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There are so many ways to look at life... Much like the old saying ~ is the glass half empty, or is it really half full? Life is all about what you make of it...

I used to keep to myself... I never would talk to people I hadn't met... "Whatever I had to say would be of no interest to them." I am learning that is not true. Sometimes you are lead to say something that an individual needs to hear at that given moment. I'm learning to follow just what spirit is leading me to do ~ even with there is some doubt about it.

I now what to try to spread love and light to people, be it in person, through my website or however I can. We are all on this plane for a short time ~ can we ever say we had too much love, light or happiness in this lifetime?

There is much room for random acts of kindness. When was the last time you opened the door, or held it for someone? Smiled at a stranger? Gave someone a break during the traffic? I encountered an elderly woman who just radiated - and she reminded me of my grandmother. I just walked over and told her I thought she was beautiful. She was taken back at first but you could see her radiate even more, and little more sparkle in her eye. I will admit afterwards I was a bit embarassed but was happy never the less that I did it! There are no price tags on these things, but it can make us happy inside. Is this where "Money can't buy happiness" came from? If not, it's sure a step in the right direct for you, and the other people you encounter. Have you even done something that actually scared you to help out someone, or something? Case being we have a dog that jumps the fence (guess that is why she was a stray when we found her). She jumped over our 6 foot tall wooden fence yesterday (8/3/99). The boy next door does not know our dogs and is AFRAID of dogs. When she jumped over her harness got caught (Thank God is was not a collar). Even with being afraid of dogs he went to help her and got her untangled. She pulled out a claw and he tried to doctor it, plus tied her up until we got home. In my opinion he went to extrodinary lengths to help my dog out. And he never wanted anything as payment! Of course we made him take something but...

Six Keys To Loving YourSelf Added: 10/16/01
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October 16, 2001.