Toys, Companions of a Child's Fantasy

A Timeline

Ancient Dolls 

Egyptian paddle-shaped dolls of 2000 BC
    The Egyptian paddle-shaped doll has the following features.
  • Patterned clothing
  • Hair made of clay pellets
  • Almost modern stylized shape
  • Originally associated with children and thought to be toys

Egyptian wooden doll; 12th Dynasty
    Information related to this wooden Egyptian doll.
  • Arms are jointed at the shoulder
  • Made one hundred years or so later than the paddle dolls
  • Arms move similar to children's dolls of later years

Jointed terracotta doll from Greece, 5th century BC
    Many Greek clay dolls have been discovered at Greek temples.
  • Details were added to these dolls with paint
  • This doll is a tall slim girl with hair in a top knot
  • These dolls sometimes held a clapper or cymbal in their hands

Greek Rag Doll

This jointed wooden doll belonged to a girl in 1st-century Rome
    One fine example of ancient dolls is this oak jointed doll.
  • This doll has joints at the shoulders, hips, elbows and knees
  • Body of this doll is as carefully modeled as its face
  • This doll belonged to a 14 year old girl who died before marriage

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