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Since we are on the topic of the 3rd edition rulues after to agree with the arguements of the previous editiorials. I tend to think that the 3rd edition was an attempt by the WOTC of the coast to try an generate more money by attempting to get everyone to buy it. If you love the WoG campaign you will almost be forced to buy it since all the new material will be in that format. I read the new players handbook cover to cover and from a traditionalist standpoint it is heresey. Basically everything you consider sacrosanct about D+D is thrown to the winds. Dwarvish monk/wizards are not what I consider cool. If you want something like that go play palladium, which is a very good game but alien in aspects to D+D. But like anything 3rd edition will inspire a new group of players to the game and generate more interest. Of course WOTC will realize that some of their rules didn't make any sense and you will have to buy the supplement!!!!!! I wonder if they are owned by Microsoft?

Fallon the Wanderer

Ranger/Sage of the Vesve Forest

Andy Seale


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