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Moon Phase Names and Folklore

Full "Wolf" Moon
The fearsome nocturnal animal represents the "night" of the year.
The first full moon is a time of silence and sitting by the home fire.
As the wild winter howls, appreciate the warmth of home and family.
Now is the time to go within and plan the changes you will make in the spring.
Consider now what you will plant.
Start a moon journal to record your lunar tides and write down your spring dreams.

Full "Snow" or "Storm" Moon
A storm is said to rage most fiercely just before it ends, and the year usually follows suit.
At this Moon begin your spring cleaning.
Think about what needs to be released and let go of in your life and in your home.
Burn white candles and purifying incense,
sweep out the cobwebs and prepare for the new growth of spring.

Full "Worm" or "Chaste" Moon
The antiquated word for pure reflects the custom of greeting the new year with a clear soul.
This is the Moon of the maiden and Faery folk.
Gather the seeds of inspiration and imagine what they can grow into.
Build an Altar to the Moon and bless your garden in the moonlight.
Prepare the earth for planting and yourself for change.

Full "Pink" or "Seed" Moon
Sowing season and symbol of the start of the new year.
At the Seed or Pink Moon plant your seeds of magick, whether it be in a garden,
in a pot by the window or simply in your heart.
Fill your home with light and flowers,
create colorful eggs to decorate it and bring fertility and joy.
On the full Moon plant herbs.
Sing in the rain...

Full "Flower" or "Hare" Moon
The sacred animal was associated in Roman legends
with springtime and fertility.
Now is the time to celebrate life and love.
Renew and affirm your sensuality, kindle the fire of romance.
Dance and make love by the light of a bon fire, the glow of red candles,
or just the full moons radiance. Free your wild nature...

Full "Strawberry" or "Dyad" Moon
The Latin word for a pair refers to the twin stars
of the constellation of Castor and Pollux.
See how things are growing!
The old has died away to make room for the new.
Create an Altar of roses and honor the beauty of nature.
Send flowers to your mother.
Hike to the top of a mountain...

Full "Buck" or "Mead" Moon
During late June and most of July the meadows, or meads,
were mowed for hay.
Bask in the warmth of summer and take time for yourself, relax.
Perhaps a moonlit walk by the sea to gather sacred seashells.
Make an ocean amulet necklace for one you love.

Full "Corn" Moon
This is the time to harvest the gifts you have nurtured
and give to those who are in need.
Collect and store fresh herbs for the coming winter.
Bake special breads to honor the God and Goddess of grain and growing things,
share them with your family and friends but save some to offer the Earth.

Full "Harvest" Moon
Drink a toast to Dionysus, the God of wine and ecstasy - The son of the Moon!
Gather with friends to celebrate the vine with a bottle good wine and good cheer.
Catch the Moons reflection in your cup and raise it up in salutation,
now drink in her essence and feel the presence of the God and Goddess.

Full "Hunters" or "Blood" Moon
Marking the season when domestic animals were sacrificed for winter provisions.
Libra's full moon occasionally became the Wine Moon when a grape harvest
was expected to produce a superior vintage.
In the past this was the time of hunting and storing.
The wheel of the year turns like the cycle of life and death.
At this Moon the veil is thin,
make an Altar to honor your ancestors and ask them to guide and protect you.
Carve pumpkins and place candles within to light their way.

Full "Beaver" or "Snow" Moon
Scorpio heralds the dark season when the sun is at is lowest and the first snows fly.
Winter's cold desends and outward growth slows.
Make this a time for inner growth.
Learn a new craft or study thwarts of divination.
When the Moon is full do a reading for yourself or your friends.
Develop your psychic talents.

Full "Cold" or "Oak" Moon
The sacred tree of the Druids and the Roman God Jupiter
is most noble as it withstands winter storms.
The time of the Suns return approaches and the Moon awaits her lover.
Make wreaths of Holly, Pine, Oak, Cedar or Ivy.
On the full Moon burn them as an offering to the Sun and Moon.
Create a sacred Moon ornament to hang on the boughs of your yule tree.

The Blue Moon
A Blue Moon occurs when the moon with its 28 day cycle appears twice
within the same calendar month, due to that month's 31 day duration.
Many consider the Blue Moon to be a goal moon where you set specific goals for yourself.
This is the second Full Moon which falls within a single month, it varies each year.
When the Blue Moon occurs plan to do something strange,
something you have never done before.
Write letters to folks you have not seen for years, plan a surprise for someone you love.
Howl at the Moon!
Years with the Blue Moons…
1999 January and March
2001 October and November
2004 July
2007 May
2009 December
2012 August
2015 July
2018 January and March
2020 October

Black Moon
A Black Moon occurs when there are two dark cycles
of the moon in any given calendar month.
It is believed that the second dark moon of a time of great power within the spiritual world
and any magick worked during this time is especially powerful.