.C. Steele)

Dynamite Dean pinned Bubba the Bulldog (w/Aaron Lester)


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IWC Super Indy IV

April 29th, 2005

McKeesport, PA

The Event

Tag Team Match

Sebastian Dark & HENTAI vs. Marshall Gambino & Dean Radford

Before the match. Sebastian and Hentai cut a promo on the ring announcer Chuck Roberts and did a little bit of bullying... I thought the Bullying was interesting as Chuck got out of harms way. But the promo was pointless...

the match wasn't though.. great action and a good way to start off the show... Sebastian and Hentai won the match

Super Indy IV First Round

"Fabulous" John McChesney vs. CM Punk

This was a great match and very disappointed that CM punk didn't win. John McChesney advances

Super Indy IV First Round

"Wonderman" Glenn Spectre vs. Christopher Daniels

This was also a great match and a lot of action.. these two men really know how to worked together and put on an ass kicking match

Super Indy IV First Round

Homicide vs. Shiima Xion

This was also a great match between the two and Homicide didn't hold back at all in this match. He picks up the victory and advances

Super Indy IV First Round

Low Ki vs Jason Gory

Now, I remember this Match......This in my opinion was the best match of the night..I mean, Once Low Ki was done with Jason Gory who in my opinion is an excellent wrestler was beat and battered that you saw the scars that Low KI left on Jason gory when he won and advances in the tournament

IWC Tag Team Champion Ship Match

IWC tag team champions The Midnight Express (Bobby Easton & & Denis Condrey) vs Southern Comfort (Chris Hammrick & Tracy Smothers) (w/Ralane)

at the Start of the match Southern Comfort introduced there new valet Ralane at ringside and despite her interference The Midnight Express still picked up the win

Super Indy IV Second Round

"Fabulous" John McChesney vs. "Wonderman" Glenn Spectre

Great Match between these two guys who gave it there all to advance in the final round which McChesney did just that

Homicide vs. Low Ki

Really enjoyed the hell out of this match,, another 100 percent given it all in a match from these two. Low Ki advances

IWC Super Indy Championship Match

Justin Idol vs Sterling James Keenan

Chuck Roberts introduced the surprise opponent of Sterling James Keenan... from NWA East Justin Idol. He got the loudest pop of the night and beat IWC super indy champ sterling James Keenan

IWC World heavyweight Champion

Shirley Doe vs Troy Lords

Great match between the two. Shirley Doe picked up the win

Super Indy IV Final Round

"Fabulous" John McChesney vs. Low Ki

John McChesney and Low Ki put on a great match and ended it when McChesney was crown Super Indy

My Experience

I looked at this event, like a Ring of Honor event... IWC was an awesome experience seeing all these great talents compete and still wonder why IWC isn't up in the same rank as Ring of Honor.. But none to less.. IWC is a very professional run fed and was happy to report this live for Insane Plan...

This was also the event I found out about the passing of Chris Candito who is an IWC Alumni and they honor him with a 10 bell salute

I also had the opportunity to meet CM Punk before he became the Main Event CM Punk in WWE

very down to earth and such a nice guy. I really like him and knew meeting him that he would make it to the WWE soon.. I learned how close he is to Chris Candito as him and Christopher Daniels were swoping Chris Candito stories and was great to here some memories they were sharing with me

Christopher Daniels was another great guy to meet, such a great sense of humor and I knew him from watching him on TNA, an amazing talent!....

I had the opportunity to meet ECW Original Tracy Smothers, he is another great guy.. I enjoyed making small talk with him

I also spotted Stacy Hunter in the audience and was hinted that she might work for IWC down the road

Quick Results

Sebastian Dark & HENTAI vs. Marshall Gambino & Dean Radford

"Fabulous" John McChesney beat CM Punk

"Wonder man" Glenn Spectre beat Christopher Daniels

Homicide beat Shiima Xion

Low Ki beat Jason Gory

Midnight Express beat Southern Comfort (w/Ralane)

"Fabulous" John McChesney beat "Wonderman" Glenn Spectre

Low Ki beats Homicide

Justin Idol beat Sterling James Keenan

Shirley Doe beat Troy Lords

"Fabulous" John McChesney vs. Low Ki


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House of Pain

March 18, 2005

Beaver Falls, PA

The Event

Battle Royal

This Match was good, I really enjoyed it, I always like watching battle royals, as far as Chuckie Manson goes, he deserved to win the Battle Royal. He is most def. One of a kind with his wicked Teleltuby doll

Tag Team Match

Sean Dahmer Eisendrache vs Flatline & Danny Magic

this was was really good and probably most exciting match that night, Sean Dahmer & Eisendrache are from NWA East and i don't remember seeing them at the couple shows I did go to NWA East but as far as Danny Magic and Flatline I was showing them support for there awesome talent in the ring, I am now a true fan of them both.

Ladies Match

Stacy Hunter vs Ferrari (Subbing for Luna Vachon)

I personally was waiting to See Luna fight Stacy Hunter but Ferrari took her place when Luna was in a very serious car crash and it was very interesting simply because I have seen Stacy Hunter from NWA East as a Manager or Bodyguard as Stacy Hunter Puts it but i never seen her wrestle and this was Ferrari very first match. I never seen someone wrestle there first match. Stacy Hunter did good as a wrestler but i am use to seeing her at ringside but as far as Ferrari goes... man she looked very nervous but over and all she did real good for her first match and i most def. showed my support to the new rookie.

HOPW Heavyweight championship Match

John Ramo vs Samu

This was another good match in my opinion, However I was not happy about the finish of the match when John Rambo won by count out and the title did not change hands. But over and all the match was awesome.

Fatal 4 Way

Brooklyn Panther vs Jermary Izzy Stone, vs Jeff Black, vs The freak (w/Cassie).

Another Good Match, Man I was Laughing when I saw Freak come out... another Star who is a one of a kind.

Chairs Match

Axl Rotten vs Storm Trooper .

I was Looking forward to this match because I am a Big Axl Rotten Fan. this match was every where expect in the ring and than out of no where New Jack shows up and interfears on Axl Rotten's behalf. When I first saw him jump off the top rope. I kept saying to myself that's not new jack is it? than the ring annoucer confirmed who he was and I was like NO SHIT! they both are really good guys.

Tag Team Triple Threat

The Killer D's (w/ BC Steele) vs The Tri Chi Fraternity, vs Scott Vaughn & old school Kevin Featherstone.

I was hoping that Tri Chi Fraternity would get the victory of this match, I am a fan of them from NWA East, My only question is where was the Frat Girls Roxy & Trish

Fatal 4 Way

LT vs Eddie Osborne, vs Nikita Annalov, vs Marc Mandrake (w/ Ferrari)

This was another good match and was hoping to see Marc Mandrake come out the victor but either way the watch was good and Nikita did not look very happy after the match when he threw the garbage can across the gym.

Singles Match

Super Destroyer (w/Mike Trash) vs Kage

This Match was great I enjoy the Super Destroyer and was very happy with him coming out the winner and this is the first time I have ever saw Mike Trash as well and not listing to him on Trash Talking Radio.

Singles Match

The Patriot vs Shorty Smalls (w/ Kacee Carlisle)

Another Great Match of the night and the most entertaining Match with Kacee Carlisle getting involved from start til end and it most def. was great to watch The Patriot wrestling again in person, this guy is awesome inside and outside of the ring and as far as Kacee is concern she really knows her work at ringside.

Singles Match

Jason Stactic (w/Mike Trash) vs Disco Inferno

To be Honest I did not watch the whole match but from what i did see it was good but my ride wanted to go home so I had to leave early but it was a good match from what I did see.

My Experience

One of the reasons I drove out of town to do this was to see Luna Vachon & Doink The Clown who both were booked and I am a big fan of both of them since the mid 90s...However, Luna was in a serious car accident on her way to the event and had to be replaced and Doink The Clown no showed the event which was disappointing however the show still was a success

I was allowed in early and got to see the set up of the ring and the crew working together to put on a great show... they really are a bunch of nice and professional guys and very family friendly run show and they wanted to keep it that way.. I have a lot of respect for House of Pain!

A lot of the Roster knew who I was due to my status with Insane Plan, and The one thing I remember of this event was the respect I got and how much I was included as part of the show without even being booked..

Flatline & Danny Magic were awesome guys I met as well as Marc Mandrake and Ferrari...Marc Even agreed to be interviewed by Insane Plan after the event...I am still interested in interviewing Ferrari when I find the time to contact her

Axl Rotten was a great guy outside the ring as well and also did an interview with Insane Plan after the event, and I was really shocked when New Jack made a surprise appearance...The Promoter didn't even know New Jack was going to take part in Axl Rotten match reuniting the two... Once New Jack sat down...he took a million pictures with the fans for free including me which was like first come first serve bases and I was the last person he took a picture with before he left. I was happy about that

I also met Mike Trash The Patriot, and Jason Static who were all great to meet and was able to work with Mike on his TTR Show which was a great experience and Interview Jason after the event... It was great seeing The Patriot in action again after the first time I met him at Deaf Wrestlefest three years prior, another good guy outside the ring..

The only one I wasn't impressed with was Disco Inferno, he didn't have much of a personality when I met him and charged way to much for an autograph

As far as the Match lineup...Stacy Hunter, BC Steele, & Kacee Carlsie all included me in the event when I was taking pictures on behalf of Insane Plan screaming at me for taking Photos of them... they were the best bad guys there!

I would still Like a Copy of this on DVD

Quick Results

Chuckie Mason won the Battle Royal

Sean Dahmer Eisendrache beat Flatline & Danny Magic

Stacy Hunter beat Ferrari (Subbing for Luna Vachon)

John Ramo beat Samu

Brooklyn Panther beat Jermary Izzy Stone, Jeff Black, & The freak (w/Cassie) in a 4 Way bout.

Axl Rotten beat Storm Trooper in a chairs match after new jack interfered. The Killer D's (w/ BC Steele) beat The Tri Chi Fraternity, & Scott Vaughn & old school Kevin Featherstone in a tag team triple threat match.

LT beat Eddie Osborne, Nikita Annalov, & Marc Mandrake (w/ Ferrari) in a four way

Super Destroyer (w/Mike Trash) beat Kage

The Patriot beat Shorty Smalls (w/ Kacee Carlisle)

Jason Stactic (w/Mike Trash) beat Disco Inferno


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WWE No Way Out

February 20, 2005

The Event

Tag Team Match

Hard-core Holly & Charlie Haas vs Kenzu Susuki & Renee Dupree (w/Hiroko)

Well, after snapping pictures of WWE Diva Ivory I made it in time for the Sunday night heat Main event when Hard-core Holly & Charlie Haas beat Kenzu Susuki & Renee Dupree w/Hiroko. The Match was kind of quick but it was a real good match and I enjoyed it.

Tag Team Championship Match

Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mystrio vs. Bashem Brothers

The First Match of the PPV was the Tag Team Title Match of Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mystrio vs. Bashem Brothers. Not only was this Match awesome but very entertaining with Mystrio's quickness and Eddy's cheating ways and because of there ability to work well in this match they became the WWE Tag Team Champs.

I would of never thought the wrestling world would of lost Eddie Guerrero 9 months later in the year. He truly was an awesome talent and very honored to even be in the same building as Eddie.. Such a GREAT WRESTLER

Rookie Diva 2005 Evening Gown Competition

Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie as hosts

Joy Giovanni vs. Michelle McCool vs Lauren Jones vs Rochelle Lowen

This Segment was horrible but Joy got the biggest reaction followed by Michelle and Lauren... and no Rochelle didn't get a single pop....Torrie Wilson actually butchered her name on the mic lol

Singles Match

Booker T vs Jon Heidenreich

The Sec. Match which was just thrown together of Booker T vs John Heidenreich was an okay match, my opinion nothing special came out of it, just a regular match that you would see on RAW and smack-down. maybe if they had a war or a feud leading up to this match, it would be a different story but an okay match. But I did enjoy Heidenreich poem more than the match itself.

6 way Gauntlet match

Cruiserweight Title match with Funaki (Champion) vs Paul London (who basically tried to be Ultimate Warrior), vs Chavo Guerrero jr. vs Akio vs Spike Dudley vs Shannon Moore.

Out of all the 6 men, Funaki received the most pop from the fans and again another OKAY match but I was more looking forward to the Dudley Boyz Making a surprise return and go after Spike Dudley because of rumors that they will return just in time for Wrestlemania 21. But it did not happen and I was disappointed of Chavo winning the title from Funaki, but happy at the same time of the title changing hands in my hometown. But Why did it go to Chavo?.

Rookie Diva 2005 Talent Competition

Torrie Wilson & Dawn Mare as Hosts

Joy Giovanni vs. Michelle McCool vs Lauren Joens vs Rochelle Lowen

Was this embarrassing! Joy's talent was giving Torrie Wilson a massage, Rochelle's talent was stand up comedy and told a very very very bad joke...The fans gave her the most heat at the event. I even felt unconformable on her behalf, Lauren Jones did a Dance number which was pointless and not good at all, and Michelle McCool made up for the bad segment by showing her talents by Body slamming Dawn Marie

Singles Match

Luther Reigns vs The Undertaker

that Match was AWESOME and man it's crazy to see the undertaker again live after 7 years but nothing has changed as far as the Crowd going crazy when his music hits and the smokes come in play. The thing that is upsetting is that this match would have been a lot better if it was not Luther he was fighting. I always Looked at the undertaker as a Main eventer and I don't think in my opinion Luther is in his league.

Rookie Diva 2005 Bikini Competition

Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie as hostess

Joy Giovanni vs. Michelle McCool vs Lauren Jones vs Rochelle Lowen

Joy Giovanni won and was crown the rookie diva due to the WWE.Com poll of 65 % voted her to win.... Don't get me wrong I am a BIG DIVA FAN but more of the athletic divas and with the non wrestling Divas, It gets old after a while when they do contests & backstage skits. Even though Joy Won, according to being there Live... Michelle McCool received the most popularity from the Pittsburgh fans. I think it was the slam to Dawn Marie that got the fans in the arena to give her the loudest pop.

Not long after the PPV.. Rochelle Lowen quit the WWE.. I actually think this was her last appearance due to backstage problems with Randy Orton and how upset she was of the fans in Pittsburgh treated her… She most def. didn’t know how to be a Diva if she couldn’t handle the heat

There was also a scheduled Divas match between Joy Giovanni vs. Amy Weber but Amy quit the WWE weeks before the PPV due to backstage problems with the roster

#1 Contenders Tournament Finals

Kurt Angle vs John Cena>

my hometown leader Kurt Angle against John Cena and I was very Surprise that at first Angle got a Hugh positive reaction from the Pittsburgh fans and than made a negative comment about the Steelers that it ended up with everybody chanting you SUCK!!! The Match was good and believe it or not I was hoping Kurt angle came out the Victor but it did not happen and Centa came out on top, which I was glad to see that Cena was given the opportunity. This pretty much was the start of John Cena's rise to stardom

Than The Main event of JBL Defending the title against Big Show in a barb wire steel cage match. The Match was good but most of the matches earlier in the Event were longer than the main event. It was cool to see a different way of winning when Big Show Choked Slam JBL right to the Ring and was declared the Winner when he crawled out of the ring before Big Show walked out the cage. The thing that don't make sense is when you promote the barb wire please gets some use out of it and entertain the fans with a harcore barb wire match but through out the match The barb wire was not used once and the most I enjoyed out of it was when Big show slammed JBL right into the ring and it collapsed declaring JBL the winner.

Barbed Wire Cage match

JBL vs The Big Show

I guess WWE was hoping to make this cage match as big as the KOTR 98 Cage match and didn't come close... JBL Won the match...After The Match JBL's Posse came running down to save JBL and ganged up on Big Show and out of no where Batista from RAW showed up and got a HUGH REACTION FROM THE CROWD and saved the Big Show by cleaning house and than John Cena came running down to Finnish off JBL and slammed him right into a table. Than the EYE staring happens between Batista & John Cena which lasted for like 10 minuets even after the PPV was over. Of Course the Next Night on Monday Night Raw, Batista won't have anything to do with John Cena because he decide not to take Teddy Long's offer to join Smack down, he decide to stay on RAW to take on Triple H in the Main event at Wrestlemania 21.

My Experience

The Night before, I got to go to Dave and Busters to meet Kurt Angle and happen to be picked in the first 100 fans in line to meet Kurt for a private dinner party hosted by Kurt Angle. I didn't even know there was a contest until a staff worker gave me the ticket... The dinner was great and despite how much of an asshole Kurt is in the ring. He really is a GREAT GUY outside the ring, A very Easy Going Guy, Laid back and makes his way out to say hello to each & every fan. He is an Extremely nice guy, He was signing autographs promoting the Smackdown's No Way Out PPV Match against John Cena and was nice enough to pose with me in a couple photos. Than of course the Sunday Night Heat Countdown an hour before the Event. Hosted by Todd Grishem & The Very Sexy Ivory, They both are a lot of fun and just like Kurt angle EXTREMELY NICE and was caught on Camera for the MTV Sunday Night heat show...That was awesome for me as well lol!!!!!

Well, to compare the Two WWE PPV's I have personally been there Live Between King of the Ring 1998 & No way Out 2005, I would Have to say With out of a Doubt that King of the Ring 1998 which was known back than the WWF got my Vote as the best PPV of the two and as far as the PPV No way out is concern the best parts were being involved at the Sunday Night heat Countdown Party i guess you would call it that and When the Undertaker came out was a big thing in Pittsburgh as well as the big show slamming JBL right threw the ring, and of course getting to meet Kurt Angle the night before. An another thing I enjoyed was the Tag team title change when Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mystrio won.

So as I am writing this I am Now glad to say that I was part of the road to Wrestlemania!!!!!

Quick Results

Hard-core Holly & Charlie Haas beat Kenzu Susuki & Renee Dupree (w/Hiroko)

Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mystrio beat The Bashem Brothers for the WWE Tag Team championship match

Chavo Guererro beat Funaki, Paul London, Akio, Spike Dudley, & Shannon Moore for the WWE Cruiserweight in a 6 way Gauntlet match for the tile

The Undertaker beat Luther Reigns

Joy Giovanni beat Michelle McCool, Lauren Joens, & Rochelle Lowen to be crown the 2005 Rookie Diva

John Cena beat Kurt Angle to be the WWE #1 Contender for the Title at Wrestlemania 21

JBL beat The Big Show in a Barbed Wire Cage Match


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The NWA-PWX 10th Anniversary

September 25, 2004

Mckeesport, PA

The Event

4 Way elimination Match

Sabotage (W/ Krystal Frost) vs Spyral, vs Devil Bhudakahn vs Jason Cage (W/B.C Steele)

in a four way elimination match This Match was awesome, full pack action non stop through out the Match. The Fans went Crazy for Spyral when he made his way out the ramp and I was very Disappointed when he was the first Eliminated. as far as who got the most Heat, It was believe it or not Krystal Frost at ring side, The Match was Awesome but the fans paid more attention to her at ring side ripping her apart with crazy names I know my mom will beat my ass for saying.

Singles Match

Daron Smythe (W/Paul Atlas) vs Dash Bennett

it was a good old fashion old school match other than a little interference by Paul Atals... after the match they ended with a hug and a hand shake which got a good reaction from the crowd however Paul Atlas left ringside not too happy.

Stipulation Match

Tri Chi Fraternity (W/Trish The Dish) vs NWA East Tag Team Champions Better Than You (W/Damian Stockholm).

As a result, BTY was forced to take a "Beer Bath". if Tri Chi Fraternity Lost they would have to eat dog Food.

This Match was not only good but add a little comedy to the mix when after the Match Damian Stockholm & Scott Venom Left there tag team Partner Brant to fend for him self in the beer bash and to add insult to injury Trish The Dish Dumped dog food all over him as he was trying to find a way to get up with out falling

Tag Team Match

Dale Price & Adam Cage (W/Stacy Hunter) vs Bigg & Lance Dayton (W/ The Surprise Return of Jazmynn Viktoria)

The fans was real wild when Jazmynn Viktoria Showed up to surprise Stacy Hunter at Ring side. this match was off the hook and I happened to stand in the way when Bigg tried to use a chair to swing at Cage and when he ducked I almost got the bump. This match was hard-core no doubt.

Big Time Attraction Match

Former WCW Star and Currently TNA Star Elix Skipper vs Frankie Kazarian

This Match was real good and off the hook when Elix Left the building the winner

Singles match

Vince Kaplack vs BA Briggs

This Match was not even a Match, it was all comedy though out the Match. I really enjoyed it though and again I was almost in the way between them two and almost got my ass beat once again..... Gotta love sitting front row

Big Time Attraction match

Former WCW Cruiserweight Champion and now a Movie Star Evan Karagais vs his surprise Opponent Former ECW Star Chris Hammrick

This Match Really Surprised me when Hammrick Came out and who I thought was a Fan Favorite in the match because when Karagais Came out he did not get much of a reaction from the crowd, but when Chris enter it was all bad mouthing the fans and than it lead in to action when Even scored the victory with his head busted wide open

NWA East Heavyweight Championship

Brandon K vs Devin Devine (W/Stacy Hunter) to capture the NWA East Heavyweight Championship

Now This Match Was off the Hook, this match in my opinion was worst than a hard-core match. Half of the roster came out to interfere and the other half came out to stop them and all you saw was one big riot with Stacy Hunter staying out of harms way hiding behind the camera Man Both Men were Busted open pretty bad and they gave it there all and even Stacy Hunter when she took a mean bump from Brandon K to make sure she don't get involve again through out the Match. well the end result of it Brandon K won the title with The "GOOD GUYS" Coming down to congratulate Brandon on his big win and all of them had a Bash in the ring singing and having a good celebration

Battlezone Match

Mad Mike, Quinn Magnum, Justin Idol & Crusher Hansen vs Nikita Allanov W/B.c Steel, Paul Atlas, Scottie Gash & Three Rivers Champion Chris Taylor W/Krystal Frost in a Battlezone match

also off the hook....... Bodies Flying every where, Krystal Frost was pulled into the action by Justin Idol and he humiliated her and B.C Steel was running around ring side Screaming off the top of his lungs. it was crazy from start to finish and got a lot of cheers and boos from the crowd.

My Experience

This was a big deal for me as I use to attend all the events as a kid and when finding out about the 10th Anniversary show...I had to be there! I of course was expecting the old school wrestlers from those early days which a few did appear and that was nice to see.... but the fan base got a lot bigger since those days and the fans really get into the action...every time a wrestler comes to the ring... The place shakes! and that's what happen here... I didn't have the opportunity to meet any wrestlers other than the Promoter himself Jim Miller who I talked about Joining his school and exchanging numbers... I also met a Promoter from count down wrestling where New Jack was the star of and had them book Crazii Shea on the show and he was really nice, however Crazii Shea told me that it was the worse experience and I felt bad because I was responsible for the booking...lol

I also had the opportunity to Interview Stacy Hunter for the first time after the event to talk about it and she stayed true to her bad self and Primetime Skipper who all he remembered was how long the event was... Lol

Quick Results

Sabotage (w/ Krystal Frost) beat Spyral, Devil Bhudakahn and Jason Cage (W/B.C Steele)

Daron Smythe (w/Paul Atlas) beat Dash Bennett Tri Chi Fraternity (w/Trish The Dish) beat NWA East Tag Team Champions Better Than You (W/Damian Stockholm) Dale Price & Adam Cage (w/Stacy Hunter) beat Bigg & Lance Dayton (w/Jazmynn Viktoria)

Primetime Elix Skipper beat Frankie Kazarian by pinfall

Vince Kaplack beat BA Briggs by pinfall

Evan Karagais beat Chris Hammrick

Brandon K beat Devin Devine (w/Stacy Hunter) Mad Mike, Quinn Magnum, Justin Idol & Crusher Hansen beat Nikita Allanov (W/B.c Steel), Paul Atlas, Scottie Gash & Three Rivers Champion Chris Taylor (W/Krystal Frost) in a Battlezone match


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NWA East Burgh Brawl

February 28, 2004

East Mckeesport, PA

The Event

Singles Match

Spyral vs Sabotage (w/Krystal Frost)…

This was a great opening Match and If I am not mistaken, not much longer after this event, Spyral signed with the WWE Developmental territory..
He deserves it, such a great wrestler and he also Picked up the win in this match

This is also the first I found out who Krystal Frost is and fell in love lol... I am actually having trouble trying to contact her for an online interview for Insane Plan... if you have any info please e-mail it to me so I could contact her withthe request

Burgh Brawl Battle royal Spot

Sonny Landell VS Trance Magnus

Great Match. Sonny picked up the win to compete in Burgh Brawl

Burgh Brawl Battle Royal

This was really a Crazy Match.... I didn't see how a Royal Rumble style match can work in a small space as the Building that hosted NWA East....but it worked and was a highlight of the night... Plus all the managers were at ringside for this match which I have always been a big supporter of managers in wrestling... This was also the match where I first saw my best friend Crazii Shea wrestle for the first time.. and he showed up living up his name Crazii Shea and although it was like two minutes, he eliminated himself going Crazii on another guy in the match. Mad Mike won the battle royal

NWA East Tag Team Champions

Bigg & Scott Venom (subbing for Kid Cupid) vs Scottie Gash…

Disappointing as I never got to see Kid Cupid Wrestle... I heard so much about him in the Pittsburgh Area and all my years in wrestling, I never got the chance to see him do what i heard he does best.....but over and all the match was great when The Tag team champs Bigg & Scott Venom won

Singles Match

Boomer Payne vs Crusher Hansen

Loved the match... great action. Boomer Payne picked up the win

NWA East Three Rivers Title

Lance Dayton vs Devin Devine (w/Stacy Hunter)

My First Time seeing Stacy Hunter work... If I am not mistaken. Stacy had the place quiet when she screamed and insulted a fan... I fell in love with her work as a heel... she really makes a good team with Devin Devine .. but Devine lost the match to Lance Dayton

NWA East Heavyweight Champion

Nikita Allanov vs NWA East Heavyweight Champion Justin Idol

this was a great match and enjoyed watching Nikita work and thought he deserved the championship win when he beat Justin Idol

My Experience

This was a good event and was my first time in 6 years since the last NWA/PWX/East Show i was at during the Eastland mall days on Saturday nights and was fun for me and Got to chill and meet Crazii Shea that night who became my best friend ever since, I also met him during an interview I believe just weeks before he was booked... and I do remember that The Managers BC Steele, Krystal Frost, & Stacy Hunter was the most Entertaining that night and the first Time I got to see Stacy Hunter work which i went on to watch her many times in different feds the next 5 years

I also developed a Crush on Krystal Frost... She is a Hottie for sure!...Spyral was another great guy and enjoyed meeting him!

Quick Results

Spyral defeated Sabotage (w/Krystal Frost)…

Sonny Landell defeated Trance Magnus to earn a spot in the Burgh Brawl

Mad Mike last eliminated Quinn Magnum to win the Burgh Brawl 2004 also including is Crazii Shea

NWA East Tag Team Champions Bigg & Scott Venom (subbing for Kid Cupid) defeated Scottie Gash…

Boomer Payne defeated Crusher Hansen by count out

Lance Dayton defeated Devin Devine (w/Stacy Hunter) to win the NWA East Three Rivers Title…

Nikita Allanov defeated NWA East Heavyweight Champion Justin Idol to win the title


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WPSD Deaf Wrestlefest 2002

April 22, 2002

Pittsburgh, PA

The Event

Now, From Memory.... I do remember a little bit of this Charity Event, I do know that Jerry Lynn, The Patriot, Honky Tonk Man, Tracy Brooks, Beth Phoenix, Shirley Doe, Bubba The Bulldog, Milwaukee Mauler, & Drew Lazario, T Rantchula, Dynamite Dean, & King Kaluha all took part in this event, but to be honest I am lost on the rest of the guys. Still working on the results of this event and leave comments

4 Way match

Shirley Doe vs Orion, vs Super Hentai, & Devil Bhudakahn

Great Match.. enjoyed these 4 men bringing it all they got in this event...Shirley Doe picked up the win in this match

Ladies Match

Tracy Brooks vs Beth Phoenix

of course I remember Tracy Brooks who became big in TNA the next year of 2003 and she beat Phoenix at this event who now is a Top WWE Diva in a one on one match and honestly none of the Pictures of the matches turned out good to post here.

Singles Match

Th Patriot vs Honky Tonk Man (w/Drew Lazsrio)

former WCW & WWE star The Patriot beating Former WWE IC Champion Honky Tonk Man w/Drew Lazario after so many attempts HTM tried to do to win..

Other Matches

Bubba The Bulldog with a Pittsburgh Steeler as his surprise one time manager wrestling a local guy with Drew Lazario in his corner but can't remember if he won. but the match was entertaining with Drew and the Pittsburgh Steeler pro running around at ringside.

former WWE, WCW, & ECW Star Jerry Lynn and made big in the TNA that same year and of course i remember him winning a match but can't remember against who.

My Experience

This was my First Live event I reported on behalf of Insane Plan when the Website was Women of Wrestling in covering the ladies match between Tracy Brooks and Beth Phoenix

I remember finding out about this event and quickly contacted Tracy Brooks & Beth Phoenix to do Interviews for the website which they both agreed... Once I attended the event... I didn’t talk long with both of them but did make small talk and they both were extremely nice.. Esp... Beth Phoenix who was a Heel at the time.. She had such a soft speaking voice and thanked me for the interview... who would of ever thought meeting these two rookies that night turned into TV Stars down the row with Tracy Brooks becoming a TNA Knock-out for 7 years and Beth Phoenix becoming a WWE Diva since 2006 and counting....Also to add to Beth Phoenix's Highlights was being a WWE Women's Champion 3 times, 2008 Diva of the year, and the 2nd Woman in WWE History to enter the Royal Rumble.... One thing that sticks out when I look back at my Interview with Beth Phoenix was the question that I asked do you see yourself in the WWE in the future? She responded by saying that is all I see....

My Next Experience was meeting Honky Tonk Man, a WWE Ledgend and the longest running WWE Intercontinental Champion in WWE History.. I didn't have the time to talk with him, But wanted to take a Photo with him by holding his Title... Well, As i was entering the Ring, I tripped on the bottom Rope and fell on Honky Tonk man using him to catch myself... I don't know if he knew that or not or he was playing up his Heel persona but he wasn't nice as he responded by saying hurry up, I don't have all day... Needless to say from that day forward I stopped being a Honky Tonk Fan

A couple years Later, Honky Tonk Man agreed to be interviewed for Insane Plan by the Website's 2nd Interviewer Dale Pierce.. The Interview was in response to Ted Dibiase’s Christian Wrestling Ministry which he was speaking that he was against them in the Interview making this Insane Plan the first Controversial Interview published. The Interview was a great read without a doubt, However at this time, Honky Tonk Man operated a Website and as part of my Job, I joined the forum in promoting the interview and not even 5 minutes afterwards, The website's Webmaster removed my post and e-mailed me by saying the forum doesn't allow spamming and saw that I was a new member that he will let me get off with a warning but the next time I do that, I will be banned from the website..

I responded as a professional by apologizing and making my way out by saying I wasn't spamming Insane Plan or it's link, I was promoting The Honky Tonk Man Interview only for his fan base on the forum that would like a Honky Tonk Man Update... I than ended the e-mail by saying I will be removing my membership.. Which I did.

My Last experience I remember was meeting Jerry Lynn who by that time was already a big name from his time in the WWE, WCW, & ECW and I remember wanting to speak to him that my first question was, so how did you like working for the WWE, he said honestly...Not that great as you would think.. I wasn't happy there and glad to get out.. He was a nice guy and I enjoyed talking a little that I did with him..

Keep in mind I will be researching the rest of the results

Quick Results

Shirley Doe beat Orion, Super Hentai, & Devil Bhudakahn

Tracy Brooks beat Beth Phoenix

The Patriot beat Honky Tonk Man (w/Drew Lazario)


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WPSD Deaf Wrestlefest 2001

April 29, 2001

Pittsburgh, PA

The Event

Man, I don't remember who all took part in this Charity event except Lexie Fyfe, Lady Victoria, & Doink The Clown and I do remember having a blast at the show and Lexie Fyfe & Lady Victoria are really nice and very down to earth when I talked to the both of them..I also remember T Rantchula & Black Widow at this event as well..

Ladies Match

Lexie Fyfe vs Lady Victoria

Lexie Fyfe beat Lady Victoria in a one on one match, great match.. Lexie was an awesome good uy and Lady Victoria knew how to gain heat from the fans.

Singles Match

Doink The Clown vs Nasty Nick Crane

Every Match Doink The Clown takes part in, is always entertaining... he was making Nick Crane miserable and the fans loved it!! one of the best matches of the night and of course Doink picked up the victory!

Main Event

The Patriot vs. King Kaluha

Great Match between the two... The Patriot won!

Other Matches

Researching the rest of the results... my Camera did not take very good pictures, and this was the best I got out of it.

My Experience

This was weeks before the debut of Insane Plan and no I did not do a live report as back than the choice of doing a Live report didn't cross my mind... I however met Lexie Fyfe for the first time talking to her about building a website for Women of wrestling and we discussed a lot of that during intermission. She than went on to be interviewed for Insane Plan 3 times between 2002 after I met her until 2004 and we both worked together for years on several projects... I am even on her Christmas card list every year (I still have every single one) and not only that...My picture with her was the first picture that made the first fan of the month on her website which is still active today and still posted on the feature... She truly is a good friend and enjoyed working with her... I love Lexie!

My Next experience was Lady Victoria.. This is the event when I first found out who Lady Victoria was....When I met her, She truly is down to earth.. and I honestly did Like her and even gave her a big hug before she left the event and I will tell you.. she is the first body builder I met up close and hugging her was like hugging a mountain... she really is ripped... However... I went on to work with her several times on a lot of her projects for insane plan as well as interviewing her a couple times through the years I believe in 2002 and 2003... However Lady Victoria had a personal vendetta against Malia Hosaka from a match with Malia.. I am not going to share the story of the heat between them two.. But lets just say Lady Victoria used the Insane Forum to turn the Insane Plan fans against Malia with her claims... Unknown to me, both Malia Hosaka and her Friend and Manager Evil Zebra contacted me to explain the story and request I remove the claims which I quickly did when finding out the story.. and Needless to say this caused heat between me and Lady Victoria and I haven't spoke to her since

My Next experience was Meeting Doink The Clown... You know he really isn't funny when you meet him in person but when he is in the ring... he is a riot... I asked him if I could take a picture with him on my camera and he turned me down and said the only way he would is if I pay 10 dollars... so I used Lady Victoria who takes pictures for free to take one with him, which she did and that was my up close and personal picture of Doink lol... I have always been a Doink the clown fan since his days in the WWE... I was very shocked that he agreed to an online Interview with Insane Plan in 2008... I figured he turn me down just like he did at this event for a picture... But he was more than happy to and even went an extra mile in this interview causing the Insane Plan a lot of heat for posting the interview with a lot of what the fans say is trash in this interview

Keep in mind, I will be researching for the rest of these results

Quick Results

Lexie Fyfe beat Lady Victoria

Doink The Clown beat Nasty Nick Crane

The Patriot beat King Kaluha


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WWF King of the Ring 98

June 28, 1998

Pittsburgh, PA

The Event

6 Man Tag

The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher) and Taka Michinoku vs Kaientai (Funaki, Men's Teioh, and Dick Togo) (w/yamaguchi-san)

Great Match.. I think was a good opener for the Biggest Pay Per View of the year...The Headbangers and Taka won the match


Sable who was on the cover of the King of the Ring Poster... comes out to Thank Vince McMahon for rehiring her and Introduces Him to the Crowd... Vince along with Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco make there way to the crowd with the whole event booing them... As Sable was getting ready to make her Exit. Patterson pats Sable's ass and in return She Slapped him getting a big pop from the crowd....Vince pretty much says just like our mothers, were going to be disappointed of the outcome of the event

I was disappointed in Sable's role, I mean The Poster had Sable on the cover in promoting the event which i would believe that she would have an impact at the PPV... She of course didn't expect for the introduction of Vince and a Slap to Patterson... This was almost a month after Marc Mero introduced Jacquelyn as his girlfriend and I was almost positive there would be some sort of Storyline between the two females at the event but there wasn't

KOTR Semi-Final

Ken Shamrock vs Jeff Jarrett (with Tennessee Lee)

I was happy to see Ken Shamrock in the King of the Ring Tornament..he is a great wrestler and gave it his all in the match against Jeff Jarrett which he pinned

KOTR Semi-Final

The Rock vs Dan Severen

The Rock from the Nation of Domination and he beat Dan Severn when the Godfather came down to distract severen

Tag Team Match

Jerry Lawler as Special Guest Referee

Too Much (Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor) vs Al Snow and Head

Very Interesting entertaining match....This match is kind of a handicap match because well, Head was a head of a dummy statue.. and he would be used in the match as a partner of Al Snow.. to add more to this circus of a match. Jerry The King was announced the guest refree which he was in the favor of Too Much and due to the officiating.. Too Much won

Singles Match

X-Pac (with Chyna) vs Owen Hart

The only Chance I have and will ever have the experience of watching Owen Hart Live at a WWE event... Owen Hart was from the Nation of Domination when he was facing X-Pac w/ Chyna from the Degeneration X and this match had it all.. Mark Henry came down to interfered only to be confronted by Chyna and distracted him long enough for Vader to come down and attack him.. After that gave Chyna to chance to run in while Owen had x-pac in a sharpshooter and DDT him and X-pac got the win. One of the better matches of the night and again this was my one and only time I have ever seen Owen wrestle live before his untimely death the next year at Over The Edge PPV

Tag Team Championship Match

The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) (c) (with Chyna) vs The New Midnight Express (Bombastic Bob and Bodacious Bart)(with Jim Cornette)

I love this match.. again with Chyna & Jim Corenette at ringside, It was entertaining.. The New Age Outlaws came out on top....

Years later, Jim Cornette was doing a shoot interview when asked about Chyna and said she messed up the KOTR Match when Chyna was at the wrong side when Jim Interfered and was getting ready to hit Billy Gunn but was standing there looking like an idiot because it took her long enough to run around to hit him in the nuts. He was not suppose to hit Gunn and Gunn was not suppose to attack so they kind just stood there waiting for Chyna

When I heard this interview.. I do remember Jim Standing in the Ring holding his tennis Racket waiting for Chyna while Gunn was watching him


KOTR Final

Ken Shamrock vs The Rock

Triple H joined for the commentary while Chyna join the Spanish table for commentary and this was to be crown the KOTR...Great match however I would have like to see The rock be crown the KOTR but shamrock deserved the win without a doubt

Hell in a Cell

The Undertaker vs Mankind

out of all the wrestling events and matches I have seen live... This match is the #1 match of all time that i attended to see. The excitement, and the crowd reactions, the Blood Bath, The steel Cage, The Thumb tacks... This match defines Hard-core.. Both men gave an unforgettable performances in this match and I remember when Taker knocked him off the cage how not one person including myself was sitting down.. even more hard-core was they stopped the match because of the blood lost of Mankind and was taken back on a stretcher with Terry Funk... and he came back for some more.. That is true passion!

First Blood Match

Kane (with Paul Bearer) vs Steve Austin (c)

Very Disappointing of the out come of this match. Vince said we would... exciting to see the Steele Cage come to play, and Mankind and the Undertaker coming out to take part in after there unforgettable battle, I remember how pissed off Steve Austin lost the title to Kane... It actually ruined my night... Kane only held the title for a day lol

My Experience

17, 500 attended This event... I didn't think the population of Pittsburgh had that much living in the city.... I was shocked when my Friend bought me a ticket to the King of the Ring Pay Per view.. My first PPV event.....

leading up to the event I got to meet Faqrooq who was at my local Giant Eagle signing autographs promoting the PPV...and still have it til this day... Very quiet guy not much of a story about meeting him other than signing my autograph photo for free...

It was also awesome that back than the WWF King of the Ring Pay per view was the top 5 PPVs to watch a year and I was there... very Upset that they discontinued the event after 2002...The 1998 KOTR should of been the reason why they don't stop the PPV ... this event was the best PPV of 1998 and I was there...the Taker and mankind match is still talked about til this day

also this was the end of an era of managers at ringside. I enjoyed seeing managers such as Jim Cornette, Tennessee Lee, Yamaguchi-San, Paul Bear & Chyna work in the WWF... of course they phased out the managers by the end of the year which was a mistake on there part

Over and all.. the best experience and great to be apart of history

Quick Results

The Headbangers and Taka Michinoku defeated Kaientai (w/Yamaguchi-san) Tag team match 06:41

Ken Shamrock defeated Jeff Jarrett (with Tennessee Lee) KOTR Semi-Final 05:29

The Rock defeated Dan Severn KOTR Semi-Final 04:25

Too Much defeated Al Snow and Head Tag team match with Jerry Lawler as Special Guest Referee 08:27

X-Pac (with Chyna) defeated Owen Hart Singles match 08:30

The New Age Outlaws (with Chyna) defeated The New Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) Tag team match for the WWF Tag Team Championship 09:54

Ken Shamrock defeated The Rock KOTR Final 14:09

The Undertaker defeated Mankind Hell in a Cell match 16:00

Kane (with Paul Bearer) defeated Steve Austin (c) First Blood match for the WWF Championship 14:52


Webmaster's Note: No actual pictures of the event was taken, so I just posted The Roster

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Pro Wrestling Xpress

February 13, 1998

Pittsburgh, PA

The Event

This Event was happened 13 years ago.. I am still trying to do research of this event and the only thing i remember about this is it was in February. And not all the pictures turned out well.... I remember T-Rantcula, his valet Black Widow who were members of a faction in PWX of hard-core bikers..., I also remember Papa Gator & Bubba Bulldog (He is most Famous for his Role on a local Pittsburgh Radio Station B94) & Angel who was like a Sunny of the PWX... She actually resembles her I think

The Event

researching results

My Experience

I remember how nice Black Widow, T Rantchula, Angel, and Papa Gator was... they were the greats of Pittsburgh and Loved watching them work...I never got tired of seeing them... I also remember how crazy a street fight involving T Rantcula and his faction was.. if I am not mistaken, Black Widow used a weapon in the match and cracked it over either a wrestler or a referee and it broke and flew and hit me in the knee.. Although it Hurt, it was great to take my first bump I guess

Quick Results

Researching the event


Webmaster's Note: These were the only pictures that turned out

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Pro Wrestling Express

January 23, 1998

Pittsburgh, PA

The Event

I am only going off by a ticket I saved from this event.. And I know this was during the era of the Dog Pound in a feud with the Gentleman’s club and I also kinda remember JB Destiny took part in this event as well as T.Ranchula & Black Widow…

My Experience

Every PWX Event I went to has always been a great experience… but I do remember at this event.. The fed has some difficulties and we were waiting well past it’s bell time and Two fans who were just going to watch the show decided to perform a whole match on the floor….and both of those guys were awesome and did exactly how you would see in the ring… to my knowledge they were not professional wrestlers but from there performance they should have been signed to train for PWX…they were cool with me too.. They are down to earth guys

Quick Results

Researching the event


Webmaster's Note: No Pictures were taken of the actual event... so, I posted the roster and only found One from that time...

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World Wrestling Federation

January 11, 1998

Pittsburgh, PA

The Event

Singles Match

WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku vs Brian Christopher

I was never really much of a fan of the lightweights during this time and saw this match as boring but Taka Picked up the win

Singles Match

Ken Shamrock vs Farooq

Great to be in attendance to see Ken Shamrock and Farooq wrestle... this was during the days of the Nation of Domination....

Both Great Wrestlers and a great match when Shamrock picked up the win

Singles Match

Tom Brandi vs Marc Mero (w/Sable)

I remember this match when Marc Mero came down w/Sable wearing a Steelers Hat showing support to our home team the Pittsburgh Steelers and Marc again was being over looked with sable's present that he snapped and grabbed the hat off Sable and was jumping on it in the ring screaming at the crowd and Sable which he received the most heat from the crowd of the night....Of course during the match Tom Brandi had an upset victory pinning Mero... But the crowd wasn't too much into the match because Sable was the fan favorite of the match at ringside and the fans only cared about her appearance

6 Man Tag team Match

WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels & WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn (w/Triple H & Chyna) vs the Undertaker & Legion of Doom

This Match should of been the main event... This was during the time Triple H was managing Shawn Michaels along with chyna on crutches which has always been a main factor in almost all of Michaels matches but none to less.. all my top favorite wrestlers in the ring as well as outside the ring in one match and stopped the show with how much action this match had

of course Shawn Michaels Team won but I much rather see Taker and LOD be the winners

Singles Match

Vader vs The Artist Formally known as Goldust (w/Luna Vachon)

This Match I felt shouldn't happen because they were booked for the PPV Match a week later. I would think this would put a dent in the PPV Buys from Pittsburgh.. However it was cool seeing This match and was happy Goldust wrestled and didn't cut a promo and this time was managed By Luna Vachon who played a part in this match...I do remember a friend of mine asked me what the hell is Luna wearing.. I said I don't know but she looks good i think lol...Sad that she passed away... I am glad i remember a lot about this match and her part in it.. Vader got the win which predicts that he would win over goldust a week later at the Royal Rumble

Singles Match

Kane (w/Paul Bearer) vs Chainz

Great to finally See Kane in action w/Paul bearer but the wrong match in my opinion... He should of been a part of the 6 man tag...That I believe would be awesome to see.. Kane squashed this match and picked up the win

Tag Team Match

Steve Austin & Cactus Jack vs WWF IC Champion the Rock & D-Lo Brown

The Loudest Pop of the night when Steve Austin and Cactus Jack was a team for the match against Rocky Myvia (later Hollywood star the rock) and D-Lo brown both members of the Nation of Domination.....Steve and Cactus made a great team as two hard-core Sons of a bitches kicking the Domination's ass... Of course it's not every day I talk to someone that witness a match involving Austin, Cactus, and the Rock
Steve Austin & Cactus Jack picked up the win

Country Whipping Match

The Headbangers vs Henry & Phinneas Godwinn

Don't ask me why this was a main event but it was and by this point the arena started to clear out.. great match i thought when the headbangers picked up the win

My Experiences

Over 7,000 in attendance and again a WWF House show a week before a Pay Per View... the Royal Rumble Pay Per View

It was cool to see a lot of the WWF Pay Per View Storylines live up at this house show.. If I were to compare between the two house shows I attended.. I would choose this event as the better one.....I guess because they booked better matches like, the 6 man tag, Goldust was on the card and not just a promo...and Kane also wrestled at this event and didn't show up for a stare down, and also Steve Austin wrestled and not run in, Cactus Jack was on the card and not the Dude Love gimmick and also featuring Sable, Chyna, & Luna..

Quick Results

WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku defeated Brian Christopher

Ken Shamrock defeated Farooq

Tom Brandi pinned Marc Mero (w/Sable)

WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels & WWF Tag Team Champions the Road Dogg & Billy Gunn (w/Triple H & Chyna) defeated the Undertaker & Legion of Doom

Vader pinned TAFKA Goldust (w/Luna Vachon)

Kane (w/Paul Bearer) pinned Chainz

Steve Austin & Cactus Jack defeated WWF IC Champion the Rock & D-Lo Brown

The Headbangers defeated Henry & Phinneas Godwinn in a country whipping match


Webmaster's Note: No actual pictures of the event was taken, so I just posted The Roster

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World Wrestling Federation

November 14, 1997

Pittsburgh, PA

The Event

Tag Team Match

Billy Gunn & the Road Dogg vs the Headbangers

I don't really remember much of this match but being that it was the opening match and the crowd popped when the New Age Outlaws came down... I was waiting for the main event of Taker, The New Age Out Laws won

Singles Match

Crush vs Jim Neidhart

Considering after the Bret Hart Screw Job, I honestly was shocked to see Jim "The Anvil" who is part of the Hart family with Bret be apart of this event and of course the crowd didn't react much to The Anvil or this match as it was just to fill space but very Interesting that Jim would work House shows after the screw job..I do know not much longer after this Jim left for the WCW... As Far as Crush goes, I believe this what during the time he was in the faction DOA..A group of Bikers riding down the ramp on there harleys however Crush didn't at this event...

Crush of course Passed away 10 years after this event... Very Sad as he was a great wrester and really enjoyed seeing him get the victory over Jim "The Anvil"

Singles Match

Rocky Maivia vs Ahmed Johnson

Who would ever thought Rocky Myvia from the Nation of Domination is the same Rocky Myvia that went on to become one of Hollywood's Biggest StarsThe Rock... Great match between the two and Rocky picked up the victory

Singles Match

Ken Shamrock vs Farooq

Another great match between the two.. Ken Shamrock won with the ankel lock

Singles Match

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chyna) vs Vader (w/George The Animal Steele)

I was shocked when George The Animal made a rare appearance to be in Vader’s corner to even the score with Triple H who had Chyna in his corner

George got the loudest Pop Of the night and even got a lot of laughs when Chyna confronted George and he planted a big wet one on her lips and Chyna Acting like she was choking that Triple H was performing the himeick Maneuver on her.. It was entertaining... Not to mention My aunt who attended the event with me kept saying, there is no way Chyna is a woman.. look at her muscles and I know she has an Adams apple.. lol

Keep in mind, This was Chyna first year in the WWF and raised a lot of questions of her gender

Tag Team Match

WWF Tag Team Champions the Legion of Doom vs Kama & D-Lo Brown

I totally forgot that LOD competed in this event and they were one of my top reasons of me attending this event....

My favorite Tag team in history of professional wrestling and I got the opportunity to see them live.. They also got a Hugh pop from the crowd.. It's ashamed to see Hawk's life cut short when he passed away in his sleep 6 years after this event


Goldust came out after he turned heel at the Survivor Series and the break up of him and Marlena

and Cut a promo about why he did what he did at Survivor Series and how he broke up with Marlena and I even remember him referring to her as A Bitch in the promo which got a lot of heat from the crowd

No Holds Barred Match

Dude Love vs Savio Vega in a no holds barred match

A couple things I don't like about this is that I was never a fan of the Dude Love gimmick.. I have always been a Mankind or cactus Jack fan....and Savio Vega, not that i wasn't a fan of him but was hoping to see Dude Love mix it up with someone with a hard-core background in this type of match... I wasn't a fan of the match but the best part when Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and stunned everyone...He also got the loudest pop of the night

Singles Match

The Undertaker vs WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels (w/Chyna & Triple H)

again just like the Vader and Goldust match... this match was also booked as the main event for the Royal Rumble a week later however... The perfect main event... Great match and great to see Triple H & Chyna involved.. I don't remember the heat he got at this event after the screw job with Bret Hart but i do remember Chyna getting Choked Slam.. not the best night for chyna.. and Kane also made a rare appearance w/Paul Bearer after The Undertaker won the match doing a stare down

My Experiences

Over 10 Thousand in attendance and my very first WWF Event.. Believe it or not, I didn't even know what a House Show was until I got there....

No story leading up to it expect that this event was 5 days after the WWF Survivor Series PPV involving the infamous Screw Job between Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, & Vince McMahon

To be apart of that history not knowing what was going to happen and who the real victim was and how WCW had a part in all of this and how this changed the face of pro wrestling in general was nothing more than amazing... it was a full house at the civic arena and this wasn't even a TV Taping, Raw is War, or a PPV...I guess the Pittsburgh Fans was hoping to see that even House Shows might get some answers in promos

Quick results

Billy Gunn & the Road Dogg defeated the Headbangers

Crush pinned Jim Neidhart

Rocky Maivia pinned Ahmed Johnson by using the ropes for leverage

Ken Shamrock pinned Farooq with a belly to belly suplex

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chyna) pinned Vader (w/George The Animal Steele) by using the ropes for leverage

WWF Tag Team Champions the Legion of Doom defeated Kama & D-Lo Brown following the Doomsday Device

Dude Love pinned Savio Vega in a no holds barred match after Steve Austin interfered, executed the Stunner on everyone, put Dude on top for the cover, and counted the pinfall himself

The Undertaker defeated WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels (w/Chyna & Triple H) via disqualification when Chyna and Hunter Hearst Helmsley interfered


Webmaster's Note: No actual pictures of the event was taken, so I just posted The Roster

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Pro Wrestling Express

October 15, 1997

Pittsburgh, PA

The event

this was 14 years ago and again my camera was ruin that only two of the pictures turned out at least some what okay and it's of Black Widow who was the valet of T. RANTULA (Pittsburgh Wrestling ICON) and if I am not mistaken was his real life wife as well. Don't remember anything about the show expect it was on October 15, 1997 and still doing research to find the card Info that night. But I remember taking a picture with both of them but didn't turn out and really upset about that

I also Remember Bubba The Bulldog Cutting a promo on the WWF and how he turned Vince McMahon down for a contract lol

My Experience

I remember how everyone on the roster was down to earth and took time to meet and greet the fans.. T Rantchula and Black Widow was the only ones that stick to mind when i remember this even because of how kind they were to me

Quick Results

Researching the event


Webmaster's Note:Only Two pictures turned and that was of the Black Widow

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Mall Wrestling

June 13, 1997

Monroeville, PA

The Event

Singles Match

Brian Knobbs vs Kurt Angle

This was not an event by any means...Kurt Angle was at the Monroeville Mall in promoting his new gig as a Sports caster for Fox 53 10'0 Clock news in Pittsburgh after his Olympic gold medal win.. He than announced at the Mall that he is interested in Professional wrestling and currently being trained for it.. Due to Angle's quest in professional wrestling...He was to debut his very first professional wrestling match In the Middle of the Mall...They set up a ring and Kurt was to face Brain Knobbs of the nasty Boys...This was a free admission for all fans and I was lucky to be standing at ring side.. I do remember a barney Phyfe looking dude who was security in his early 20's being an asshole to me for getting way into the match.. none to less Kurt Angle did great in his debut and Knobs worked really well with him and I was excited as I never seen this kind of action up close before... Kurt Angle ended up winning the match

My Experience

Awesome experience. I actually heard that Brain Knobbs was going to be signing autographs at the Mall... and when I attended for that I got an added bonus of the very young rookie Kurt Angle and both men were extremely nice.. got to talk to Kurt and he was very professional.. 10 years later I met him again and he had the exact same personality... Brian Knobbs was a great person as well and an honor to meet him...

This match aired on the 10 '0 Clock News and you can clearly see me at ringside for the match... I hope to find this on video someday...it was a lot of fun and a great experience..

Also after the match and brian and Kurt went there seprate ways… they kept the ring up in the middle of the mall and I jumped in to run the ropes… it was a lot of fun

Quick Results

Kurt Angle beat Brain Knobs


Webmaster's Note: No actual pictures of the event was taken, so I just posted The Roster

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WPSD Deaf Wrestlefest 1997

April 22, 1997

Pittsburgh, PA

The Event

Ladies Match

Malia Hosaka vs Debbie Combs

This was my very first Ladies match I saw live at an event....What I do remember was seeing a girl I had class with in elementary school who ended up sitting next to me front row during the Malia Hosaka vs Debbie Combs match and Debbie Combs with her big bleach blond hair and gold body suit... The Girl I was sitting with was being very annoying calling her goldylocks throughout her match with Malia that during the match, Debbie stepping on Malia Hosaka's head on to the bottom rope and pulling the middle rope up for leverage got distracted and as loud as she could screamed at her and me to SHUT UP!!! Of course I didn't say anything and wondered why I was yelled at and I just remember being scared, as far as the girl I went to school with, She shut up for the rest of the match lol…, The Place ended up very quiet when Debbie screamed at her…. But in the long run Malia ended up beating her in the match

Other Matches

Researching the results... but I do know Vincent won his match

The Experiences

I remember at this event being promoted the night before at the Mall that I met Blade, a Pittsburgh wrestling star and this girl I had a crush on had a crush on him and was talking to him and Being the show off that I am and trying to impress her, (Mind you I was 15 years old at the time) I approached him and asked to be his manager at the event and he said sure No problem

the next day I being young and stupid actually expected to work at ringside for his match and it didn't happened

I do, Remember Talking with Malia and how nervous I was because I knew who she is from her appearances in WCW... She is a sweetheart.. I remember wanting a picture with her but Didn't have the money to take one with her

My next experience was meeting Vincent from the WCW/NWO....I do remember leading up to the event when Finding out he was going to participate in the event.. That He at the time was a member along with the First Lady of Wrestling Miss Elizabeth in the NWO and I wrote Miss Elizabeth a one page letter and included a picture of myself and went out my way to give it to Vincent.. I remember telling him if he could please give this to Miss Elizabeth and he smiled and said okay and took the letter.. If he did or not, I'll never know and I was way to young to think if that was a right or wrong thing to do lol

This was also an event I first found out about NWA East back than PWX in Pittsburgh

Keep in mind, I am researching the results to this event

Quick Results

Malia Hoaska beat Debbie Combs


Webmaster's Note: This Picture was the only one from the event That i got

(Click The Picture to view it larger & Comment)

WPSD Deaf Wrestlefest 1996

April 21, 1996

Pittsburgh, PA

The Event

Tag Team Match

Benson Lee and Ninja Turtle vs JB Destiny and Masahiro Panic

The Very First Match I ever seen up close and live... I don't remember much other than the fact that at age 14, I couldn't understand why a teenage mutan Ninja Turtle was wrestling in a match, according to my reserch of this event.. Ninja Turtle and Benson Lee picked up the win!

Singles Match

Paul Atlas vs The Gravedigger

Again Don't remember much details in this match but I do remember The Gravedigger staring directly at me trying to scare me as if he really was the undertaker lol... It's also great to still see Paul Atlas kicking but in the ring.. great wrestler... Atlas Picked this match up for the win!

Singles Match

Randy Evans vs Sean Evans

Don't remember much but from the research.. This match went to a time limit draw

Singles Match

Batman vs The Shadow

Another Match at 14, was wondering why Batman was wrestling...Batman picked up the win...

Battle royal

My very first Battle Royal I witness Live....Dynamite Dean won the match....

6 Man Match

Psycho Mike & Lord Zoltan & T Rantcula (w/Black Widow & Notorious Norm) vs Preston Steele & Tony Michaels and Tommy Rodgers

I remember this very Well, I remember first seeing Black Widow who I actually thought was the Sensational Sherri because in my mind they resembled each other with the black hair and glitter and this was during Sherri's time off from WCW

I remember Black Widow Interfered in helping the T Rantcula team win the match... and Preston Steele was arguing with the referee and I ran down to ringside where I was trying to tell the referee what Black Widow did and Preston was telling the ref to listen to me and the ref kept saying I didn't see it and then a bunch of fans saw what i was doing and stormed the ringside area doing what I was doing... (Assholes) but good to know i started a trend after the match

Tag Team Match

Stevie Richards & The Blue Meanie vs Frank Stalleto and Beefstu Lou Marconi

I waited for this match because I knew Stevie & The Blue Meanie from ECW and was hoping to see ECW Hard-core in this match, I was a fresh ECW Fan when this event took place . I actually even think I asked Stevie where Beulah was lol.... but Stevie & Meanie of course won the match

Iron Sheik Fan Challenge

Iron Sheik vs Jimmy Hull (w/John Mikels)

Iron Sheik before his match was challenging any of the fans from the audience to beat his record in swinging his weights around over his head (The Same weights I carried out to the Sheik's car) and he did 103....I begged my Mom's boyfriend at the time to challenge him in which he did and I was standing at ringside for this and of course he didn't beat him as he couldn't get past 3..

Main Event

Iron Sheik vs Ko Ko Beware

Sitting Front Row...Iron Sheik was coming out and I grabbed him to get his attention about me the night before and he lived up to his bad boy persona by pulling away from me and yelling at me...which I didn't take it personally as I knew he was acting

The Match ended when The Iron Sheik put Ko Ko Beware in the camel Clutch

My Experiences

I remember Finding out about this event a night before when The Iron Sheik was at the mall signing autographs and I went to meet him which i accidentally came across him at Sign a thon event held at the mall.... What was suppose to be a simple autograph request which I got of him putting the camel Clutch on Hulk Hogan, ended up pulling a seat with me sitting next to him and talking with me for an hour at the event about his experiences with wrestling Hulk Hogan and his wrestling career, Hard to understand him because of his accent and how little he spoke English...The all time bad guy turned out to be one of the nicest Guys I ever met from wrestling... He even asked me to help him carry his weights out to his car which was a big honor to do

I also had the opportunity to meet Ko Ko Beware at the mall.. Honestly he was Mr. no Personality... I tried to talk to him and he just sat there and ignored me.. either that truly is his personality or he was having a real bad day

I also remember meeting Stevie Richards who was working for ECW at the time he was booked for this event... I remember wanting his autograph so bad I was nervous that I sent my sister to ask for an autograph on my behalf which he refused unless I asked him myself and at first i was stuttering and he responded well I guess your not getting one and than I did ask and he did grant me an autograph

This was also the event when I first found out who T Ranchula and his Valet Black Widow was on the Pittsburgh Wrestling scene becoming a big fan of both of them

If any of the fans knows there where about‘s.. Please E-mail me as I would love to interview both of them

Quick Results

Psycho Mike & Lord Zoltan & T Rantcula (w/Black Widow) beat Preston Steele & Tony Michaels and Tommy Rodgers

Stevie Richards & The Blue Meanie Beat Frank Stalleto and Beefstu Lou Marconi

Iron Sheik beat Jimmy Hull (w/John Mikels) in the Iron Sheik Fan Challenge

Iron Sheik beat Ko Ko Beware

Benson Lee and Ninja Turtle beat JB Destiny and Masahiro Panic Tag Team match

Paul Atlas beat The Gravedigger Singles match

Randy and Sean Evans wrestled to a time-limit draw Singles match

Batman beat The Shadow Singles match

Dynamite Dean won the Deaf Wrestlefest Battle Royal Deaf Wrestlefest Battle Royal

Lord Zoltan, Psycho Mike and T. Rantula (with Notorious Norm and The Black Widow) beat Cody Michaels, Dynamite Dean and Preston Steele Six-man tag team match

Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie beat Frank Stalletto and Lou Marconi

Iron Sheik beat Jimmy Hull (w/John Mikels) in the Iron Sheik Fan Challenage

Koko B. Ware beat The Iron Sheik


Webmaster's Note: No actual pictures of the event was taken, so I just posted The Roster

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