Toys, Companions of a Child's Fantasy

A Timeline

Toys in Works of Art 

The Seven Ages of Man
From a page of a Flemish religious manuscript of the fifteenth century.

    The illustrations on the border show children playing with;

  • windmill

  • whip and top

Gold Snuff-box of Louis XV

From enameled panels by unknown eighteenth century artist.

    The illustrations on the boxes show children playing;

  • on the left a girl with a battledore and shuttlecock

  • on the right a boy holding a whip and top

The Children of Count Carl Gustaf Wrangel
From a painting by the Swedish court painter David Klocket Ehrenstrahl

    Children emulate the military triumphs of their father. The toys in the painting are;

  • hobby horse

  • windmill

  • drum

The Family of the Duke of Osuna
From a painting by Goya in about 1786

    The boys play with;

  • hobby horse

  • small wheeled carriage


La Gouvernante
From a painting by Chardin in the eighteenth century

    The boy is shown with;

  • battledore

  • shuttlecock

Le Bon Genre

From one of a series of stylized engravings published in France in 1820

The instinct for imitation of a girl with her doll copying her mother with her baby.

The Vaughan Boys

From a painting by Robert Edge Pine 1780

    The boys play with;

  • yo-yo

  • whip and top

Albert Edward, Prince of Whales
From a lithograph of a painting by Winterhalter

    Prince Albert Edward was later known a Edward VII. He poses with;

  • ball

  • one of the oldest toy shapes

Little Girls
From a photograph by an unknown artist about 1860

    Two little girls in similar dress pose with their toys;

  • doll

  • rocking horse

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