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February 24, 2010

John Mikels

Webmaster/ Owner/ Researcher/ Promotional Work/ Interviewer

Year Started: 1998
E-mail Johnnymikes7@aol.com
Other E-mail Wildjohn1981@yahoo.com

---Currently on staff at www.Misselizabeth.com (2009-present)

---Featured in the Slut Puppy Merchindise Catalog

---Agent for Independent Star Crazii Shea for bookings, merchandiser, promoting (2004-present)

--- Live Wrestling Event reporter for NWA East, IWC, Deaf wrestlefest, House of Pain, Covey Pro, 1CW (2004-Present)

---Owner of Insane Plan (2001-Present)

--- First State Championship Wrestling Guest Ring Announcer for the 3 way Table's Match (2010)

--- Interviewer on Trash Talking Radio (2010)

--- Insane Plan and myself was mentioned on In Your Face Wrestling Telecast and DVD (2009)

--- Worked for the defunct Revolution wrestling radio as a forum Moderator (2008)

--- Worked for the defunct warned.net for Pro wrestling news & rumors (2007-2008)

--- Worked for Hellaware Championship Wrestling web site interviewer known as Johnny Mic (2004-2005)

--- Worked for The Pro Wrestling Connection WWF Velocity reporter (2002-2003)

---Featured in the Wrestling World Magazine in the Fan section (January 1999)

---Worked for the defunct New Wave Wrestling News Letter with my article Jump in the Time Warp with John Mikels (1998-1999)

Dale Pierce

Interviewer for Wrestling, Film, & Music Commentary

Year Started: 2004
E-mail PierDal@netscape.net

--Book Author of Riot in the Garden, Manolo Martinez, Death Rides the Horn,

--- Contributor to Online World of Wrestling, Wrestling Than and Now, Circle of Sand

Renee Straight

Insane Board Moderator & Wrestling TV Recap Reporter

Year Started: 2004
E-mail renee_straight@yahoo.com

--Staff and contributor to Misselizabeth.com

--President of Indy Worker & Glory Girl Alexandra Yahoo Group

Column for That's My Story and I'm Sticking to it! and UFC Commentary

Year started: 2005
E-mail drwrestlingallpro@yahoo.com

--Writes for 11 other Wrestling news sites

-- Weekly call guest on over the rope wrestling

--Former Director, Producer, & Editor of The Vault Series on Insane Plan


Insane Plan's Promotional Model as Pandora Brew/ Promotional work for Insane Plan

Year started: 2006
E-mail Johnnymikes7@aol.com

--Independent Wrestler, Valet, Ring Announcer, Commissioner,& Booker

--Currently Works for SAW & IYFW Wrestling

--Profiled on www.glorywrestling.com

-- Formally CO Owned Slut Puppy Clothing & Merchindise

--Worked for the defunct TSW & WOHW Wrestling

Chrissy Hunt

Insane Plan's graphic designer for Banners and Promotional posters

Year Started: 2007
E-mail hysteria919@yahoo.com

--Staff and contributor to Misselizabeth.com

Brittany Breese

Wrestling News & Rumor Reporter / Insane Plan's Video Producer

Year started: 2010
E-mail Juggalettbrit420@yahoo.com

--Represents Independent Wrestler Crazii Shea in Promotional work

--Editor for Independent Wrestling event flyers

"Trapper Tom" Leturgey

Column for in the Trapper's Den

Year Started: 2011
E-mail tom.leturgey@gmail.com

-- long time Pittsburgh Ring Announcer and Wrestling Journalist for the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance.

-- Former Ring Announcer for XWF and LPW in West Virginia.

-- semi retired pro wrestler who thrived as a Battle Royal "warm body."


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