Toys, Companions of a Child's Fantasy

A Timeline

Paper Dolls of the 1800s

Charley is a McLoughlin Brothers doll created in the 1850s

This paper doll reflects the costumes of boys of that day

Grace Lee by the McLoughlin Brothers doll created in the 1850s by Vincent Dill

Brass Band

These dolls were found with paper soldiers.

It is a band of Civil war period



A cat with three costumes by the McLoughlin Brothers appears with a dog, Fido and a monkey, Jocko.

Victoria, created by the
 McLoughlin Brothers

May Queen and Shepherdess
created in 1857 by Chandlers Paper dolls

Little Red Riding Hood

This doll was manufactured by the
McLoughlin Brothers in 1864

Mr and Mrs. Tom Thumb

They were created by
the McLoughlin Brothers
1863 or shortly after.


Queen Marie Antoinette of France

This doll is part of the famous
queen series made in 1895 by
Frederick A. Stokes Co.


This McLoughlin Brothers
doll created in 1900
probably sold for a penny.

Paper furniture
created in 1904
and 1905

Milton Bradley paper
 dolls created in 1914

Ancient Dolls Doll Houses
Ancient Toys Dolls of this Century
 Toys in the Middle Ages Dolls of the 1800s
Toys During the Renaissance
Teddy Bears The History of Toys
 Toys of the Twentieth Century Toys in Works of Art

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