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Angels I have never seen an actual angels but I know they surround me everyday. They are light and joyous beings whose very presence the world, and our lives so much better.

I feel they are sent to us to help us through life when things look and feel scary to us, to celebrate with us and just to be with us in general. They enfold us in their wings with unconditional love and whisper words of encouragement in our ears. They are here to help humanity.

Please do not hesitate to talk to your angels on a daily basis ~ they are always there for you ~ to listen and help with their infinite love and compassion. If you need something of them ~ asků It is ok to do that! Like if you are scared driving through some intense rain ~ ask that an angel come and comfort you that you are scared ~ you will sense them in a heartbeat! Believe me, I am not comfortable in that situation, and I've never been let down yet! If your dog gets out of the yard somehow ~ ask the angels to help you find it! Before bed, and while praying, thank your angels for being with you throughout the day also. Talk to them even if you just want someone to talk to!

The Working Angel
Angels Are...
An Angel's Kiss

July 9, 2004.