Toys, Companions of a Child's Fantasy

A Timeline

Ancient Toys, a Trip Through Time

Balls were among the earliest toys to evolve

Two of the balls are made of fabric
Over laid with painted reeds
Contain small stones which acted as rattles
Center ball from Thebes is glazed, New Kingdom BC 1252


Porcupine from Susa Persia at 1100 BC

    Ancient pull toy
  • Made from limestone
  • Early history pull and push toy available in very early

Greek rag doll doll from Greece 

    One of the few rag dolls from early times to survive
  • Dolls were known to both Greeks and Romans
  • Some rag dolls had survived in spite of the fragility
  • Where the girls had dolls, the boys also had soldiers

This Greek Chariot is from Athens
  • Toys often reflect the nation's concept of a hero
  • Children liked war games
  • Most attractive knowledge of Greek toys is from vase
  • Toy animals were popular as Greek toys


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