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My name is Noreen and I also go by my AOL screen name - WolfEsence. I was born to a God and Angel loving mom and a dad that was a self proclaimed aethist - who believes in God enough to blame all his problems on Him. I more or less followed what was in my heart and what felt right to me as far as faith of any sort was concerned. I have always believed in "God" but do not feel it's the church you go to, the name you label "God" with, or how you worship that matters ~ it's the love in your heart, the light that you shine, and how you live your life. I feel like there is only 1 divine source but several ways to celebrate, much like in the writing called Pathways.

Since I've been on my journey someone told me I was a Pagan. My first thought was how horrible to say that about me - I felt like I was being compared to heathens and barbarians! Afterall, isn't that how TV and many other sources portray Pagans??? To be truthful my feelings were hurt! I decided to do some research to see why she would say this to me! I discovered - Yes, indeed I am a Pagan in so many ways! While studying Paganism it was only natural to start reading about Wicca and Witchcraft. All the pieces in my life seemd to have names to them now and have been all falling together! It was much like "coming home." I feel there are a lot of misconceptions about Wicca and Witchcraft. I hope that when I touch someones life and they realize I am Wiccan and a Witch that they will somehow have learned a truth ~ that we walk in peace and beauty, and not what the horror movies portray. I would like to try to help others to realize that the "old ways" are very loving and caring - to humans, wildlife and our Mother - The Earth! The main principal says it all Harm None - Do as ye will. I would love to help others just starting on their paths gain knowledge as I am learning. There is much we can learn from each other. The world would be a very small boring place is every one of us was identical in thoughts, beliefs and practices.

I feel the way you look at life and the world around you means a lot. Treat your fellow humans as you wish to be treated. Treat the animals and earth with love and respect. I am a firm believer in reaching for the stars! If you tell yourself you can never grasp them ~ you won't! When I am through on this astral plane I would like to think I will have spread love and light to all around me. Or at least that I will have given people some food for thought and it is up to them how they will utilize it.

I am always surrounded by loving angels. They guide me and help me, be it with the mundane daily world or when I am working magick. I have also filled my house with angels through collectables, pins, books and whatever else that feels right to me. There is a lot of angel inspiration out there waiting for you to touch it, feel it and then pass it to others around you. I have now learned I see the "nature angels" - faeries. This was quite startling for me as I started to see them about 6 months before turning 40 years old! I would see movement and flitting things in my garden in the corners or my eyes but when I looked at them I couldn't see them! This went on for a while before realizing what they were! For my 40th birthday suddenly people were giving me faery related things! I had never told people of seeing faeries and was so surprised at these gifts since I didn't even collect them! One day looking for a book online I found Healing With The Faeries and it sounded interesting and decided I needed them. I found both the card oracle and the book by Doreen Virtue at a bookstore but after looking at them I decided they weren't for me afterall. Despite this decision I kept getting led to the cards via my favorite stores, ebay looking, online book looking, etc... Finally I bought the book and was in awe! I highly recommend it! It answered so many questions I had - like about the "spiritual classes" I take in my dreams that I remember fragments of at best, the buzzing / ringing in my one ear and so much more! I devoured that book and also now have Healing With The Angels, it is equally as good!

I am very involved with animals and haven't met too many "furry people" that I did not like. I've also had to learn to deal with pet loss and having to "help" a pets soul that was living past his bodies capabilities ~ see Pet Angels on another of my websites if you too are coping with this. Animal communication has always interested me. My husband and I found a special girl (Australian Shepherd mix) that sometimes we can exchange silent communications but it's still very hit and miss. I have also notice since my first Reiki attunement (I am now a Reiki Master) that I seem to draw the animals to me ~ especially hurting ones. I am reading and learning homeopathic care for animals also. I am a firm believer in vet care but I would like to do as much as I can, especially preventative wise, at home as I can. I am very interested in wolves and ridley sea turtles and their plights.

I have had many encounters with spirits, ghosts if you will. I have felt these other presences since I was a small child. I think my first experience that I can remember came when my grandfather had passed on. There have been extremely fightening times in my life and then other times it was almost a comfort to know I wasn't alone in a weird sort of way. My daughter too has this "gift" but chooses to turn it off instead. I hope one day when she is no longer afraid of it she will let me show her how to open to it and work with it, or around it rather then fear it and shun it.

Many years ago I learned some hands on healing and polarity healing but never really utilitized it often. As I've gotten older now I am wanting to learn more homeopathic and holistic ways to health as well as using Reiki and chakra balancing. I have a tried Quintessential Flower Essence (Crab Apple) and experienced some astounding results and it has really intrigued me to want to learn more about it, be it on the physical level, and also the spiritual level. I've never used the Bach Flower Remedies but from what I read they seem more on the physical level and the FES Quintessential Flower Essences are more on the spiritual level. I plan to experiment more on these. I love using the essential oils as well.

I feel the Native American had such a wonderful view on life, the people surrounding them, nature and the Earth. These principals are a good learning tool for today. So many people today take these things for granted ~ and shouldn't. If we keep treating the Earth and all her resources like we are there will not be an Earth before long to call home. There are so many predictions of the end of the world, or the world as we know it. These predictions are stating it will be soon. We CAN still change these things and make it a better place. Let us cherish the land, and all the life on it. As we take from the land, so should we give back.

I am a firm believer in UFO's and aliens. I have thought I have seen a UFO but am not sure. Ever since I was a small child I have argued that with as infinite as the universe is ~ that we cannot be the only planet with intelligent life! And I am sure there more planets far more advanced then we were. Besides - looks at the drawings on cavewalls from prehistoric times... There is drawings of ships with people in them. I hardly think prehistoric man had that good of an imagination! I have not had any real dealings with this so I will not be expanding on this topic - at least for right now.

Life is a never ending learning process! Every day I hear of something new and it interests me! I wish I had more time to learn and grown and could explore each avenue more thoroughly! Sometimes I want to learn it all - and I want to learn it NOW! I kinda feel like those static electricity balls (like at Spencers, you touch them and their energy follows your hand) with the energy lines running all over the place! So please keep checking back, I plan to expand this and share the information I can, as I can.

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