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The Dungeon Master's Tavern

NPC's, scenario ideas, maps, dungeons and the like will be linked from here when we get them together.

Okay.  What I want to have here are editorials and comments from Dungeon Masters concerning different subjects. Obviously I can't do that without your input.  If you want to write an editorial about anything concerning the trials and pleasures of being a DM, or about anything concerning AD&D feel free to do so.  I will also be posting a subject once a month for you to comment on if you feel you would like to do so.  These subjects of mine will be wide ranging from month to month depending on what subjects my wife and I or other players and myself argue over or have disagreements about. These editorials will fall under two categories: Editorials, and editorials in reply to my specific subject at hand will go under Editorials of the Month.


First of all, the editorials you write, be it independent or in response to the subject of the month will be posted on this page for all to view and read.  Keep your profanity to a minimum out of consideration.  Besides not too many people will take you seriously if your entire editorial uses vulgarities with every other word.  Please sign your editorial.  Use your real name or whatever variation of it you will feel comfortable with having at the bottom of your editorial.  Yes, your editorial will have your e-mail address linked to the page.  But of course, the replies to an editorial is the fun part of the whole thing.  Right now, since this site is so new, I won't be accepting any replies to other people's editorials to post next to them.  I have no idea how well this website will do, let alone how well this editorials section is going to go over. So if it becomes popular I may consider putting a reply link next to editorials and handle the posting of them.  All replies to editorials should be sent via e-mail to their respective authors, not to me.  Most importantly, be creative and have fun. 

Don't be afraid of writing editorials!  Your opinions are important to us so go for it!!! Send us your editorials!!!!


Editorials of the Month

This month's topic:

This has been the topic since this site started, and I haven't changed it yet...3rd Edition.  So I think I'll leave it for a while longer now since it is finally out.  Tell us and others what you think about the new edition!  Newer editorials are posted at the bottom of the list.

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