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Wear Standing United Ribbons on 10/31/01

I was sent this request from an email list and wanted to post this on my website to share with the world

This is a request from the Pagan community and Americans. We celebrate the Sabbat Samhain or Holiday Halloween as a time to honor the dead among other things. This plan originally, was to honor those who lost their lives during the burning times, a tribute to those Pagans and innocent Christians who lost their lives in the name of religion. In view of recent events we have decided that this is a time when the Pagan Community and Americans of all religions need to join together as one, united. Enough people, from all over the world, have died and all for one thing "religion". Most religions teach peace and love for our neighbors, and we as Americans experience the right to worship how we choose is best for us. Lets practice what we try to teach our children and express our rights as Americans. We propose that we do honor the dead on Samhain, the people from near and far that have died because others religious beliefs were forced upon them. It doesn't matter what religion that you practice, we ask that on Halloween day and Samhain Eve that we ALL wear a pink and blue ribbon. Pink for our love of those who have been lost and for this great country thats gives us the freedom of religion, and blue for peace.

We ask that you pass this to anyone and everyone. Not only on the Internet, print this out and pass it along to friends and neighbors. Mail it to your local TV and radio stations. Wearing these colors does not mean that you are Pagan, it means you are an American. It means that we are tired of religious wars and conflicts. It means we are strong and we stand united as one in the face of those who would force their beliefs on a free and proud people, it means that we feel the loss of all those who have died before us, it means that we will not sit by and watch as others are assaulted and killed, it means we want peace.

Nathan Britesky

Please mail this to any and everyone you know. Share it with other lists. Print it and share it with everyone that might be interested. Any questions or comments may be directed to

Stand United as One and Fight the Fear!

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