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What Is The World Coming To - The World Trade Center
A Tribute To The Victims of The World Trade Center

Today started out much as any other day I think. Was I aware of the traumatic events going to take place today? Well I can't be sure... I did notice while driving to work I had the need to say extra prayers and add extra protection to watch over my family - even though we are miles and miles away from New York. It wasn't until I had been at work for 10-20 minutes that I heard about the first crash and thought it was a bad accident. As soon as I turned on the tv I was in time to see the second crash - now I know it was much worse!

My co-worker asked me this morning "why did they pick today?" Well what's the difference I thought, today, tomorrow, either way it's just as horrific as any other day - even more so since it was a work day I suppose. It wasn't until on the way home she called me - what is today's date? I told her the 11th and she was like "Yeah, and what is the month?" I'm thinking where is this going! I said "September" and she questioned me more - what is the number for the month and I replied "9". Her come back was "Don't you get it - September 11 - 9/11 - you know 911 - as in emergency!" I had never thought about that - 911, yes, this is a national emergency for all of us!

I can't help but feel such a loss even though I know nobody in the buildings but somehow they are all people I feel I know! How can people feel such hated for others to purposely plot killing and mass destrcution like this? What sort of a people have we become? I was shocked seeing blips of footage from foreign countries seeing people rejoicing about what happened to us - men and women jumping for joy. Women! How can women? We are the nurturers, the caregivers, supposed to feel love and compassion... How did this change happen? How can people rejoice at seeing much mayham and destruction, all the lives lost?

We need to pull together - with actions like this, retaliations that are sure to follow. But I know we can't just turn our backs on what has happened! And the circle goes on... How can we as a human race survive all this? We will kill our planet and ourselves! We should be pulling together, working together, loving one and other, and rejoicing in our differences and learning from each other, not trying to kill each other! Sometimes I am ashame to even admit that I am human, when seeing what other human beings are capable of! I know there must be many more that feel like me! We need to pull together, I just am at a loss as to what to do... and the world is so big! At the same time all it takes is a small pebble thrown into a pond to eventually fill it with ripples! It has to start somewhere!

I've seen so many stories on the news, I can't imagine as to what it would feel like to know my loved one was there. As I was leaving work this evening a girl in the building told me of a very young child her daughter goes to Mothers Day Out with... Today was The Mothers Day Out... Her mom was in New York for work and in one of the Trade buildings... She called her mom's cell phone and her mom reassured her she was OK, everything was ok, she was in the other building and was being evacuated. She would call her as soon as she was safely out again. Before they could hang up the little girl heard an explosion on the phone and the phone died. She looked at the tv in the room she was in to see a plane hitting the other tower - the tower her mommie was in. I don't know the rest of this story, not yet, but if thoughts and prayers made miracles that little girl's mom made it out safe and sound. So many stories... So much pain...

I just want to send my thoughts, prayers, energies and healing out to everyone - those hurt and killed, those with a loved one involved, those looking for their loved ones and to those like me, who feel they lost something in all this! May the divine spirit wrap us all in comforting arms and help to keep us safe and strong...

Love & Light,

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