Toys, Companions of a Child's Fantasy

A Timeline

Doll Houses with Dolls and Furniture


Butcher Shop

Early Victorian House Exterior

 Dated the Mid-nineteenth Century

McLoughlins Folding House

An 1894 lithographed doll house made of hinged cardboard

Victorian Salon

This room measures 6 3/8 inches high by 11 inches wide


Early Dolls Kitchen

    This Kitchen contains:
  • Iron cooking stove
  • Wash board and tub
  • coffee grinder and busy servants

South Jersey Bath 1895

Clocks Make a Doll House a Home

These clocks date from 1876 to 1913

Cradles and Buggies
 of the 1800s

Ancient Dolls Dolls of this Century
Ancient Toys
 Toys in the Middle Ages Paper Dolls
Toys During the Renaissance Dolls of the 1800s
Teddy Bears The History of Toys
 Toys of the Twentieth Century Toys in Works of Art

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