Toys, Companions of a Child's Fantasy

A Timeline

Dolls Created and Manufactured in The 1900's

German Portrait

This rare doll was made by Simon and Halbig in 1910

German doll in
Oriental Costume

Made in 1900 with eastern features

Kewpie Doll

Created in bisque by

 Rose ONeil in 1912

Historical dolls created
by Mrs. Edith Savary

These all hand modeled dolls
 were created by this supervisor
 of art some time after 1938

George and Martha Washington

Created between 1900
and 1940 by Mrs. Emma C. Clear

Wendy Ann

Created by Madame Alexander in 1950s

Peter Pan

by Madame Alexander

Early 1960 Gibson Girl

by Madame Alexander

Mary Hartline

 by Toni in early 1950s

Jill and Jeff

 late 1950s by Vogue


by Ideal in 1960s
only lasted a few years

G.I. Joe

Americas Fighting Man
 by Hasbro, an action
Doll 1960s

Trolls and troll-like
 animals from mid 1960s

Ancient Dolls

Doll Houses

Ancient Toys

 Toys in the Middle Ages

Paper Dolls

Toys During the Renaissance

Dolls of the 1800s

Teddy Bears

The History of Toys

 Toys of the Twentieth Century

Toys in Works of Art

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