Toys, Companions of a Child's Fantasy

A Timeline

Toys in the Twentieth Century

Dr Maria Montessori based her teaching methods on children's spontaneous interest in their work
Montessori school in action
Dr Maria Montessori is shown visiting in 1946

World War 1 Doll

A soldier doll in uniform of the 1914-18 war

Two Teddy Bears

    'Teddy' Roosevelt inspired the Ideal Toy Corporation to making a teddy-bear
  • On the left is one of the earliest surviving French teddy-bears
  • The one on the right is dated 1910

Very Early Airplane Made in 1904

Model airplanes were enjoyed before the machines had flown

A Collection of Shirley Temple Dolls

Mascot dolls based on famous stars

Shirley Temple was born in 1929First appeared in films in 1933

In 1934 the Shirley Temple doll reached a sale of 1,500,000


Animal Toys

    Animals have appeared as toys in many forms throughout history
  • In this century it is found in the shape of the soft toy
  • Soft toys reached enormous popularity in the 30s

Battery and key-wound robots of the 1950's
    Inspired by TV serials and the machine age
  • Some talk and gnash their teeth
  • One attacks with guns and suction darts
  • Many have colored flashing lights

Stylized Cowboy

 Outfit of the 1950's

Ancient Dolls Doll Houses
Ancient Toys Dolls of this Century
 Toys in the Middle Ages Paper Dolls
Toys During the Renaissance Dolls of the 1800s
Teddy Bears The History of Toys
Toys in Works of Art

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