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I was never really intune with the faery world. I'd hear others talk about them but didn't think too much about it… I guess I wasn't sure I believed in them – at least for me… I am not the one to disbelieve things I myself haven't seen really but don't think much about them either in belief or disbelief – if that makes any sense…

November 3 2000 I was involved in a car accident and had my left elbow broken in 2 places which required surgery – pins, wires, screws, etc… I'd asked for light and energy on a mailing list explaining what happened and needing the surgery and updated everyone afterwards on how things went. One woman commented on the metal used would not affect my ability to do faery magick. I was thinking to myself "Hmmmmm, that was sort of an off the wall comment." But tucked it away in my mind anyways even though I never thought about faery magick. About 2 months before my 40th birthday I would sit in my chair in front of the window and from the corner of my eye I would see all sorts of movements in my garden. When I looked though there was no movement whatsoever, no breeze blowing, no butterflies or other flying insects – just NOTHING! This went on for quite a while, little things flitting by plants, in the air and suddenly little brown things running on the ground! I really started going crazy! One day I got a good look and it was indeed faeries I was seeing… For my 40ths birthday I threw myself a big party (celebrate the big 4-0 plus the day before my birthday I had surgery to remove my elbow hardware) – I was suddenly getting faeries for gifts even! And from people I would never dream of telling I was seeing faeries!!!!! Faeries had now become a part of my life.

Since turning 40 I believe I am tuning in a lot more – I've even been able to see tree people but the little brown things running in my garden still escape me! My husband I had talked about making our garden bigger and doing something with it. The first year all we had was the hibiscus that had been planted at the corner of the garden. Come mid summer it covers the whole front of the garden and then rose bushes along the right side so it basically makes it very secluded with entry mostly from out porch. We added a beautiful mercury glass gazing ball that is silver (it is actually thick glass, not like the gazing balls you find commonly made like large Christmas ornaments). We've also added some rabbit statues that I painted to look life like, a sleeping gnome, and added some faery statues, a couple turtles as well as stones. We have a large rock that resembles a sleeping brahman cow calf curled up as well as some glass rocks I found at an aquarium store and stones from various places we visit. We also have a couple hummingbird feeders as well as a regular bird feeder. Our garden is very active now, along with the faeries it has attracted butterflies, a momma squirrel (got a cool feeder for her closer to the ground) and now a big white rabbit. This garden is so magickal feeling, so full of life and energy yet peaceful and loving! I give the faeries much credit for this change.

I have now became complete interested in the faeries and what they have to teach us! I read Healing With The Faeries by Doreen Virtue and got the card deck a week later. I was amazed about how many questions she answered – be it about faeries and angels! As I learn more about faeries I will be adding more to this section.

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Added 9/11/01