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Native American Page
Welcome to my Native American page. I am of Native American decent, though I do not carry a lot of the blood in my veins. While doing research for my website it is making me want to learn more of my Native American family. I am learning from my reading how to the basic and fundamental their ideas on life were... And how much they should be valued now, like the Native American 10 Commandments and the other things you will find below. I feel we have a lot to learn from these people. Please be sure to check out the following links.

Grandmother Spider

Native American Astrology

Wise Words To Live By

Apache Wedding Prayer

The Legend Of The White Buffalo
And the Birth Of Miracle The White Buffalo Calf in 1994

Mitakuye Oyasin

A Cherokee Prayer

Native American Porverbs

Native American Words of Wisdom

Wisdom Of The Elders

Women Who Run With Wolves


Updated: June 1, 2000