Mardel's Library

Profiler Stories

You Can't Hurry Love
Love is Blind
Absent Comrades Sam has to pose as Bailey's biker chick in an undercover assignment rated PG
Last Straw Bailey had finally had it, and tells Sam is feelings
Touchdown What should have happened after the football game
Night at the Opera Sam suprizes Bialey with opera tickets
Lighting Strikes Twice Sam is missing
There is No Arizona A case out west brings the pair together
Ain't Nothin' bout You Follow up to Arizona
Captured Bailey disappears and the VCTF trys to find him.
Dream a Little Dream
Take a Chance Saber rated G
Second Chance Saber rated G
Powerful Friends rated G
Forest for the Trees
To Serve and Protect R
Time to Heal Sequel to Absent Comrades
Just one Dance
A Hug is Worth A Thousand Words rated PG SBR
At Last Bailey finally tell Sam how he feels
Miracle What Bailey might have done if he'd been at the WTC on 9-11
Miracle part two

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For storeis featuring George or Grace.

Other Bailey stories before he met Sam (Young Bailey pic Thanks to Enni)

R and R Bailey takes a trip across country after he comes home from Nam.

Houston Bailey's first office assignment after training at Quantico

New York Bailey meets up with a old college flame.

New York part two

Stories staring Robert Davi as other characters he portrayed in movies.

A story about his character from Chistopher Columbus. Voyage part 1 Voyage part 2 Voyage part 3

Amazon Tale Amazon Storm

McCue to the Rescue McCue Rides Again

This beautiful picture found by Isis. Thanks hon.

Billy from the Dangourous.(this great pic from Dusty. Thank you) Arizona Sunset

To honor those you lost their lives. Rest in Peace. You are not forgotten.


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